Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blogging Friends...Mornin...

Heloo my friends, Happy Saturday. Yesterday I got to go home for a short while and hang out in my house spending time in the Garden which was really Great. So much that I didn't want to come back to Mom's, but unfortunately I had to.. This journey taking care of Mom is very difficult. It doesn't leave me much time for Me actually none at all. Unless like yesterday someone gives me a break... I  love my Mom dearly but 24/7 home care is not for me..Well I thought I'd share a few photos of home..  I've noticed that I have not been receiving any comments really lately maybe one here and there.. I haven't a clue why but I guess it's ok.. Maybe my post are boring Idk.. I try to visit with everyone as much as possible.. But at any rate I'm going to continue to write because It helps me unwind.. thought I do get like 160 views some maybe no one feels like talking...

This is my Living Room it's not really huge but it's cozy and just right for me for these days not even myself has seen it much..  My photos came out kind of blury ..

My kitchen which came out really dark.. and I was surprised cause the sun was shinning ..It just was so good to be home..

Dinning Room table.. I love this large Blue & White checker table cloth.. It's really a nice cloth It's double a little bit heavy but not to heavy.. One side has a solid Blue strip that goes around and the other doesn't..

My phone and the light just didn't want to coroperate...I wish I could have gotten a nicer photo.. I had changed the curtains and a few things and it feels much cozier now... though I did like what I had before just got tired of it..

 My one strawberry from my new hanging strawberry plant.. It's growing so pretty. It has a ton of pretty pink blooms. I'm very happy that I bought it.. 

I cleaned up in the Garden yesterday Mostly by the back area.. 
My day started out early in the morning and it was a beautiful morning.. I drove off with gladness in my heart trying not to think about Mom.. but, my first stop was at the local nursery where I have been going for years.. and years.. I met a very sweet young man, who helped me we had a wonderful conversation about the plants.. I started to go for just a couple of small plants and ended up getting quite a few and a large yellow daisy like plant I already forgot the name of it.. but I will take photos on Sunday ...I found some forget me knots.. first time ever.. they came is a six pack so I bought some..they are the cutest little tiny flowers.. But of course I suppose you already know about them.. So I have been trying to aquired a blue garden area.. and have been having a hard time. but I replanted yesterday afternoon.. with the forget me knots and I found some bluish purple tiny pansy's as well.. I thought I had planted blue morning glories but they are purplish instead.. so maybe lol it will just be a bluish purplish garden.. But they finally took.. though the plant is small it has made several pretty morning glory flowers.. maybe by next summer it will grow much larger.. 

I know we are almost at the end of summer just 22 more days until fall.. so I also purchased some yellow and orange marigolds and some purple and yellow pansy's to put in between them.. just to have a little bit more color before winter appears.. the days seem to be flying so fast I haven't a clue were August disappear to................ Sunday I will finish up in the Garden and maybe have lunch if the weather pemitts me.. I'm really hoping I haven't had tea or lunch for over a month now. . . But I'm  Definitely! ready  

I was a wonderful day for me.. all alone, with my little sweetpea.. she was so happy to see her mommie... I let her come in the garden for a bit. . and I played with her for a while on the couch.. you my sweetpea is very tiny.. smaller than a cat.. She is a mini chiwawa... I felt so sad having to leave her again.. She sat at the front door looking at me, saying Mom don't leave me.. She normally will go lay in her bed.. but I think she knew I wasn't coming right back.. I don't bring her to Mom's cause last time she picked up fleas and got worms and the whole nine yards.. YUK!!! even though the cats are on flea med.. NOPE plus with Mom's oxygen and what not forget it. but just the same I miss her as much as she misses me.. we have been best friends since I got sick with the panic... But I will be back there on Sunday morning because my niece said she will spend the day with Mom.. thank goodness.. cause I just need this time after a month of non stop caring.. I wish I could spend the night in my bed but I don't want to ask for to much.. 

So thank you heavenly father for giving me that beautiful day at home.. I appreciate my Home ever so much more and all the beautiful things that you have aloud me to have in my presence.. 

I really hope I can go to church tomorrow.. I missing that as well... 

So with all that said.. Happy Saturday Friends.. 
with much love Janice................

...............p.s. I hope that you have a most wonderful weekend.. with love n laughter surrounding you!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Going home for a few hrs today Hoot hoot...

The new Victoria has arrived... It will be nice to go home today even if it's just for a few hours.. Sit down on my couch and relax with Victoria and a nice cuppa... Visit with my little Sweetpea and all the lovely things I have aquirred lately.. and my new Old Victoria's should be there as well.. I really can't wait to see them.. I only started reading her when I became pregnant with my youngest daughter Victoria.. in 1993, It's the reason she is named Victoria after the magazine.. It was and is such a wonderful magazine.. my face seems to live in them, the pages.  I have read and gazed at all of my passed issues over and over again.. Day dreaming and imagining... My head filled with ideas and gladness and warmness.. While hovering over the pages.. So today for a short while I imagine to do the same..

