Friday, May 29, 2015

Loving Blue...

Do you Love the color Blue?  I do, I love love it... 
I have always loved Blue and White...
Helo everyone. I hope you are all doing well.  The Day before yesterday I felt kind of lousy sad missing Mama.. I felt myself falling into 
a depression mode.  And I got up off the couch and told myself O no your not..
Jumped into the shower and got dressed fixed my make-up and my hair and off I went...
Sometimes it's very hard because of my Panic disorder to just jump and go..
But I prayed to God and asked him to help..
and Off I drove to Love Joy's 
My favorite place in the world..
So this is one of the things that I found.. I have been wanting a Tea cozy forever
but just couldn't find the right one for me.. I love Roses But wasn't looking for that either... 
this is the perfect one for me..
Don't get me wrong I want some other's but this was waiting for me as the saying goes..
Minus the tea cup... I found these soup bowls and dinner plates and there were some bread plates..
they are China from Brazil..  Since there are no teacups, I think these will work. or I just recently purchased
some white with gold as well so I think either one will do..
They are really nice in my opinion.  A soft light Blue with Rose Buds.  with the Touch of Gold 
I think that they are elegant..
Some of my photos are a bit dark there was not any good light today the weather has been so deary it's just crazy..
Barely any Sun and if there is it's not till late afternoon and it's mixed with clouds..

The light Blue teacups I have saucers to match them
they are called Delphite.  I fell in love with the color
I love that Blue color a lot..

The star dishes are by Greengate.. This is the  regular table setting.  I made the one set so 
that I can share the new china plates..
I found these shakers in Mama's basement.. with the tiny tray.. so cute 
They were inside a box wrapped in a brown bag like someone had bought them 
and never used them.. They were just a bit dusty...
The cloche I found a long time ago.. It's a heavy glass.  I was thinking it might have been used
for cheese .. but just the same It works for over the plant which is doing well..
I have a beautiful  large cloche I found years ago, and of course Dad's truck. I miss that it was always like
a treasure hunt for sure... those surely were the days.. My Dad would call in 
and say get ready I got some good stuff..and I go outside when he came and climbed into that 
large dump truck and start digging for all the surprises
my mini African Violet... I'm waiting for some blooms..

Early this morning In the Garden:
Sweet sweetpeas coming

The early morning dew.. 

Seeds I love seed packets when they are pretty...
I planted some Green beans that are different colors.. it was 7 am.. couldn't sleep no more but there was 
a light mist in the air.. but It still was nice..

I also planted Green Bean seeds in little pots in here this morning but I forgot to take a photo..
I love this little house It gives your plants a head start so the snails don't eat them up.. and this 
year seems I have a ton of ugly snails and slugs yuk.. 

Silly Raccoon's, I found these brand new in the basement at Mama's house.  I guess 
she had ordered them and put them down there..
Sweet Angel...

The wind blew the tiny seeds and they landed in the crack...
Have a beautiful weekend
tomorrow is cleaning day for me..
with love...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Strawberry Teapot...

Hello Good Monday Morning
It's another dreary day here in San Francisco...
The day where you should be home baking some goodies for your afternoon tea
But I'm still at my Mama's house.  Thinking that maybe I should do a bit of 
cleaning in the room that has all the stuff that we, well I decided to 
keep.  So probably after my post
I will go and clean up a bit and go through some of the boxes to decide what to keep
and what not to keep.
I have been emptying out the kitchen drawers.  Mama kept every little screw rubber band
that came her way....
I have two little junk drawers only at home.  Mama has four large ones.. 
Here is my Strawberry teapot.. I just love this it's bright and cheery..
I purchased it a couple months back..
I don't have any teacups yet to go with it and I haven't been able
to find any for it.. It's a off white almost light beige color with the brightest 
strawberries ever and green leaves and White blooms.. 
I just have my red crocheted teacup which looks pretty good with it..
I'm not sure what teacups I should look for but I'm sure when I see it or them I will 
I'm very happy with this teapot I wish I could have gotten some better
photos sometimes the color just doesn't do it justice through
the photos.  Perhaps I should have went outside..
Well I suppose it's time to start cleaning have to go back home tonight...
Regular day starts back tomorrow...
Have a most wonderful new week
with love

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A bit of God's word for you...

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10
Wise words to a heed
I often think I'm alone, but not so true God, Jehovah is always with us.
It is important to build a relationship with him
through prayer...
 By reading his word the Bible...
I myself are short of being consistent reading of the bible.. I always start and
a week later because so much is always going on
I forgot to do it...
I do read it at church through bible study etc...

