Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blue glass in the window and more ...

* ~ ... There is nothing more better for me than Blue glass in the window with the sun shinning through, It's just so pretty to me.. It warms my heart and feels good ...

I really love waking up in the morning and walking into my kitchen and see it light up through the warmth of the sun...

The Turquoise Bombay bottle my daughter gave to me.. I love it.. My tiny African violet has also done well in this window.. It wasn't doing anything after I bought it with blooms on it... they just went away and there it was sadly looking. but look at it now in this window it's lovin it..

It was in this little tiny pot.. so little.. but I transfered into this little one and It's just so happy now.. I have another one in the window to the left and it's stuck in place lol.. so I moved it over to this window so we will see if it too comes alive..

The other large one to the left Is growing crazy man... the leaves started out tiny and now they are huge.. I don't remember the name of it but it's orginal start was from my great Aunt Vera.. some fourty years ago..  she since long ago passed on ... It's almost to the ceiling.. I had it big before but it had got broken.. from moving and I have a part of it in another spot but it's large but the leaves are not I think this window is magical..

I love my ducks.... I will never give them up ...I'm Off to the Garden to pick some tiny flowers for my vase.  Soon they will be all gone until Spring.. A friend from Myspace days sent this to me.. I love this little vase maybe before was a creamer it was featured I believe in Country Living.. I just love when I get or find something and it appears in a great magazine..

Sweet Love... 

Tiny tomatoes still coming out.. nice .. picked herbs to use in my Stuffing, I'm not celebrating but we decided to have a celebration of life at Mama's house we have done a lot of cleaning ... It's not all that but clean enough to bring family together.. We haven't been together since Mama died 8 months ago.. *
so before we all drift off to some other land I think it's time..

Last two large Tomatoes.. and figs from the tree in the back it's the neighbors but it extended into my place, I cut it before but it just came back stronger .. so this year it made tons of figs.. but now the leaves are falling off and the figs are leaving ..

There are some way up high but I couldn't reach them.. It actually a lovely looking tree...

Lettuce and herbs.. parsley chives thyme the silly snails got into my lettuce I found two tiny ones.. darn things good thing I went to look through the lettuce this morning ..I might have had lettuce lace.. lol..

Don't you love going into the Garden early morning I do. . It's the most peaceful time,... just the birds are up and about singing a little ..

Lemons.... *  There is a old Lemon tree in the very back of the Garden the first two years it was barely producing Lemons, but this year they popped out all over the place.. I love the Garden it's sad I have to leave one day again but the next Garden will be mine to keep.. Can't wait...

Berries are still coming.. *  hopefully I will get them for morning Oatmeal before the birds do..

Nice indeed, it's always a wonderful morning when  there's a good trip to the Garden...  wouldn't you agree... this bowl is new it's from temptations (Q.V.C.)  this is my second set there are several pieces to them  i really love the pattern on this one.  It's called Floral Lace, pretty name.. Temptations has there own site as well.. but a lot of the time you can get good deals on it with Q.V.C. ..
From Susan Branch.... she is an Aurther and Blogger etc... I long time ago found a recipe book from her at a goodwill and fell in love with her.. later over the years I found her blog looked at a bit but really didn't have time with Mama being sick and all.. Recently I have spent time back reading her blog which I truly love.. It's for me quite Inspirational..
The night before me and Vee made her lovely Brownies.. gosh they smelled so good no one could hardly wait she said to get the full affect to wait.. hah.. well let me tell you that really didn't happen we were like brownie addicts trying to eat hot brownies. lol.. terrible but they were surely fantastic.. have to make them again real soon my only complaint as well as everyones else's was Why didn't we make a double batch lol.. Awesome they were for sure.. Thank you Susan for the recipe..

Here's her recipe, I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did... It's very simple Please check out her blog as well..

B  R  O  W  N  I  E  S
  • 2 oz. unsweetened chocolate
  • 1/3 c. butter
  • 3/4 c. sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 c. flour
  • 3/4 c. chopped walnuts
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
Preheat oven 325°.  Butter an 8″ square pan.  Melt chocolate and butter in lg. saucepan.  Stir in rest of ingredients in the order given.  Spread evenly in prepared baking pan.  Bake 30 min.  Cool completely for chewiest results.  Pour the milk.  ♥
 By Susan Branch... 

