Monday, August 26, 2013

Feels like Autumns About

~ O good lovely morning to you... It seems as if Autumn has already arrived I tell you.. We have had a wee bit of rain this morning..  the sky is grey with large clouds ligering above.. I love the way the air feels It's almost as if Autunm has already arrived... it has that coolness about it

San Francisco Morning..
It looks like a storm is brewing
 I wish I had a better camera to take better photo The bay was more nicer at a different spot 
the light was shinning on it but my phone wouldn't take it

 A few ships are in the water.. the other day was full of sail boats..

~ Well today I need to go home to put out the Garbage cans, and Feed Ms Sweetpea and Stanley the turtle lol but that's not his name O it's lol Leonardo.. 
But I seem to forget all the time and we laughed and called him Stanley
then we named him Stanley Leonardo
he is just a tiny one.. Vee had left him behind so I took him over and he is much happier he 
resides in my kitchen by the small window
And the birds need to be fed and a check on the Garden and maybe I can get a picture
Of the new plants in the tiny Fairy Garden..

~Maybe my new Old Victoria magazines will arrive today.. that would be nice
because then I will have something to keep me busy at Mom's house..
what are your plans today for this lovely day
I would really like to go for a short walk on this misty cloudy morning
Stop some where and have a lovely cup of tea and a scone read a fascinating book Like a secret love

~ Or perhaps just sit and day dream about being in the Victorian Era.. wondering what it was
like to be a Victorian woman bussling about with my pretty had and dress or having
 tea in my parlor...

Well whatever it is that you or I may be doing today I wish you a wonderful enchanting day.
filled with love.. 


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  1. Beautiful post as always! You have such an inspiring view! I would love to see that every day! What kind of turtle do you have? I love looking through my Old Victoria books..........they are still so inspiring! Have a wonderful day!