Friday, August 30, 2013

Going home for a few hrs today Hoot hoot...

The new Victoria has arrived... It will be nice to go home today even if it's just for a few hours.. Sit down on my couch and relax with Victoria and a nice cuppa... Visit with my little Sweetpea and all the lovely things I have aquirred lately.. and my new Old Victoria's should be there as well.. I really can't wait to see them.. I only started reading her when I became pregnant with my youngest daughter Victoria.. in 1993, It's the reason she is named Victoria after the magazine.. It was and is such a wonderful magazine.. my face seems to live in them, the pages.  I have read and gazed at all of my passed issues over and over again.. Day dreaming and imagining... My head filled with ideas and gladness and warmness.. While hovering over the pages.. So today for a short while I imagine to do the same..

These are the ones that should be home awaiting me....don't they look devine.. I'm going to have five new old ones..
Maybe if the day turns out nice I can have lunch in the Garden even though a lot of my things died I still have some pretty flowers left and my couple of new things that I purchased last week.. just sitting under the tree and smelling my jasmine with be wonderful.. So I hope the day will turn warm.. I wish that I could spend the weekend at home.. But at least I have Sunday to look forward too.. Thanks to my niece.. Today I will try to prepare some things my clothes for Church so they are ready and I know what I'm going to be wearing..
  Autumn will be here soon, Maybe I will set an Autumn table in the dinning room.. or put out some Autumn things around the house.. 

Whatever I end up doing will be fine.. I will just be glad to be home in my own house.. Wishing you
        a lovely Friday full of love and laughter my friend.. God Bless..
                       with love Janice

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