Friday, March 29, 2013

Blessings in store...

 You know, I'm always amazed by God's patience with me... and blessings that he gives me... My son was very angry at me letting my daughter come back after just leaving. and he had told me he wasn't going to help me anymore.  But this morning he told me Mom I told you that I would come live with you but you keep changing up on me and how do you think that makes me feel.
So we had a long talk about that and a few other things.  So I'm hoping that a plan is in place. He will move in with me so I don't have to move and he will start helping me clean up the storages and get rid of them so we can in turn take the money and start cleaning up Mom's house since I will be the one to inheirted it. 
And I will have him live with me here later as well. He can have a three bedroom apt downstairs and I can live upstairs... and the heck with everyone else...who can't seem to be bothered.
So maybe now I can get settle in my home and get myself to church..
I was able to drive me and Mom the other evening to The Memorial for Jesus Christ memorance...
I drove to pick up Mom and then back over by my house and back to Mom's even when it became evening. 
That was with much much prayer involved. So I think I'm ready to walk three blocks on Sunday and attend Sunday Chruch alone..
Grateful and very thankful...
In all the craziness, I don't know if anyone realized I posted the Lemon Blueberry Scone recipe down a few post. I hope that you give them a try they are indeed wonderful. 
I'm going home to see what's up and going to go with my older daughter to visit my older son and grandchildren on Saturday. Then on Sunday go visit with ex family, which will be nice.  It's been  a while. Plus they do a big pot luck always for each of the  holiday's so I will get to eat some nice food.. What are you all going to be doing for Easter.. whatever it is I hope you have wonderful time...
~Blessings My dear sweet friends, thank you for your patience and understand with me.
And for the most part thank you for all your kind words they mean a lot and help so much..
~with love~
p.s. be back soon

Thursday, March 28, 2013

So I told myself, No I'm not leaving

How would you like a garden like this..... Isn't it sweet.. I love all the vibrant colors In my dreams...
~Good morning everyone~, I'm trying hard to get in a positive way...It's been ruff.. I love my blog and blogging and sharing my life with all of you reading your blogs when I can. I want to continue to blog. Yesterday I was just so upset once again.  I don't want to even go into the detail of it.  I just want to forget it and it go away...Sorry just want my daughter to go away and don't come back.. I have five children and never felt this way about any of them...but she has just done to much for my blood to swallow.........
SO MOVING ON..................
I wish I had a little cottage to go to...and spend a spell there.............................
A place with a magical feeling about I can forget my troubles................
It is the only place my heart can be content...and be in total sunshine...........I can day dream and think of pretty things.........and no one can take it away from me.....................
Peace on Earth as it is in Heaven..............with love Janice.................~Blessings~ my dear sweet friends....

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Leaving for a while..

I'm taking a short break... I'd thought I never would say that..but I need a break. My daughter has once again put me upside down but I'm afraid this time it is to much for me to handle and to continue on.. I don't know how long it will be A few days or weeks or months I'm just beside myself and devastated... I know you will all understand.. Please be well.       ~ Blessing ~

                                                               with love Janice

Good's your Lemon Blueberry Scone recipe

Lemon Blueberry Scones

2 Cups of Flour
1/4 cup Sugar
2 tsp. Baking Powder
1/4 tsp. Salt
6 Tabs of cold Butter (chilled)
1/2 cup Milk
1/4 cup Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Tab. Lemon Zest
1 cup of Frozen  or Fresh blueberries, I used Fresh
Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Line a baking sheet. 
In a large bowl whisk together Flour, Sugar Baking powder and salt.  Cut Butter into 6-8 chunks and 
add to flour mixture tossing to coat.  Using your finger tips, rub the butter into the Flour, until mixture is sandy like and Butter is well distributed with no pieces larger than a pea.
Add Milk, Lemon juice, and Lemon zest and stir until dough come together. If dough is to wet, add a additonal Tb. Flour to the dough.  Either keeping the dough in your mixing bowl or turning it out onto a lightly floured surface.  Add Blueberries, Gently Knead dough for about a minute flatten dough out and add Blueberries   
 GENTLY KNEAD DOUGH 30 - 60 seconds to distribute them. Divide dough into two balls and press each one into a disk about 3/4 inch thick.  Use a knife to divide each disk into quarter and place Scones on a prepared baking sheet. 
Bake for 17 - 22 minutes or until Scones are golden brown.

