Monday, August 12, 2013

Sharing ....

~ Happy Monday, Good Morning..  I wanted to share my Corning glass Coffee Pot with you today. I found it like most things on the Truck.. years ago. But I never had used it always wanted to. It has been at Mom's house sitting up the top of my cabinet where I keep my dishes.. Yes I have seperate dishes then everyones else's here at Mom's cause well they get grease all over hers from my brother and I don't like it.. I'm kind of picky that way lol..........

Making coffee a different way.. A Corning Glass pot, I discovered on line they have a plastic piece that goes inside to perk the coffee.. but the one I did find was the whole get up pot and all for 28.00 dollars...  So this way okay Mom had this cone to use it was perfect.. I just boiled the water and poured it in.. the coffee tasted great.. I used my Tea cup from my first tea party I had.. My friend, a sister from Church got some extras for me cause I didn't have many.. and later she gave them to me.. I miss her at times.. we had a mis- understanding on her part.. but I forgive her but haven't talk to her since...

Nice way to have coffee in the am.. in a pretty cup so you feel good all over.. right !!

This cup has pretty flowers every where.. I love it.. It's very bright and cheery ...

I have two saucers for it.. the other one is a striped Pink & White one.. and this one is flowers all over like the cup...

It's a very sweet cup and saucer.................

It even has a flower on the inside..

Would you like a cup of hot coffee ... Where's your pretty cup & saucer ???

This reminds me of the sparkles we would draw as kids well at least me..

Hope you enjoyed coffee with me.. wishing you all a great day with love .. Janice


  1. Thank you for the coffee Janice in such a lovely cup.

  2. the coffee hit the spot, and who doesn't love the vintage coffee pots, I have a few of my own, and have posted about both of them. That cup is so are right cheery is the word.

  3. Good morning Janice
    Thank you for the coffee, the cup is beautiful!