These are the ones that should be home awaiting me....don't they look devine.. I'm going to have five new old ones..
Maybe if the day turns out nice I can have lunch in the Garden even though a lot of my things died I still have some pretty flowers left and my couple of new things that I purchased last week.. just sitting under the tree and smelling my jasmine with be wonderful.. So I hope the day will turn warm.. I wish that I could spend the weekend at home.. But at least I have Sunday to look forward too.. Thanks to my niece.. Today I will try to prepare some things my clothes for Church so they are ready and I know what I'm going to be wearing..
  Autumn will be here soon, Maybe I will set an Autumn table in the dinning room.. or put out some Autumn things around the house.. 

Whatever I end up doing will be fine.. I will just be glad to be home in my own house.. Wishing you
        a lovely Friday full of love and laughter my friend.. God Bless..
                       with love Janice

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A little Italian ...

Photo by: Italian Food Forever..

I thought this looked really great.. So I plan on making it tonights dinner for Mom and myself and whoever else happens to be about...

Recipe as follows, By Italian Food Forever:

Italian Style Meatloaf

Yield: Serves 12

Prep Time: 20 mins

Cook Time: 1h 10 mins

A very moist version of an American classic packed full of flavor.

2 Pounds Lean Ground Beef
1 Pound Ground Pork
1/2 Pound Frozen Spinach, Cooked, Squeezed And Chopped Fine
1/2 Pound Mushrooms, Cleaned And Sliced
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1 Egg, Beaten
2 Cups Soft Bread Crumbs
1/2 Cup Provolone Cheese, Cut Into 1/4 Inch Dice
2 Cloves of Garlic, Minced
1/2 Cup Red Wine
4 Tablespoons Parmesan Cheese
1 Cup Cooked Ham, Cut Into Dice
2 Tablespoons Oregano
1 Tablespoon Basil
Salt & Pepper

Saute the mushrooms in the oil until golden.
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. mix the remaining ingredients together, then place in two 9 X 5 inch loaf pans.
Bake for 1 hour, covering with foil if needed the last 20 minutes.
Cool for 10 minutes, slice serve.
Served for me with a nice Baked Potato and Green Salad  and maybe some Crusty French Bread.. 

Give it a try I'm going to .. 
With Love Janice Happy Thursday..........

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Changing the face of my Blog

Good Afternoon my friends.. I have one again attempted to change my profile again.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I can't seem to find what I really want.. maybe it is because im frustrated here.. I'm still here at Mom's house and today I have a huge headache.. I'm very crankie.. and mom is to.. we usually are not with each other around the clock for so many days.. and my sleep is broken up so I'm very tired and short.. I'm trying so hard not to be.. but no doubt about it I'm really in desperate need of a huge break.. But their is no one to take a over night stay.. My niece thank God has agreed to spend the day with her on Sunday.. I'm ever so grateful to her for doing so.. I really hope that I'm not to tired and I can attend Church and then just relax on my couch with my little sweetpea.. Possibly give her a bath..

I miss all the things about my house.. 
You know like the saying you never know what you have till it's gone
It's the same thing.. when you think your tired of your house 
Have to leave and not be able to go home 
then you will know how wonderful your house is
Then you will appreciate it

Funny I was getting tired of the but at the moment any ole look will be just fine 
to me.. though I had already made some new changes. 
And probably would have done more If I had a small truck to 
get some of the things I want out of my strorage.
I'm already thinking to see if I can fit any of it in 
the car

I'm sure you have seen most of these photos..but these are the very things that I'm missing...
All my Blue & White things.. My cuffie ole couch.. all my Tea pot and cups and saucers.. Most of
     all I think I'm missing my Garden to have Tea out in the Garden was such a lovely thing..

My Last Pansy's from the Garden they wore out so I removed them and  I put a White Rose plant, I don't know if you remember the Bee hive Flower pot I call it..I put it in there. The sweet Neighbor Next store bought for me and gave me.. It's called the Kennedy Rose It has made many blooms for me already..

. Here are some new ones that I bought the other day on my visit to the Nursery.. they are strange never seen the colors before..

Here is one of the blooms.. It has like purple deep almost black with lighter purple yellow red pinkish.. Strange but pretty I put several in the Garden and three in the Off white round 50's planter
and put them on the kitchen table they seem to kind of match the kitchen.. lol.. funny part is I can't be home enough to enjoy them...

My White Duck pitcher I had took her done to watch her.. they all sit up above on the top of the cabinets and every so often I have to pull them down and wash them for some reason the Fan doesn't work so good and they get full of grease and yuk.. I have ask the owner to check it out and I'm still waiting.

You know I just love Ducks.. I have another one She has like a turquoisesh blue on her with the white. I found them both at the second hand store at different times... I guess that's enough blabbling..

Ready for a hot cup of tea and some relaxing..been washing things today Mom clothes towels etc.. need a break.. Wishing you a lovely afternoon..full of love & happiness..

                                                    with love Janice

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

*`~ Heloo my friends... Today I'm going to share with you my new lucheon plates I found.. I don't know what the name is. It said it had no markings which is fine for me.. I just love the Roses..It has 2 Cabbage Roses, one pink & one white..

