Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dreaming of a hot cuppa tea, in a pretty pink cup with pink roses all around it... 
It's been a long long day again, going to the hospital and picking up Mom is a task.. they take forever to release her and waiting for the wheel chair to take her down took forever...
But finally then of course she wanted certain food and I had to fill a prescription grab some Milk and Half & half for her coffee.. and take tons of suff inside from the car..
They gave her a walker now..which is my opinion is a good thing.. but she still is having trouble getting up and down.. not so good. 
She is not going to be able to be left alone anymore for any long length of time so since see doesn't want home care I'm going to have to care for her.. I don't mind though. 

 I thought this evening I would share my small collection on shoe button fasteners.. I love them, the Green ones have a pink glass hair jar and two other pieces to it a small little pink glass jar with the green top.. the  tan and amber one I have had for years they were my first ones I found..

My new hand painted tea pot she resides in my bedroom.. I haven't even used her yet.. I don't have a tea cup in my opinion that can live up to her.. so I'm hoping one day soon I will retrieve one.. or two for me and Mom.. then we can have mini tea party with her... Well I think that's all for this evening not much to show ..

   Be back soon have a wonderful evening
               with love Janice


  1. So glad to hear your mom was released from the hospital. Yes, they take forever to let you out of that place :) Your photos are always a delight to look at. Have a great week.


  2. I love your American Beauty teacup! You sure deserve a nice cup of tea after a stressful day. Hope all goes well for your Mom now that she's out of the hospital. I have a similar buttonhook that I keep with my hatpins. I'll have to do a post about those one of these days.