Wednesday, August 14, 2013

** Just a bunch of Jabber **

~ ** Wouldn't this be to die for, a pink typewritter.. I would personally love to own it.. Well I have been once again to the emergency with Mom after just being released from the hospital on Sunday.  She has been having this horrible pain and they couldn't seem to find out what it is from in the hospital.  But, Yesterday they said they think it's a Kidney infection.. I don't know what to think.. It's just been so crazy and I'm silly tired out... Thank goodness my sister is coming today to give me a break.. and Vee came yesterday evening and helped out some finally people have come to their senses and realized I can't do all this alone.. And I'm very proud of my youngest son Steven who put Mom in the car yesterday and drove us to the emergency.. she couldn't move herself at all. So to my son Steven thank you son.. ** ~

*** I haven't really been home since the other day I ran by yesterday and found that my dishes have all arrived I truly love my new Homer Laughlin Theme dishes they so remind me of yester year... I can't wait to set a table with them.. I think they will be perfect for fall... I wish I could get the Tea Pot the one that I did she with a different top Sold so sad.....maybe one day in the future..I need to find the right Table cloth for them..

** I had to go to the postal to pick up the other two boxes but I didn't have much time to look at those.. the other set of dishes is the matching ones to my new Grey & Cream Empire Tea pot the one from Homer Laughlin.. I pulled out one platter and o my it was so pretty It looked like new.. I can't wait to get out a tea cup and use the tea pot and the cup & saucer.. I have so many dishes now.. but I love all of them....I guess it's my happiness for the moments.. cause I don't have a lot of life going on.. with Mom being sick and different other things..

** I purchased, well going to purchase this bed tray.. won't this be lovely on a wonderful Sunday morning, breakfast in bed.. I adore the design.. I can't wait to get this and make it up for breakfast ..

** Maybe with this Tea pot... and my Royal Albert tea cup & saucer..

** Isn't this a pretty bed.. my tray would work well in here..  I feel so tired today, I could jump in there with no problem and go to sleep.. "I wish..."  I have a lot of running around to do.. I need to drop off some important papers.. And I'm also thinking to go the storage and at least spend one hour there going through some more things. I have to get it cleaned out.. It's so tuff when you can't do thing the way you used to and you really haven't any help..

** I love this idea, a crocheted ban around the glass so cute with the flowers.. Going to finish up my coffee and going to get myself together so I can get going before the day disappears on me.. I wish everyone a wonderful day the sun is coming out.. ~ Blessings ~
with love Janice...............***

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  1. Such a lovely post! I hope your mom is feeling better and that you are not as tired today! I love Homer Lauglin is full of charm! Love the crochet top for the glass! Have a great weekend!