Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Mornin, and I'm ready to go

Good Mornin ya'll, I'm so ready to go home and be in my own house..and putter around in my garden..I would love to get ready for Church and go..I'm up early I couldn't sleep any longer..maybe it's the thought of going home..I have a new red flower pot to put a plant in and new seeds to plant. I also have some snap peas...I just want to go home...
Things got a little rockie with Ben, I just don't have a lot of patience for anyone. And I just feel you know if you want to be with someone or not. anyways I don't want to focus on that..I want to focus more on God in my life and forget everything else. Does that sound like a good idea????

I love this quote, it's a great quote....

It's the same with God you must feel it in you heart..if it's not there then you can't build a relationship with him. I received a magazine from a friend and it had the title Listen to God and Live Forever! hum...In Isaiah 55:3 "Come to me," God tell us, "Listen, and ... Keep alive,"... What blessing await those who listen.? It says Imagine the future blessings that you will enjoy if you listen to Jehovah! You will have perfect health; no one will be sick or infirm. There will be no bad people, and you will be able to trust everyone..hum doesn't that sound nice.

Water is boiling away at the stove for my cup of Tea, so I will be rite back..Think about all that...ummm my Tea taste just rite this morning..

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

Never take the people in your life for granted. Hold every person close to your
heart because you might just wake up one day and realize that you have lost a
diamond while you were too busy collecting stones. Tell them and show them that you love them, think of them, care for them, and pray for them often. Call them, write them, email them, text them, whatever your method, but never assume that they know that you love them or even care about their well-being. Never take the people in your life for granted! I Love You!

I liked this so I thought I would share it with you today... People, which consist of Friends and Family they are important..sometimes we get annoyed with them and irritated but that's not a good excuse to don't bother. Take this to heart. Wishing you all a great day...I might be gone for several therapy this week to come. My therapist will be not sure when I will be back...Lets see how many days I can stay home???? So enjoy your day have a great new week...and see ya soon...Much love!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Message In A Bottle

Why it seems that all the time, who comes in my life lately it just doesn't suit me the way I want...ready to let go of this for good. It's to much trouble to go up and down and around. I don't wanna do that in my life no more. It's hard enough just living each day with my panic. I much better but the hell with all that pressure.
as you can see I have redid my blogg site. I wanted a refreshed page. I hope everyone had a great Saturday..I did..I made some Tabouli with the Parsley from my garden. wish my tomatoes were done it would have been great. And the cucumber's as well..they got stuck in growth and I don't know why..humm maybe the garden dirt need some nutrition.
My head is going in circles tonite. . . I don't know what I want at the moment..and my heart is up and down..dam female emotions...Maybe I'm just to romantic and I want to much for me now. I wonder if it's that...maybe I'm just to serious. HELP!

THIS is where I need to be..I should have went home today and got ready for church that's it that what I need to be doing they God will add the rest if he see fit to.!!!

Thank you father for giving me life, even though sometimes it's difficult for me and many others...I appreciate every breath you let me breathe. I'm trying father to go down that narrow walk but sometimes I need your helf..Plz help me to do me take me make me hear you...

Kind of Blue........

Mornin, feeling a little bit blue this morning. Sometimes it's hard to be alone. Without a partner. Most of the time it is okay, but there are those moments. As you know I have been talking to Benny and I'm not sure it will ever go somewhere. He live across the bay from me and he hasn't come to meet me. It has been a month. He said recently he can't come rite now do to financial. But I'm not sure if that's so true. Hum! It's okay though cause I'm not really sure I want to be with anyone. Talking is okay but It's been three years almost four since I have lived with a man. And I have become accustom to my ways, being alone doing what ever I wish when I wish and never having to take care of someone. Me and Vee travel around. Home is too quite so we stay and then we go. Well a lot of the time it's because we have something to do and Mom drives us Or I drive and she comes along so make it easier for her we spend the nite at times. Plus my panic causes issues not to stay home alone..A man do I really want one in my life. I'm not really sure. Specially a worldly one. My focus for the last few years was studying the bible trying to learn more about God and apply it to my life. I get side tracked a lot. I have no excuse anymore to not. There's no man to stop me anymore. So why am I not perusing that??? Well I have a bible study every week over the phone. I just can't seem to get to Church. When I finally mustard up the courage that's the Sunday that Vee told me she tried to commit suicide again. That's been about a month ago..I haven't gotten there again. I just learned that my elderly bible teacher had a mini stroke. And now I'm worried for her..she is in her 80 an a amazing Lady who I have know since I was maybe five years old. Very pretty woman. So my heart is a little blue and I think my women things are making me emotionally crazy..This is when sometimes I think I need to be with a partner...then I think do I really want that... ???? WEll enough about that. Yesterday, I cooked some things and one of them which I had found on someones blog and sadly to say I can't remember where..It was really cute. She said she really couldn't cook well. But she went to house sit and she was looking through a cook book, it was either her Mom's house or Auntie. She found this recipe and made it..It was Sweet and Sour Meatballs... So I said to me..hum I always wanted to make these to..she said they turned out great and she was so proud that she finally made something really good..! It was a cute story. So I made them and she was rite they were a huge hit in Mom's house they cleaned the pan out...even my daughter in law came over to sample them.
So here is the recipe..I hope that you take the time to try it. It was amazing! Ok here we go again can't get the photo thing to work...I'm hating this more and more. seems to be a problem all the time now...Well here is the recipe with no picture..sorry

Sweet and Sour Meat balls

1 1/2 lbs. of ground beef
3/4 cup of rolled oats
2 eggs slightly beaten
1/2 onion finely finely chopped
1 tsp. salt
a pinch of pepper
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
Combine all ingredients and mix well.
Form into gulf size meatballs will make about 12.. Place into a baking dish cover and cover with sauce.

