Saturday, August 24, 2013

Home and a little time in the Garden.

~ So exciting, I got to go home today and be in my Home for about four hours.. So on the way home just to get some fresh air I stop at the local nursery and I found these Strawberry plants, but they had pink blooms so pretty .. So I bought one and put it in my new Blue basket I had bought about two months ago.. I had a hard time trying to get a photo of the blosoms because of the sun..  but finally I got one, you can see the pink. The man told me they are making different ones with different colored blooms.  It's very pretty..

Can you see this one.. O I just love it.. it makes these long large strawberries.. It has  some blooms coming out already but one got broke off.  I guess the man wasn't paying attention, he was like o you can go back and exchange it.  I told him no its okay this was one of the best ones there so I will keep it. Then I put the broken piece  back inside the plant and he laughed he must of though I was crazy...This was a little bit expensive $ 8.00 but it's a large plant and because I really liked it that was good enough for me.. O and they had other flowers on sale from $ 1.79 to sale price $ 1.49.. I bought a few would like to have bought more but couldn't .. I bought some new purplish blue black with orange kind of pansy's crazy but very pretty and I forgot to take a photo because I was trying to hurry up to plant the things I got and get back to Mom's because my sister had to leave at 4:30. But I'm pleased with what I got..I put one of the pansies in my fairy box.. I cleaned it out and put parsley on one end then a pansy then a lemon thyme on the other end the little green pumpkin and the mushroom house and the little fairy around and the welcome rock..  so I had a lot of dead things from the vegetable that died on me so I pulled them out today and cleaned up a little bit.

The little bird house in back of the Garden but no birdies.. I wanted to fill it with straw but someone put it out to the trash..hum.. So maybe fill it with some basket filling because they seem to like that anyhow..they are always stealing out of my poor baskets ..

This is in back of the Garden hanging from the Lemon Tree  . They didn't touch this one this time..thank goodness because they were just about driving me crazy.. 

When I arrived home today my new Tea pot was waiting for me in the mail.. good thing no one looked inside to see the two boxes.. I didn't have time to have tea in it but I intend to really soon.......I have my white Tea cups and saucers I think it will look wonderful with it.. I really think it's perfect for the fall............

A lovely afternoon in the Garden ..... I wish you a good evening my friends.. with love Janice..



  1. So glad you got some nice respite time for yourself! Sounds like it did you so much good to be at home awhile and work some in your garden. Have a great week. Oh, and your new teapot is really pretty!

  2. Beautiful garden, Janice, and I LOVE your tea pot - how pretty! Enjoy your Monday. Hugs!