Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blogging Friends...Mornin...

Heloo my friends, Happy Saturday. Yesterday I got to go home for a short while and hang out in my house spending time in the Garden which was really Great. So much that I didn't want to come back to Mom's, but unfortunately I had to.. This journey taking care of Mom is very difficult. It doesn't leave me much time for Me actually none at all. Unless like yesterday someone gives me a break... I  love my Mom dearly but 24/7 home care is not for me..Well I thought I'd share a few photos of home..  I've noticed that I have not been receiving any comments really lately maybe one here and there.. I haven't a clue why but I guess it's ok.. Maybe my post are boring Idk.. I try to visit with everyone as much as possible.. But at any rate I'm going to continue to write because It helps me unwind.. thought I do get like 160 views some maybe no one feels like talking...

This is my Living Room it's not really huge but it's cozy and just right for me for these days not even myself has seen it much..  My photos came out kind of blury ..

My kitchen which came out really dark.. and I was surprised cause the sun was shinning ..It just was so good to be home..

Dinning Room table.. I love this large Blue & White checker table cloth.. It's really a nice cloth It's double a little bit heavy but not to heavy.. One side has a solid Blue strip that goes around and the other doesn't..

My phone and the light just didn't want to coroperate...I wish I could have gotten a nicer photo.. I had changed the curtains and a few things and it feels much cozier now... though I did like what I had before just got tired of it..

 My one strawberry from my new hanging strawberry plant.. It's growing so pretty. It has a ton of pretty pink blooms. I'm very happy that I bought it.. 

I cleaned up in the Garden yesterday Mostly by the back area.. 
My day started out early in the morning and it was a beautiful morning.. I drove off with gladness in my heart trying not to think about Mom.. but, my first stop was at the local nursery where I have been going for years.. and years.. I met a very sweet young man, who helped me we had a wonderful conversation about the plants.. I started to go for just a couple of small plants and ended up getting quite a few and a large yellow daisy like plant I already forgot the name of it.. but I will take photos on Sunday ...I found some forget me knots.. first time ever.. they came is a six pack so I bought some..they are the cutest little tiny flowers.. But of course I suppose you already know about them.. So I have been trying to aquired a blue garden area.. and have been having a hard time. but I replanted yesterday afternoon.. with the forget me knots and I found some bluish purple tiny pansy's as well.. I thought I had planted blue morning glories but they are purplish instead.. so maybe lol it will just be a bluish purplish garden.. But they finally took.. though the plant is small it has made several pretty morning glory flowers.. maybe by next summer it will grow much larger.. 

I know we are almost at the end of summer just 22 more days until fall.. so I also purchased some yellow and orange marigolds and some purple and yellow pansy's to put in between them.. just to have a little bit more color before winter appears.. the days seem to be flying so fast I haven't a clue were August disappear to................ Sunday I will finish up in the Garden and maybe have lunch if the weather pemitts me.. I'm really hoping I haven't had tea or lunch for over a month now. . . But I'm  Definitely! ready  

I was a wonderful day for me.. all alone, with my little sweetpea.. she was so happy to see her mommie... I let her come in the garden for a bit. . and I played with her for a while on the couch.. you my sweetpea is very tiny.. smaller than a cat.. She is a mini chiwawa... I felt so sad having to leave her again.. She sat at the front door looking at me, saying Mom don't leave me.. She normally will go lay in her bed.. but I think she knew I wasn't coming right back.. I don't bring her to Mom's cause last time she picked up fleas and got worms and the whole nine yards.. YUK!!! even though the cats are on flea med.. NOPE plus with Mom's oxygen and what not forget it. but just the same I miss her as much as she misses me.. we have been best friends since I got sick with the panic... But I will be back there on Sunday morning because my niece said she will spend the day with Mom.. thank goodness.. cause I just need this time after a month of non stop caring.. I wish I could spend the night in my bed but I don't want to ask for to much.. 

So thank you heavenly father for giving me that beautiful day at home.. I appreciate my Home ever so much more and all the beautiful things that you have aloud me to have in my presence.. 

I really hope I can go to church tomorrow.. I missing that as well... 

So with all that said.. Happy Saturday Friends.. 
with much love Janice................

...............p.s. I hope that you have a most wonderful weekend.. with love n laughter surrounding you!


  1. comments are sparce...lovely
    to see your home pictures...glad you got to see home even for a little cheers you...

  2. You have a lovely home Janice. You will soon get your life back on track. All the time you give to your mum will be time well spent for your own peace of mind. I'm sure she really appreciates it. We will all need the same love and care when we get old. Happy weekend xx