Lemon Glaze (optional)
1 Tbsp. Lemon juice
1/2 cups Confectioners Sugar
Whisk glaze ingredients together until smooth.  Then drizzle over your still warm Scones before serving.

 These are so divine in my opinion...I hope that you enjoy them as much as we did going to try some Cream Scones soon and Cranberry...state tune...Well I have been home working in my garden and doing some Spring cleaning almost done with the inside just have the other side of my Living Room. Then it's off to the storage out back...what a mess it is...Yesterday I finally got all my seeds planted.. I'm so content now, Hopefully everything will grow nice..though I do believe I need to add some vitamins. The dirt is strange. The things almost get dormit for a short while after they sprout.  Then they will grown.. My Swiss Chard that I started in Fall is only a inch tall..Go figure, I can't it's the wierdess thing. But it does look nice. And my large Garden Box is looking nice. I also put scalloped edges around it. In there I have two tomatoe plants one tomatillo plant, two different bell peppers one jalepeno plant. and yesterday platnted a gr. zucchini. Though I want and need one more which I would have had if the silly Blue bird hadn't pulled it out of it's container...

Here's what it looked like when I first started..I will have to take a new photo later. I have added more to it.
So here's what else I have been up to lately. Embroidering,  I sat down and got busy on my Tea towel..I got the tea pot all done,..I decided to make some eyes...but now that I'm looking at the photo they look a little bit off...but that will give it's charm...

 I probably shouldn't draw in the Living Room in the evening the light isn't to great.  But just the same I love it.
I think she is cute....I also got one tea cup done...
It's been such a long time really since I have really Embroidered. . I need to practice a little bit but all in all it's not to bad. I can't wait to finish so I can crochet a pretty edging on the towel...I have always wanted to do that. I have several tea towels that were my great aunts..and I would think all the time one day I will do this..and here I'am..Hopefully it will be finished soon.. this is my free hand one.. I do have some transfers that I will do for the next one.. I hope your week has been going well. Last night we celebrated the Lord's Memorial it's was so wonderful..I'm ever so grateful that I got enough strength to get there. I took Mom and myself. and no panic..I prayed for days before and God is so awesome he saw me through..God is so patient and loving..Well my sweet friends...I will be off to home later this afternoon going to take Mom to pick up a few things at Smart & Final store then im gone...So I'm wishing you all a great rest of the week.. I probably won't be back till next week..Take care with love Janice

Saturday, March 23, 2013



                                        THEY ARE TRULY SIMPLE TO MAKE..

                                         READY FOR THE OVEN...

                                            WITH MUCH LOVE JANICE...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring finally...

Spring Time...
It finally got here...We had rain though, I couldn't go out in the Garden until this morning...I did some cleaning up... I had to run off this morning though. Isaiah, had a appointment for his shots..Poor baby he got two shots one in each leg.  What did you do on the first day of Spring??? How was your weather where you are???

 Things are popping up out of the ground, Roses are making new shoots..I'm excited to see what becomes of my Garden this year.. 
I picked up some new pansy's the other day and a few other plant's. 
And the silly Blue birds got into my seeds that I was waiting to sprout.  I was really upset they were just coming up.. So I covered them with a screen till the rest sprout. I can't wait till I get some More money to go buy some other things...It's hard when you live on a fixed income.. but it's okay I still manage to get all that I need... 
  Well my dear friends, I'm off and running I'm kind of sleepy today so I wish you a Great day and evening...with love Janice

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lost cousins finally found...47 long years blessed

