Friday, August 16, 2013

New dishes arrived...Yesterday

*** They arrived, they are so sweet with their tiny Rose buds and tiny little flowers... I really like them and I'm hoping I can find more to match them.. they have the red rust color but because of the blue flowers I can still use them in the Dinning Room I think....***

*** To me they have such a Victorian touch to them...  I got enough pieces to have luncheon for four.. But now I need to find a tea pot to match.. O I just love them.. My mind was busy yesterday when I popped home for a couple of hours and I took them out of the box and un-wrapped them to wash.. ***

*** Time to wash them clean.... and get them ready for Tea...............
*** I love love these square plates...

*** All finished now... they are drying and will be ready for Tea... I didn't do the shakers though, I couldn't seem to release the corks in the bottom.. I think that they will fall apart.
So I might just leave them till I find a replacement for them both...

*** One minute I think I love these shakers the best, then I look at the tea cups and 
say I love them.. 

*** There were some dinner plates and one had a chip on it.. I wanted to purchase them as well but I didn't have the monies.. I have purchased a lot of things already this month so that was a lost. but maybe later something will come up ...

*** Nice and shinny looks almost like new.... Can you imagine what they person thought when they were purchasing the set... I wonder if they were able to get all the set or just a few...  Being that they have the square plates I wonder if the set was just a luncheon set??? 

*** Then I wonder how they set the table...  and what food they served.. or maybe they just used them as a every day item...

Homer Laughlin, Briarcliffe pattern, which I believe it's not it's name.. I almost thought it wasn't even Homer Laughlin until I found this piece... 

Which the back shows it as Homer Laughlin but still no real name except H.L. wild flowers.. from the 1940's

So now at least I know this much... 

*** And anyhow I love them just the same.. well it's Friday and the weekend.. I wish I could take a break and be home for the weekend.. I'm so ready. I really miss my home..

*** Just wanted to share with you these earrings that I purchase from a fellow bloggersite.. I think they are so sweet.. ***
*** With Love Janice ***

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  1. Oh Janice. I love the earrings. So gorgeous.

    And the cups! Lovely, lovely. The pattern is so pretty.

    Thanks for sharing. Susan