Friday, August 2, 2013

Ok I couldn't help it...

Well Happy Friday, well here I go again, but I just couldn't help it.. So here's what happened. I was surfing online yesterday afternoon at Mom's house. and I ran across these dishes for only 39.95 but they were on bid.. and no one had bid on them.. and it only had around 7 hours left. .. and the shipping was about 25.00.. so and I thought and thought.. later I went back last night when there were just a few hours left and still no one had bid on I said the heck with it.. I really like them. So I posted my bid of 39.95 and prayed no one came by to raise it.. So this morning when I woke up I had won them.. I'm ever so excited...A lot of the time folks come by at the last minute and bid..but fortunately no one did Hoorray for

                                                                                                                                                            Don't you agree, isn't this a lovely pattern.. I can't wait to get them.. I will give up on collecting this other pattern by Homer Laughlin I just had bought four dishes, but I much rather have this one..I can't lose for what I paid for them..I even think they were wrong about the shipping price.  I love the embossing around it.. I have always wanted dishes like this.. They feel very Victorian to me.  The collection is by Homer Laughlin, Called Theme.. The set is a 8 piece place setting but missing three tea cups it only has five so hopefully I can find more.. but it has two oval platters and two oval serving bowls and and one large round ..

Here is a matching Tea Pot, but it was sold aready and I believe it's the only one so far.. I will have to keep looking. I would really love to have this piece.. It was priced at 135.00 a lot.. but I have seen a plain one that is worst come to worse it's only 70.00 but I much rather have this one.. but it's probably hard to find ..

Oval Platter...........

Look I found one but they want 8.99 for it and the same on the shipping..  This amazes me.. I don't know how all the shipping is calculated.. I'm not sure how this other person is going to cover the cost on the shipping for a full set of dishes at it was either 25.00 it might have been 30.00 I have to go check it. 

I really need one more at least to have six cups will be better than five only.  well going to have to ponder over it.. with limited monies it make choices hard.. but I'm not seeing any other ones.. so it might be a must purchase right.. 

Well I suppose that's all for today ladies
I wish you a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend..I'm pretty sure im heading home even though I'm not really feeling it.. 

p.s. funny now I'm waiting for my new room mate to come to my Mom's after work then will go home.. 
sometimes my panic makes it hard to get up and leave..So a little help from a friend is nice
with love Janice



  1. These are so pretty, Janice! They will mix really nicely with your other pink and green pieces.

  2. You got a great deal, even with shipping. Love that pattern. Can't wait to see your table all set beautifully with your new dishes.

  3. It's just what I thought that they would go well with pink and green dishes.. and Patti I believe I got a fantastic deal.. thank you Ladies

  4. Such a great find Janice. These will go well with lots of pretty shades. I do the same on EBay. I am so addicted. Enjoy your new find.

  5. Beautiful dishes and a lovely pattern. Shipping is done by weight, I bet those dishes are on the heavy side. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  6. Hello Janice, maybe this time I can write,
    not usually part of my comment .... boh!
    However, the service is very nice, you did well
    for him, it does not cost much.
    Tomorrow I leave for England, I hope to find
    so many beautiful things and Victorian .....
    a hug
    Susy Love x

  7. Years ago when my great grandmother passed away, all her great grandchildren were given one place setting of this pattern. Well, one plate broke and I'm trying to find a replacement. My problem is, my plates are square! The numbers on the back of the plate are D 42 N 5. I LOVE this pattern and would love to replace and buy more!

    FYI.. I'm not Robert.. but used our email account and it's under his name. LOL I'm Michelle