 The start to this is not the best story, but I feel it has to be told...I had a cousin who was Married and had four children... Who ended her life very young at the age of 26.. She had just made one attempt and they released her from the hospital only for her to jump off the Golden Gate bridge a few days later... I was only eight years old at the time.. But I remember her very well. And all these years she has been in my mind. And for years when we drove over the bridge I would get a stomach ach feeling inside me... I imagined many times where she got the nerve and how she did it... The news paper clipping Said she sat her purse and shoes aside and off she jumped.  I remember her funeral like yesterday... I can see her face clearly and everything down to her clothes they dressed her in... ( It might sound a little bit to much for you but I have to get it out.) He husband who at the time was no longer with her came to the funeral and I remember a bunch of ruggus about it being partly his fault cause he had another woman.. but she had deeper wounds from her mother.  Who in my book Was a BITCH...!!!  She my cousin, lived her in Mom's house with her father the mother never wanted her so I been told.. But for some dumb reason my Great Grandparents would allow her to come when she felt the need...Then she would walk out the door while my cousin scream at the glass front door for her mom to come back.. Then I was told there were times she would call her mom and the mom would say who said that you could call me no one gave you permission...Can you even imagine, I can't it turn my heart into fire everytime I thought about it..

                                          Barbra Ivonne Keseloff Hayslip
           Born. Februray 24, 1940 -------------------------Died March 24, 1966
                                                     R.I.P  My dear..............
Well, her children disappear after that. The father took them away and we never seen them again. NEVER.
Had no clue how to reach them nothing... We new they went to Oaklahoma somewhere but had no way to contact them.. Well, It had always been in my mind on and off and Mom's too.. About three weeks ago it popped in my mind out of no where to put Barbra's name in the computer and it brought up a couple of things and I went forward clicking on this and that..which lead me to this on building your family tree sight...
I found two young people that where making there family tree. and I found there emails.. the girl hadden been on in quite a while and the boy last year... so I send a message and no respond.. yesterday sitting I decided to try looking again just because.. So I did I started putting different things into Google and finally up popped this Ancestry site. There was this Russian Lady named Nancy who had a message board for the Russian people that their families came from Karrs Russia, which are did..I started reading message after message just out of curiositiy finding different names that I recognize from growing up telling Mom o this and that..Mom went to lay down and I continued looking and reading and I almost choked.. One message said.. I don't know if you can help me but I looking for my husband family, his mother died and he was taking away when he was 2 years of age..They were Keseloff's from San Francisco and so on... and her name was Melinda.. Nancy left and message saying she had emailed her some information.. and that was it.. But my heart knew it was them.. Thankfully Melinda left her email address visually but the post was from the year 2002.. But I told myself it can't hurt to try again... my only hope that I have... So I did I sent this message

*Helo my name is Janice Strider Corona... My mother is Lois Moseman Stirder (Keseloff) which was her mother Mary Keseloff who was the sister of John keseloff Barbara's father... Tommy her brother died.. I and Mom have been trying to find a way to locate Barbara's children for years... since most have passed on it's hard... I have been recently looking again on the computer. She lives still in the house which Barbara was raised. I was 8 years old when she died and often think of her and the children we were all little I remember Diana and Dennis really well Daniel and David not so much.. I believe Diana is same age as me 55 or close to it. I would love it so much if you can contact me here or call me XXXXXXX please don't hesitate.. I want to know about them very much...

Couldn't write straight I was so excited in my heart trying to be calm... 
Not but barely 15 minutes later I received this email..

*David is my husband. I am sure he would love to be in contact with you as would his brothers and sister. We are not available today to do so but I would love to call you this week at some point. My name is Melinda and David and I have been married 29 years. We have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. And yes I believe Diana is around 55 years of age.
My cell number is XXXXXXXX

My eyes filled with huge tears and chills ran across my body...I can't even explain to you what I felt when I saw the return email and when I opened it and read it was over whelming but a huge blessing...that I'm so ever gratefull for..
Finally after 47 years before Mom passed or they were gone forever.. Contact not just a memory in my mind anymore.. She also gave me her number so if she don't call I will surely be calling her.. I don't know why they weren't available yesterday. I was a little puzzled by that but it's okay I have waited all these years a few more days won't hurt.. This couldn't have been a better day.. I thank God for helping me to locate them from the bottom of my heart... 
I hope everyone has a most wonderful day and new week. I will leaving for home today. I couldn't leave yesterday thank God I didn't cause I now found Diana, Dennis and David and Daniel...I don't know what will happen now but I'm hoping were able to have a great relationship...
                                                          With much love ..........Janice