 Aren't the Roses whispery and soft..

They had quite a few but I only purchased four of them.. I have been wanting white and rose dishes forever.. I missed out on some large ones couple days ago..they were truly geogeous I went to get my card then they sold within minutes they to had quite a few and it was the last four.. I nearly cried.. I will probably never find them again..

This is the large plate I'm talking about I'm just sick that it sold in seconds... It was late at night..
can you imagine them on your dinning room table...............
O well back to daydreaming of some lovely large vintage rose least I got four pretty rose luncheon plates...........they would have looked lovely with my new tea pot..but who knows maybe I can find something later.. but I do have the luncheon ones and I have four Large White plates I just need to find some tea cups to match..

I suppose the little ones will go good with this Tea set.. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful to have found them..

P.s. Have you heard about this book By: Jessica Dotta... I just recieved mine in the Mail.. There was a facebook giveaway for everyday in the month of August.. I can't wait to start reading it...
Just click on the link.. for the blog review..       
Or you can look her up on just log in to your facebook and put her name in the top and in will direct you to her Facebook.. and the last four days of the giveaway...I just can't wait to start reading my copy.. Good luck maybe you will have a chance to win a give away..

                      Wishing you a most lovely day with love Janice

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I have  new look.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Feels like Autumns About

~ O good lovely morning to you... It seems as if Autumn has already arrived I tell you.. We have had a wee bit of rain this morning..  the sky is grey with large clouds ligering above.. I love the way the air feels It's almost as if Autunm has already arrived... it has that coolness about it

San Francisco Morning..
It looks like a storm is brewing
 I wish I had a better camera to take better photo The bay was more nicer at a different spot 
the light was shinning on it but my phone wouldn't take it

 A few ships are in the water.. the other day was full of sail boats..

~ Well today I need to go home to put out the Garbage cans, and Feed Ms Sweetpea and Stanley the turtle lol but that's not his name O it's lol Leonardo.. 
But I seem to forget all the time and we laughed and called him Stanley
then we named him Stanley Leonardo
he is just a tiny one.. Vee had left him behind so I took him over and he is much happier he 
resides in my kitchen by the small window
And the birds need to be fed and a check on the Garden and maybe I can get a picture
Of the new plants in the tiny Fairy Garden..

~Maybe my new Old Victoria magazines will arrive today.. that would be nice
because then I will have something to keep me busy at Mom's house..
what are your plans today for this lovely day
I would really like to go for a short walk on this misty cloudy morning
Stop some where and have a lovely cup of tea and a scone read a fascinating book Like a secret love

~ Or perhaps just sit and day dream about being in the Victorian Era.. wondering what it was
like to be a Victorian woman bussling about with my pretty had and dress or having
 tea in my parlor...

Well whatever it is that you or I may be doing today I wish you a wonderful enchanting day.
filled with love.. 


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Home and a little time in the Garden.

~ So exciting, I got to go home today and be in my Home for about four hours.. So on the way home just to get some fresh air I stop at the local nursery and I found these Strawberry plants, but they had pink blooms so pretty .. So I bought one and put it in my new Blue basket I had bought about two months ago.. I had a hard time trying to get a photo of the blosoms because of the sun..  but finally I got one, you can see the pink. The man told me they are making different ones with different colored blooms.  It's very pretty..

Can you see this one.. O I just love it.. it makes these long large strawberries.. It has  some blooms coming out already but one got broke off.  I guess the man wasn't paying attention, he was like o you can go back and exchange it.  I told him no its okay this was one of the best ones there so I will keep it. Then I put the broken piece  back inside the plant and he laughed he must of though I was crazy...This was a little bit expensive $ 8.00 but it's a large plant and because I really liked it that was good enough for me.. O and they had other flowers on sale from $ 1.79 to sale price $ 1.49.. I bought a few would like to have bought more but couldn't .. I bought some new purplish blue black with orange kind of pansy's crazy but very pretty and I forgot to take a photo because I was trying to hurry up to plant the things I got and get back to Mom's because my sister had to leave at 4:30. But I'm pleased with what I got..I put one of the pansies in my fairy box.. I cleaned it out and put parsley on one end then a pansy then a lemon thyme on the other end the little green pumpkin and the mushroom house and the little fairy around and the welcome rock..  so I had a lot of dead things from the vegetable that died on me so I pulled them out today and cleaned up a little bit.

The little bird house in back of the Garden but no birdies.. I wanted to fill it with straw but someone put it out to the trash..hum.. So maybe fill it with some basket filling because they seem to like that anyhow..they are always stealing out of my poor baskets ..

This is in back of the Garden hanging from the Lemon Tree  . They didn't touch this one this time..thank goodness because they were just about driving me crazy.. 

When I arrived home today my new Tea pot was waiting for me in the mail.. good thing no one looked inside to see the two boxes.. I didn't have time to have tea in it but I intend to really soon.......I have my white Tea cups and saucers I think it will look wonderful with it.. I really think it's perfect for the fall............

A lovely afternoon in the Garden ..... I wish you a good evening my friends.. with love Janice..