Sunday, June 30, 2013

I couldn't help myself...

Happy Sunday to all, well I just could resist.  I couldn't.  I have been wanting something like this forever. I found it on Ruby Lane this morning and decided it's was now or never and It jump quickly into NOW... I can't wait to receive it and use it. So sweet homemade Lemonade or Ice Tea. I can picture the Pitcher and glasses fill with Ice and Tea or the Lemonade.. It was a little much but then what the heck I said to myself. Actually it was more than what I paid but it had a make a offer button so I got it down about 25.00 more which in my opinion was fabulous.. She just told me that it will be mailed off tomorrow.. EXCITING  ...
 I also went to My most Favorite place yesterday before picking up Mom, to pick up some things and ended up buy a few more things.. there is no where else to go in the city anymore really except the Goodwill's and that's always a maybe that you will find a antique piece rarely happens these days. I still go once in a while though sometimes I find nice Linens. but tea cups are almost never found so it's Love Joy's Attic for me..

I finally purchased a two tier condiment dish.. In pretty pink roses.. It's a new piece but looks vintage Shabby Chic. and comes inside a pretty box which Mom and I both agreed it would be pretty wall paper.

I'm so happy that I got it..I can see my Pink Tea Party now with my Pretty Pink new Pitcher and tumblers to match.. Tea sandwiches all arranged around the Two tier plates ..

Isn't the box so pretty with all the Roses, I would love love to have a wall papered room and maybe one day I will have it.. It's been a dream of mind just forever and ever......... I have never owned my own home to do that .. I also purchased some old linens with embroidery on them so sweet..

It is white cotton linen with a Pretty brown basket filled with flowers flowing down They stitched blue stitching of squares around it's edging.. and in each square there is a a little dainty flower.

And this pillow casing that I found it just gorgeous I call it a casing because it's not closed at either end . . My phone camera in not sufficient enough for a good photo of it.. but the embroidery is just perfect.

Two perfect butterflies one each side...
I thought $8.00 was okay because it was so perfectly Embroidered  and fairly large in size 

Beautiful White and Blue Daisy's 

And a Sweet Blue Ribbon ...

And... Little tiny blue flowers on the edging.. which is scalloped with White and Blue crochet...
I have one more Table topper.. In Blue and White the original 

This is the first one I had on hold I fell in love with.. It has these little blue designs that look like bees.. I almost lost it though cause when Mom got sick and had to the hospital and I forgot about it.. then I called and no answer then I had left a message and no one called back.. hummm
But Saturday Morning she said they had just put it back and went and retrieved it for me.. Phew... I was very glad

Well whatever they may be I love them.. 

 I don't know how they do all this.. It looks complicated but is so nice...

And take a look at these plates... Love love these... I purchased them also.. well I only took One dinner plate and four of the salad plates.. but I put on hold the other five dinner plates and one more salad plate .. and through all the talking I forgot to get the platter to hold as well I have to call her up Wednesday I forgot today ... and they  are closed Monday's and Tuesday's..these plates are very pretty I wish they had had the tea cups I tried looking online and only found four more salad plates maybe later something will show up..but finally i got some Rose Plates..
  Well my dear friends I guess that's it for now I wish you a lovely evening and many blessings with love 

p.s. This is my Mama Lois,  she since this photo has gotten thinner.. She is home from the hospital but is very weak now.. So I have decided that I will just stay here with her till she leaves me.. I'm so very sad in my heart but I rather see her not suffer anymore.. she can no longer really care for herself anymore besides go to the restroom but that's getting difficult as well. though I'm very grateful that she is not suffering more than she is .. It really could be worse.. This is the second most difficult thing I have dealt with when my brother died at 34 was the first. I was about 28. . but I wasn't around him for almost a year he was in prison and got sick and thank god a nurse called us to tell us when we got there a prison guard was in front of his door.. and when they opened the door my brother was hooked up to life support.. Not a pretty site. but later that evening we went home to get the kids squared away and his passed on I suppose he was just waiting for us to come.. I don't know who that nurse was but I have always been grateful for her kindness.  I was close with him.. It's so hard to watch someone that you love slowly die sometimes I have no words and I'm trying to stay strong and not fall apart.. and make her comfortable as possible I know she likes it when I'm here she always tell me I hate it when you leave.. at first I didn't know if I could handle it but somehow I know I will get through it with the help of God.. and of course all my friends online her and facebook
I made her oatmeal cookies today with raisins and walnuts the way she likes them and beef stew for dinner and some jello for later if she feels.. All I can say is I love my Mama very much and truly are going to miss her when she leaves me she is my best best friend and has always taking care of me no matter what.. and I have done the same...I know over the years we have build a fine relationship between us.
And I'm sure at times she didn't like certain things that I have maybe done or I with her but it only made us both stronger later and more closer.. 
I know we weren't to close until I got married and prego.. But truly I will be lost with out her.. she has always been my refuge ... and best best friend with no judgement against me..
Mama I Love you with all my Heart and Soul

p.s.s. I have a button now if you care to grab it..

