Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Im leaving.

     Hi everyone.  I decided to leave my blog.  I dont have much readers and I dont feel to visit people at this time to aquire visits back.  Thank you for those of you who have visited in the past.  God bless you all.  With love Janice

Sunday, July 22, 2018

You thought it was over the storm...

     Here I’am again ....   My brother passed away yesterday early morning hours...  I want to say LORD what else...  I feel almost like we me and my eldest daughter are living in the storm of Job...  it is one thing after another.   It is just noodles.  I darn to speak what else.  I also lost my close cousin last month.  And this doesn’t speak of all the rest that goes on at the we call it The Blue house. (mamas house)  Lord, I feel like I need a miracle in Jesus name.  My brother died from abuse of drugs and alcohol.  A month after mama died he died and they revived him.  So he stopped everything he was doing drinking crack cocaine.  But eventually he went back to smoking and then drinking and was drinking like a fish.  He had a bad heart from all the abuse and was on ten ir more medicines.  I truly despise alcohol and drugs.  My oldest brother died from use of herion at 34 my father died of abuse of alcohol and cigarettes and I have many other family members who died from drugs and  alcohol abuse.  But I say it ends here please.  I don’t want no more LORD remove it from my life keep it far away from me.  I dont wan’t  to lose anymore family members for this reason.  I’m in a spiritual warfare.  To breaks the curse upon my family my children and grandchildren and generations to come.  The devil is a liar and you will not deceive me any longer.  Christ died for me for us to have life eternal with Him.  I refuse I refuse !!!!!    In Jesus name.   My brother’s death makes me want to preach the gospel to every living creature I come across more and more.  I’m more sadden not that my brother passed but that he died without being saved.  The bible says men died from lack of knowledge.  No understanding.  I want everyone to live in Him Jesus so they can feel joy and peace.  It is not about just going to church it is so much more than we think what we a lead to believe.  When He speaks in Luke 9:23 Saying, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.  It is that deny want you and put  me first do my will live my life go out into the world and save the people preaching the gospel.  Jesus is our model to make the Father known.  We were loved so much that He sent His only begotten son to pay the price for us.  He suffered beyondwhat you could imagine.  The details are so horrific that I just cried and want to give Him it all back by denying myself daily and picking up my cross suffering is part of the package but you receive joy and peace through it all.  He speaks saying in Luke 9:24  For whosoever will save his life shall lose it, But whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it..  I give my life to HIM, gladly because He gave His for mine.  I surely do I want to walk in eternal life with Him...  and I want to save the people as many as I can.  Repent and pray for forgiveness and walk in Him fully not part way.  Walk away from the world and follow Him, Christ our Lord and savior..  RIP IN PEACE BROTHER.  WE ARE ASKING FOR DONATIONS TO HELP WITH HIS FUNERAL, WE DON’t have enough monies...  sharing the link here...  If your able, Thank you in advance.
  With Love Janice

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

So many things...

🌿🌺🌺Hello there, It seems as if I lost all my followers.  Well I just wanted to let everyone know that so many things have been happening in our family and I just couldn’t get here.  Before that so much was going on I could barely post and visit a few.  Time was just occupied.  And now more that ever.  A month or so ago my you gest daughter tried to take her life and by the grace of God he allowed her to live after taking over 30 pills.  But now her children were takin away from her and im caregiver for the two older ones who are 4 and 5 years old, two boys.  The other baby boy  who five months old is in fostercare because Its impossible for me to care for him.  I don’t have the strength, I barely manage the two older ones.  She is doing much better now and is in a special program.  And besides this three weeks ago my great grandson was born and so many things are wrong with him.  He has already had one operation and I believe will be having another.  He remains in the hospital.  His mom is just 18 and very bright smart straight A student, was headed for collage.  But things happen and here we are.  I believe strongly in the LORD and I have gave it all to him.  Because me alone I couldn’t handle it.  The boys are struggling not having there mom.  They were and are very close.  I saw the baby yesterday and he was so happy.  Then he started crying and I wanted to cry too.  I told God i feel so bad that I cant care for him..  im sixty years old and pretty much broken body wise.  My hands hurts all the time with carpol tunnel and arthritis..  my lower back is in bad shape.  And other things.  But again I’m trusting in the LORD, it is all I have.  He says lean on to not your own understanding.  Give your burdens to me and I will carry themand Isaiah 41:10 says ; Fear not thou, for I’am with thee: be not dismayed, for I’am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee, yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness..  and All I can say is thank you Holy Spirit...  there is no way I could do this with out Him..  I believe I believe....  He will heal my daughter in Jesus name, and He will Heal my great grandson In Jesus name,  I declare it all in Jesus name.  I have Faith in Him...  He who created me and all things.  I’m tired this morning the boys woke up crying for their mom at different times...  Please all if any of you read my blog still  please pray for us, prayer is powerful...  I miss you all and your loving post...  may the LORD bless you all...  With LoVe Janice..🌺🌺🌿
🌿🌺🌺This is my great grandson baby Daniel above, and the two boys below, Isaiah and Leonel Ellijah
🌿🌺🌺Sitting in my bed ...
🌿🌺🌺And-me this past Sunday ready for church...   p.s.  hopefully be back soon🌺🌺🌿