Friday, March 27, 2015

The beginning of Spring....

Such a wonderful time of year, don't you think so..
Yesterday was a wonderful day I put Clothes on the line they dried fast which is really nice
because then you can wash and hang out another load..
I love hanging laundry out it smells so fresh and clean..
I suppose I'm a bit of a old fashion girl..
even when I was young and first married I hung clothes out on the line a lot..
diapers as well.  I used cloth diapers on all my children 
even when they came out with disposables ones.. The only time I used the disposables 
was when I was going out on a long day trip..
funny the things you do.. 
Here are my tiny daffodils all bloomed out..
I was thinking why I didn't have any large ones and I don't have a
I have a bunch of little ones humm...

I love this new little pot I found.. and I'm so upset with me that I didn't run back and get a few more because when I did they were all gone... they were a bit pricey though  but I love the tallness of them which you
usually don't find..they are always short and fat..and that's my new little duck inside the pot.. he was half off.. yippy
the pot was 7.99

These are my winter harvest of little Carrots.. I still have some more but I didn't want to remove them all at once cause then what do I do with them.. 
Awe and there is my one Asparagus stem.. they are coming out now.. this is my third year so I 
should finally get some decent ones will see... 

Last of the Swiss Chard and some Parsley my plant is huge..well there are two but they are really
big.  My second mom used to freeze it.  When I grew years ago she would say when you get to much
bring it over to me and I will freeze it.. she was Italian and used it a lot.
Miss her ..Life..

And of course I always pick little flowers for my Kitchen window I love seeing them there..
I truly enjoy my window.. many of times I have dreamed of having a big pane window with shelves running
across to fill it up with Blue glass..
there is nothing more prettier to me then when the sun shines right through it..

I can't get a good position to take a good Photo, I believe it's because the sun in shinning towards me..
But  when I walk into the kitchen and see that sun shinning through them bottle etc...
I just love it...

The Lady upstairs from me gave me these two new wine bottles because she knew I liked Blue glass,
sweet of her.. The real tall on I found years ago at a thrift store.. but this really isn't anything
I have a bunch of other Blue glass 

The other window by the back door.. Blue glass too.. 
Well I'm suppose to be cleaning here at Mama's house but honestly I'm not in the mood
So shhhh I'm going to leave and go get me a chicken Salad and run off  to somewhere..
So here's wishing you a lovely Spring Day
and a fantastic weekend..
with love
p.s. Be back soon
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by now..

Saturday, March 21, 2015

More Chatter...

Spring Time
It's finally here, thought it never get here..

Well I'm having a lousy day... 
Can't pretend everything is ok always. feels upside down at the moment.. It's a terrible thing to have Panic disorder it makes things so difficult 
and I'm having problems with my Gall bladder today it's hurting me.  I just wish I could just get the darn thing out and be done with it..
but the Panic stops me from doing so.. So I have been on a diet and had been doing really well till lately
I have been tasting one to many wrong things..
but at any rate I'm trying to be okay 
and hopefully with some heavy praying I can get the courage to take it out.. 
I'm sure if I didn't have the panic I would have no problem at all..
Well enough of that ...
It's lovely Spring
Finally it's about.. We have had some wind though the last copy of days and the Garden is a mess again.. I had just cleaned them up all those silly leaves and the wind made a ton more fall down to the ground Grrrr I really despise that tree..  

It actually blocks a lot of the sunshine from the Garden...
If It was my property I would have it cut down for sure.. sorry tree but your good for nothing you 
bare no fruit just tons of leaves that fall all the time all over my Garden making a mess..

( Lovely photos not mine... found online )

I'm ready to harvest my carrots and put in my tomato plants and Zucchini..  I acutally have some photos to share with you but I can't seem to remember how to transfer them from my 
I-Pad to my email... everything I do isn't working.
but anyways I bought this adorable little Green house to sprouts seeds in..
and I just love it I think it was worth every penny I spent on it.. I'm sure I could have had someone
to make me one but by that time Spring would have gone and left us..
So sometimes like I told my daughter you have to take things in your own 
hands lol.. but truly.. so I did just that and sent away for one.. 
All of my seeds have now sprouted and are almost ready for planting.. 
Hopefully my next post I can show you..
I think you will like it too..
So now that the weather is about to change we can start having tea in the Garden once again
Just love it.. It's a wonderful place for Tea time, with the birds a chirping and running about among the trees.
Gods beauty comes about..
My favorite time in my Garden is in the later afternoon when the Sun hits the back part and 
I can sit under the tree gazing about and listening to all the birds..
Or on a really warm Spring morning
Well I feel some what better now sharing a bit with you..
I hope your feeling well and enjoying this wonderful day of Spring.. 
with love
Happy Spring Saturday..

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just a little chatter..

I'm definitely ready for a cuppa.... What about you.. I have been running around all day 
with my youngest son...
We took the recycle and made 56.00 dollars.  that was pretty nice...
Then we ran off to Lowe's to get one thing lol and ended up buying a bunch of things..
Two large Green Flower pots for Mama's front of the house...
Someone broke the large white one 
So I told my son instead of  another ceramic one.  They had some heavy pretty Green Plastic ones...
I decided I'm going to paint the house when the time comes 
a pretty Green with Off White trim..
It was Green once upon a time ago..So it shall be again..
So we bought dirt and some other things needed 
Came to Mama's and change the pots..
It's looks better now..
Then we went off to Ace's Hardware to get an outside drain cover.. So I'm glad we got 
a few things done artound here.. There is still so much more that needs to be done but as 
the weather improves we can work on things...
( Thank you son, well both my two younger boys for helping me out today)

So this weekend is Mama's One year of her passing...
and we plan to get together.. My sister and her kids Me and my kids and some Grand babies that would be Mama's Great grand children...
Life is amazing.. I look and think gee, so much has gone on, but yet very little has happened.
If that makes any sense...
As a family though I feel we have accomplished much
At least me and my children
we have come closer...
I'm so very grateful for that.. we are all we have now and we 
need to appreciate each other and I tell my children that once I'm gone they will only have
each other So please build a strong relationship among each other and respect each other and learn
to work things out with each other calmly...
I miss my Mama terribly a lot
Don't kno if It will ever calm down.  It just seems more each day..
but I don't feel as bad so maybe in time the pain and missing her so much will
Well I want to thank you for your visits and lovely comments
I appreciate your friendships
Have a wonderful rest of the week...
We will be cleaning and preparing for Sunday Gathering
with the family
With love 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Recovery and Teapots

Loving this lovely Teapot the color is just Devine to me.  A lovely Gracie Teacup and saucer by Gracie's founded at a thrift store.. I had a tooth pulled and just got the stitches out yesterday.  I'm on the road to recovery..  Happy Teapot Weekend be back soon with love Janice