Saturday, June 29, 2013

How about a pink Saturday all the way around

So lets be Pink today... Good morning It's going to be a hot day here in San Francisco... Mom I think will be coming home today  she has good spirit but doesn't sound to good.. This is so tuff. But at any rate I decided to post My Pink Tea pot again......... and cheer me up..

I love this pink cup I have had it for years and never  had a saucer for it .. but found this one and I think it goes well. 

When I found it I found a whole stack of bread and butter plates as they call them and one cup and saucer and a creamer .. I still haven't found out the name of them.. but have been looking for it. I really like my new Pink tea pot.. and I think the pieces match good..

Here is the creamer I used it to hold a few Ginger cookies...I love the little tiny blue and pink flowers and roses it has some yellow ones as well.. I wish I could find the name to get more pieces.. I have seen it in the past it seems in the back of my mind but it has no markings as a lot of things don't .. like my Granny dishes which I finally found out the name....

I wish that I was home and could pull out my Pink tea pot and make a tray and have breakfast in the Garden I bet it's lovely this morning .. I can hear the birds singing her at Mom's from the kitchen.. Maybe tomorrow I can go home for a while ........... I'm not sure what care Mom's going to need at this point... I feel very lazy this morning didn't sleep to good.. and I scrub Mom's house so much the other day it just tired me.. so I think I will just be lazy till or if I have to pick her up.. I hope that you all have a wonderful Saturday hopefully Pink.. 
            ~   Hugs n Kisses and much love from afar... to you.. and many Blessings   ~

My newest Sachet.. ~ PInk ~ PInk ~ PInk ~ so pretty it is.. check my Crocheting blog for more photos..

Friday, June 28, 2013

A Summer Day... Happy Friday

Good Afternoon, It's finely a warm summer day.. But I'm sleepy today.  I had fell asleep last night and a couple hours later woke up and couldn't sleep so I got online and started surfing.. Looking at Crocheting blogs and I found a few nice ones.. I found this cute square like a coaster doily so I'm attempting it. I got the first part done and later I will feature it on my Crocheting blog..  My Grandson and Daughter in Law has come to visit today and it's nice because we haven't visited in a long while they moved away a few months ago not really far but far enough that we can visit so easily like before.. right now they are with Isaiah and Vee outside .. My Grandson Emiliano was with me in the Garden earlier helping me water and asking me a billion Questions Grandma why this and why that cute.. I been at Mom's but we popped over to my house to pick up Vee and Isaiah so we can all hang out at Big Grandmas house as they call her because she is their Great Grandmother...It's a very warm summer day today ... kind of nice

I just love this photo of my Pansy Tea cup.. It's a favorite.. It just fits my mood today...

This is the little doily I found to copy I love it.. I think I have got it but not positively .. we will see..

Look at this, I'm going to order this I'm just loving it I thing it will go nicely with my Rose Tea pot even though it's white and the tea pot is beige... No matter it will go with my White Rose Tea Pot as well. There are so many pieces I would like to get but can't afford them specially not all at once.  I have been looking for a just White Tea set but I haven't found the one I want so I'm patiently waiting ..I have been looking for a just White Tea set but I haven't found the one I want so I'm patiently waiting ..In the meantime I will just enjoy this piece..

Wishing you all a lovely day ... got to go now 
with love Janice

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Workbasket book

Bingo, Look what I found at Mom's house, she has tons of them.. "The WORKBASKET" They are pretty amazing little books. She had two stacks of them I loved going through them... They each have so many things in them. A cooking recipe section a Crochet Pattern and some knitting too,  Garden section and  even Job listings..

A Deep Dish Apple Pie with a candied crust ... now that sounds good to me.  I was really excited, Mom used to do Crocheting when I suppose we were little ones..

There is even a part where you can order patterns, boy what a little Gem of a book... so much all in one place. I loved the photos of everything. Found this Girdle one.. $3.98 for a Girdle isn't that amazing ... I can't imagine Wearing this thing can you....

The best part of it was this next photo.... 

Embroidery design transfers I got quit a few of them.. and I can't wait to use them... I have been wanting to Embroider but I'm so busy Crocheting  I need two sets of hands.. This to me was a very exciting find... Mom has secrets hehehe.... We enjoyed the afternoon the other day going through them.. There is a few recipes that sounded pretty good so I want to give them a try.

Each one has a part to tell you how you can use the designs which after I read can also be used several different way... I love finding Mom's things... and her telling me about them ...

A glass jacket, I bet I can crochet this. I wish the world I could read directions really good I'd Crochet up a storm...

O look at these... you had to send away for these ones... But they look like the same ones I saw last night on someone else's blog and she gave the place where you can copy them they look almost the same with the little girl well similar ... Anyways I just wanted to share this with you.. Mom is feeling a little bit better they are running a bunch of other test, her kidney's aren't doing so well... But she has good spirits. Have a blessed Thursday love n hugs Janice