SAUCE: In a medium bowl
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup Vinegar
1 tsp mustard
1/4 cup BBQ sauce
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
Combine all and blend thoroughly.
350 degrees for 30 mins, I left mine 45 mins ( it depends on your oven) but check them at the 30 mins..
these were a huge hit with my family...really tasty and would also be good for orderves. just make them a little bit smaller and put on toothpicks..

I really hope that you enjoy these Happy Saturday with Love Janice

WEll nice I came back and it's working here is the picture....

Friday, July 29, 2011

7:55 am....Ready?

Good morning, another one of those foggy mornings here..lately it seems to feel nice to me. I guess I have been on hot? lol..terrible being a woman sometimes with all the hot flashes and what nots...Well you can see because I'm writing to you I ended up coming back to Mom's house decided to get started on the cleaning now. I don't need to be home right now. But I will spend most of next week home doing my business. Yesterday, therapy was great. We had a nice therapy we ended up talking about boundaries for ourselves. Which we should have. She gave me and Vee some papers that talk about it. So after I read it I will share with you.

Do you see the lovely picture of Chicken and Dumplings, well I thought it would be nice to share this recipe with you. I thought it turned out great and so did my family..It was the first time that I have ever made it. Don't know why I never had in the past.
I think I got this from the cooking network, by Tyler...try it you just might enjoy it.

chicken and dumplings

Recipes as follows
ONe whole chicken (washed and cleaned)
Put chicken in a large pot of water add....
Pepper corns, bayleaves, bunch of thyme, a 1/2 of a head
of garlic..(slice it straight across)
add two celery stalks
add one large carrot and half of onion dont chop.
Simmer till
Chicken is done, about 40 mins...
Remove Chicken and strain broth and set aside.
after Chicken is cooled off debone it and skin off, kind
of shredd it in medium pieces.
slice up another two stalks of celery and a couple of carrots
slice them also. ( and i just used the garlic from the broth
slide them out from the peels and use)
In the pot that you cooked it in add those new carrots and celery
and garlic and some oil fry for a couple of minutes.
Then add a couple of tablespoons of flour and cook for
a couple of minutes adding a splash of milk or cream whisk
then start adding your broth back in alittle at a time. whisking.
your broth back into pot. Add some salt and pepper add back
in the chicken and add a package of frozen peas and pearl onions
if you wish..( i used chopped up onions didn't think my grandbabies
would like pearl onions. so when you add the celery and carrots you
can add them)
and bring up to a sm the mean time make your dumplins

2 cups of flour- 1 tablespoon baking powder-1 teaspoon of salt-2 eggs-1cup buttermilk (or reg milk)
and some chopped chives if you like) mix
when chicken is boiling with two spoons add spoonfuls of mixture scraping off
with other spoon cook for ten minutes and serve...yum yum...

Here is some Zucchini from the garden. I picked them early because like I had said they were molding from lack of I will use them parsley is growing like mad. I went to the garden store yesterday ended up spending 40 dollars that I shouldn't have, but I did. Couldn't help it. I bought a bunch of new seeds. Umm I got Collard greens, Green onions, Green beans, Chives, o and freckle Romaine. I thought that would be fun. I bought a red planter..which was 10 dollars and the plate was 3 dollars but I wanted it and told myself I haven't bought a new pot for three's really pretty .. O and in plants I bought a tray of Petunias different colors, a tray of Chinese snow peas me and Vee love them. And a big marigold from the half off side. I always go check cause sometimes you can find nice things. The last thing that I got was some wood sticks for my one tomatoe plant. It had grown so much it was to late to put the wire cage around so the sticks did well. I put them up yesterday when I went to water. I wanted to catch it before it fell over. They have a lot of wonderful things. The prices have gone up a little bit like everything else, but I have been going there for years and years..o I would say about 30 years now..Floorcraft was the original name then it change to flower craft? not sure..but to me it will always be floorcraft nursery. I wished I had more money to buy more things..but little by little..rite. rite..


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Well it's the end of the week...

