Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mornin, Happy Wednesday..

*** One of my favorite Tea pots...It's one of my first Tea pots that I aquirred.. I love Roses anything.. ever since I could remember Roses have played a huge part in my world..  Today I wanted to share my new Tray with you.. I thought it was a better tray but it's not that great..but it's still a nice Bed Tray..

I guess what I mean is I thought it was better brand.. but it's still very sweet.. I threw a few things on so I could share with you today,.. I'd love to go home and have Sunday morning breakfast with my tray and go to Church in the afternoon.....

You know I love my Royal Albert American Beauty Tea cups...

My photos aren't so hot cause I was in a hurry just running in and out..  You have no clue how much I'm missing my home.. my garden just everything...

There we go I think this one is a little bit better..

Aren't these cute, my little pink Rose earrings... I found them at Walgreens.. you just never know what your going to find where..

I have to tell you I purchase these pieces from Facebook, from a woman online .. I'm hoping to use it to cover a lamp shade. for my bedroom.  I thought it was exciting because the woman lives in Ireland.. so these little treasures are coming all the way from there.. I'm excited.. maybe it sounds a little silly but for me not.. I have Irish in me my grandmother's Mother was from Ireland.. I wish I knew her.. for me this is like some kind of piece of Ireland that relates to my greatgrandmother..........

I almost forgot, I purchase this from my friend Kathleen on facebook .. it's so cute remind me of the Granny dishes..I put it in my bedroom.  Maybe to put Isaiah's photo in it..

I love this, I just want to whisper away.. among the flowers in the garden..
Wishing you all a great Wednesday.. I'm running home for a few minutes.. Really and truly wish I could stay             
                      .. with love Janice


  1. Hi Janice,
    Oh, what a pretty teapot and I adore American Beauty teacups and that china pattern in general. Your bed tray is really sweet too. Hope you soon find some time to relax and enjoy it.