Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Morning ....

I have barely sleep a wink, only thinking of the million things I need to do today.. well not really a million but it feels like it.. And Mom maybe getting release from the hospital today. I actually can crawl back in bed and don't come out but I have never been a sleeper late sleeper that is..doesn't matter how many time I wake up through the night I'm up and about, though as age comes about I don't have as much energy. At any rate I need to go home and check on my Sweetpea ...

I would love to go home and stay and make a few things, and I'm sure my packages should be arriving shortly.. but I believe I will spending much more time with Mom as things get more difficult for her.

My Sweetpea basking in the Sunshine in the kitchen..

She will need more care now because the nurse said to me yesterday but I already knew that we were just discussing  a walker before she went into the hospital..I need to find the energy that I don't have and do some more cleaning out in her kitchen so she has more space... I keep asking God for patience and endurance. Most of everything I really don't mind but I don't have a lot of energy to clean and clean and clean.. It seems I can barely keep my own house clean these days.  And there is so much to be done here with no help from anyone including me children.. Everyone is to busy with their own lives to think maybe they could give a few hours of their time to help out..  but that's the life these days.  Everyone is running on their own things and never mind about anyone else.  Nothing is like when I grew up with much respect for my Mom & Dad even though at one point I didn't think much of them and how they did things.. But I still kept respect and even as horrible as my dad became over the years I still took care of him when he became ill not even my Mom would care for him till I left ..

Life isn't always a bowl of Cherries for everyone.  Not everyone one has the same unfortunately.. Our lives come in different walks................ Some fortunate enough to have money.. some not so fortunate...Some people having great Dad's & Mom's and great family memebers.. Kids etc..  I guess im rambling on today but my mind is fill with much things.. So with this all said.. I'm off to make me a cuppa wishing I was home pulling out one of my tea pots and grand tea cups with some pretty doily to accompany it maybe some pretty linens... I feel Blue & White today.. how about you....... Enjoy your days my wonderful blogger friends..

       with love Janice
                  ~ Blessings to the fullest ~


  1. очень красиво...))

  2. peace out janice

    prayers helps...God will give you the strenght you need in times like this.

    i read about what you say of people having good dads and moms and wonderful lives

    i now for sure no one has a perfect christians (born again ) we have more to endure than many

    the only thing we lean on God not on people not our children not our husband

    people and family is to be loved and take care of them

    but at one point love comes with Gods wisdom Jesus is all we need

    when we complain the whole time dont change things

    God didnt promise us a life without burdens because thats why he carry them for us

    i hardly comment on blogs...for many reasons...but this was on my heart.

    peace out friend...take care
    i will pray for you i do..

    loves soraya