These helpful hints are found @

Keys to understanding the Bible

  1. Have the right attitude. Accept the Bible as God’s Word. Be humble, since God opposes the proud. (1 Thessalonians 2:13;James 4:6) However, avoid blind faith—God wants you to use your “power of reason.”—Romans 12:1, 2.
  2. Pray for wisdom. Do not lean upon your own understanding,” the Bible says at Proverbs 3:5. Instead, “keep on asking God” for wisdom in understanding the Bible.—James 1:5.
  3. Be consistent. You will benefit much more from Bible study if you do it regularly rather than sporadically.—Joshua 1:8.
  4. Study by topic. A topical study, in which you analyze what the Bible says about a particular topic or subject, is an effective way to learn what the Scriptures teach. Start with “the beginning lessons,” as it were, and then “go forward to more mature(advanced) teaching.” (Hebrews 6:1, 2Easy-to-Read Version) You’ll find that you can compare scripture with scripture and learn that various parts of the Bible explain each other, even the parts that are “hard to understand.”—2 Peter 3:16.
  5. Get help from others. The Bible encourages us to accept help from others who understand the Bible. (Acts 8:30, 31) Jehovah’s Witnesses offer a free Bible study program. Like the early Christians, they use Scriptural references to help others discern what the Bible really teaches.—Acts 17:2, 3.

Things you don’t need

  1. High intellect or education. Jesus’ 12 apostles understood the Scriptures and taught them to others, even though the apostles were considered by some to be “unlettered and ordinary.”—Acts 4:13.
  2. Money. You can learn what the Bible teaches without cost. Jesus told his disciples: “You received free, give free.”—Matthew 10:8.

I hope this will help you with your 
Bible readings..
Happy Sunday my dear friends
with love Janice

Friday, May 22, 2015

Pretty boxes....and such...

I seemed to be loving these boxes from Ross lately. They are multi usable.
I purchased several of these at Ross for my magazines instead of them 
being just in piles in the living rm... I bought some that are wide enough
to put two stacks in, side by side
Mostly for my Victoria's
(My bunny thought she'd help show and tell to)
I love the beautiful designs they have... 
The colors are amazing..
This one in particular I got to use for my Pillow cases.
This flat doesn't have any Linen closet.. So I have had to make do with a 
hall closet.  And come to think of it Mama's house don't have one either..
We used to back in the day when I was little and before they messed up the back of the house and 
tore it out to make the Kitchen larger dummies...
but that's a whole other story.
Roses for the Rose Cottage...
I folded them, then rolled them a bit.. I like it
They look pretty inside this box...
My phone camera made the photos dull for some reason..
it is much brighter.
I fit quite a bit of maybe 22 of them.. 
Then you can close it back up and stack them 
all up in a corner etc.   I actually stacked mine on top of a wicker basket where I keep
my sheets for my bed..
It makes it all a little neater and prettier..
This is the panel on my mosaic night stand..
I found it in Pacifica Ca. at a little antique shope..
I flipped when I saw it just had to have it.  The colors are much more deeper
like I said the photos came dull for some silly reason..
The drawer front is mosaic as well and the whole top area..
 And that's that.. 
so to speak...
I want to share my Garden photos today as well..

In The Garden...
The apple's are coming about.. though I didn't see many blossoms like last year.  The tiny Apple's are forming.
I have been waiting patiently for these to come.. tiny Blue flowers..
and with a wink of the eye they appeared this morning..
I hadn't seen a sign of them..  It was a tiny tiny little bush, So I put it into a 
Blue Ceramic Basket to hang...
I first saw them at the nursery and I asked the lady what are these
and of course I forgot the name of them..
She said O these are over here..
and I bought the one they had left and brought it home and yay
here it is
Aren't they sweet.. little tiny Blue bells that open up..
Petunia's I also love and they have so many amazing ones..
These are the ones that are in my long basket that I haven't hung yet..
I must must have color in my life for it brings joy to my mind and heart...
And always Pansy's...
And My Zucchini plant blooming...
I almost thought it wasn't going to take off.. but finally I saw new leaves coming 
and this morning a sweet blossom .. 
My Green beans are nothing something ate them up not slugs either.. they just disappeared
I haven't found anything yet to say what..
Well I suppose that's it for today..
Today my youngest grand baby turned one..
and Vee will have a family get together tomorrow here
at Mama's house so I have a few things to do.. She got a new job 
and has to go for training tonight till 11pm..
Wishing you all a great rest of the weekend thank you always 
for your dear visits
with love
Leonel... Elijah.. Bonilla..