Good morning friends & family,
It was a great day yesterday looking through my great grandmother's trunk... I had a great time. I have linen to take home and wash, I can't wait. I have the two table cloths that I can't wait to wash them and put them on my tables... well today is therapy day they changed it for this week. Victoria is wanting to go out with her friends, I know she needs to do that but I feel uncomfortable about it. It's trusting her again. Because this is not the first time that we went through this, it's harder to do.(trust) So I thought at therapy we could bring it up. I think what makes this even harder is the fact that I had a cousin who was only 26 years old and she actually jumped off the Golden Gate bridge she left behind four young children. And somehow this connects with me too Victoria succeeding one day. It scares me to death. I hope she never gets there, but the fear that I carry in my soul is sometimes unbearable. But I can only ask for God's help to get me and her through. And pray hard for her to recover completely... So that what's going on today. And I'm going home I think lol... then coming back on Saturday to do some cleaning down stairs..It's full of junk to the brim and I should really get started again. I just don't know how much I can do because I'm so broken. And of course nobody wants to help. "LAZY" People that live her.

This is so beautiful it is bed linen. It must have been a million hours of work..first the embroidery then all the crocheting. I can't figure how they put it on the bed though...I wanted to hold it up a take a picture but couldn't. Mom thinks the red and black have something to do with the colors from Russia..humm idk.
Well I looked it up and the flag colors are red blue and white..there is so much that I don't know about my heritage. I wish my Great Grandmother was her to tell the story...well. what can you doesn't remember much....well my friends family wish you a great day today...
WITH LOVE.............

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Haven't Left yet.. A blast from the past.

Wow what a morning, my Mom has had this old trunk downstairs in the basement forever and ever. We had opened it a few times but never really went inside to look..don't know why. Today my youngest child Steven brought it up stair and Mom screamed but I told her to relax. Let's check it out for once..So Stevie open it up and started pulling all these amazing picture of the past.

there is linen and some of it got ruined but there are a few things that are okay and maybe I can fix them and reserve them for a while longer.

The crochet work is amazing, very fine must have been a find needle...

This is a head piece the woman wore under neath the head scarves Mom said..

There is my great grandmother with the head piece on...the lady in the middle. My great grandmother did all her own clothes everything..all the linen crocheted is hers.

Here is my Great Grandfather, Nickolas
I have had an amazing day looking through the trunk. found papers from back when I think the oldest was 1919 a school item. There is so much I can't even get it all on here but just a little for you to see. I did tell you that I was Russian rite? Russian German mostly some Irish and Scott from my dad's side..

The linen was simply amazing to me..all the wonderful work they did well in this case that my great grandmother did. The women in those days were great workers of the house. We women today are in my eyes lazy compared to them. no offense. but on the real they did a lot..well I guess women today do things just not like them..O well it's been along day and I will share more pictures and things later I'm tired out for now..have a blessed evening my friends..God Bless.
Here is dinning room table cloth I found in the trunk it has to be as old as me. I'm 53 and it was never use. It is still in good shape like new. It still has the label on it...I'm taking home for my dinning room table.

This one I'm going to wash and put on my little kitchen table..I love the vibrate colors, lately turquoise has been growing in my

Happy Wednesday Ya'll

Just a foggy little morning here, drinking my tea at Mom's and thinking well I have to finish up my laundry..I brought it here because I just have a mini washer and dryer at home and there is no sun to hang clothes out. I thought it would be easier to do it a large washer and get it over with. I was so tired from the mini vacation, it was so hot at nite I didn't sleep well. I ended up not sleeping Monday evening I woke up at and couldn't go back to sleep..I was up all day long till around 10 pm last nite. I fortunately slept all nite only woke up once, went the restroom and back to sleep till around 7:15 thank goodness. much needed sleep..I day dreamed last nite, thinking to make my room blue and white..nothing seems to fit in that room. I tried so many's just not popping. I dreamed of some wall paper pretty flowers with blue..wish it was my place to do that. I always wanted a bedroom with wall paper for some odd reason. Well anyways I have this beautiful blue and white comforter from Ralph Loren sitting upstairs in a bag...and I have a beautiful painting like a winter scene blue and white, but the frame is brown..and I decided to buy some spray paint this Thursday to spray my bed frame white. and I'm going to get started on painting those dressers white..I think that's what I need..

I guess I just love blue and white..I love pink a lot too but it's just not working for me in my don't know why.

Maybe it just feels so warm to me..So that's the plan. This morning I woke up thinking I really wish I had a significant other to hang out with, someone to do things with. Or maybe I just need to find a great lady friend. I have kept distance from a lot of people first because of a past relationship that I had then just in general then cause I got sick. I need a friend who believes in God as I do, and like to do most of the things I do..wouldn't that be nice? It would indeed.!!! Sad things of life Mom is getting older and can't do much and soon I will lose her hopefully not anytime soon. But that's a reality and that bothers me. She has become my best friend. We have disagreements but she is always there for me. And just her company has been a blessing. I might not like everything meaning some of her ways but I love her tremendously ( hey I spelled that right ) lol my spelling has improved since I have been blogging..It was so horrible at first from lack of use, but it's picking up..

Well what can I say in all I think I'm just a blue and white lady .lol. When I see that pretty blue glass in the window and the sun is shinning threw pretty..well I guess that's it for today my sweet friends......I need to finish up the laundry and pack up and leave for home this afternoon..but I will be rite back here on Thursday. They changed therapy for this week..and I will probably hang out for a couple of see you then. Have a most wonderful day today..see you tomorrow afternoon or evening I should say...much love......!!!!!!!!