Last little piece left Last night me and Vee split it .. Yummie <3  
Here link..

Wishing you all a lovely thanksgiving day with your families.. treasure every moment... 
   with love 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ruby Red and Clear Glass

Pretty candlestick holders, from the Thrift town across the bay when I went to visit with my daughter and grandchildren.. I saw these and loved them right from the start.. Two of them just 7 dollars for the both.. I like the style.. It speaks Victorian to me for sure.. I love the double holders and the etched flowers..they are more prettier in person..

Tried to get a close up but it didn't come out to good.. I just love their cuts and curves Fancy I'd say, wouldn't you..

Just lovely, I love the red dish and candlesticks... I love red I sometimes often think my house or kitchen should have I decided to take off the Autumn table and make this one with the new Clear Depression Glass dishes that I had found at the Goodwill..

The red glass plates are from Avon, Cape Cod they are called I just love them.. so red and pretty and lovely with the white and clear glass... I know you are all thinking it's for Christmas but it's not I just wanted to change my table and use the new clear plates..

Salt & Pepper shakers so sweet I couldn't get the top on right though this time for some reason.. I have to give it another try.. but I adore them..

A Creamer & Sugar set, just as sweet... Pink Red Roses... I can't live without Roses I buy them myself these days.. I had quite a few given to me over the years.. but I have to say I don't mind buying my own.. I love love Roses ... and fill my bedroom living room and dinning table with them always..

Ruby Red Cape cod glass napkin rings...  I think I should switch to white linen napkins..

Ruby Red Cape cod serving dish... they are so pretty in the sun light..

And Tea, from yesteryears... love this so much.. I hope and wish you a most enchanted weekend full of love & laughter..  Blessings my friends
with love
Janice................ ps.. I feel better today thank you for your kind words and friendship..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Though most of the Garden is dying down I still have some tomatoes and lettuce Swiss Chard which these somethings are making it turn brown and wilt.. It was so pretty.  It was rainbow Chard.. darn bugs etc.. so I guess I'm going to have to ripe it out

Just wanted to touch basis on me..
I'am also looking to our Lord and Father for strength.. seems I can't get no help otherwise
Though I did apply for that help with hospice and have a appointment tomorrow
thank you friends for your support..

My Chives are doing well they made seeds and blew all over.. so now little chives are poppin up all over the Fluffy Rose Garden.. I recently found some actual Carnation big ones which I planted in this area but forgot the photos.. I haven't been able to find them like years ago.. 
I planted several bulbs yesterday, some paperwhites, which I recently learned of.. they are so sweet.. they will be coming up any minute the shoots where already coming out.. Two I put in the Kitchen window and One bigger in the Living Room.. can't wait to see them.  Nothing pleases me more than tiny blooms
I also planted many Freesias 

(not my photo)
I put a bunch in the large Rose Pot I have the Rose is going dormit now.. these will be comin up early spring.. I planted O darn I forgot the name.. umm O my I must be getting older I'm getting so forgetful now..
I will have to look for the name..   

but I also bought some lite purple crocus

 they are so pretty.. when I move to Mama's one day hopefully soon.. I have the perfect Garden in mind
Before when I lived here I had cleaned the whole Garden and spent at least 500.00 If not way more on it put some grass and all.  They let it all die when I moved out.. just my multi colored Rose bush is still there and the little Lemon Tree...
So I will have to start all over.. I told the kids I hope I can see everything fix and God allows me to settle in for a while to enjoy what never was.. .

These little guys, I just love them...  grape hyacinths.. doesn't seem like the right name to me.. but that's what it said.. I can't wait till Spring already.. It's so funny how you just wait for certain things to come.. well
my friends,
 I think I learn a thing or two this past two weeks.. I guess you just can't go backwards in life no matter how
much you want to.. You have to leave the past alone.  People change and become different in many ways. Whether you truly love someone or not.. It is what it is.  and even though they say they care and they don't    act like it. I don't know.. but that's not me.  If I tell you I care it's because I truly do.  I don't pretend and I     don't okie dok things.  And I'm glad for that.. The man from my past is not someone I'd like to know any     longer.  He is definetely not the man I knew.  or maybe I really never knew him at all.  I was young and with no wisdom or knowledge of life.. I do know this that I did love him and kept him in my heart my whole life.. 
I was sad everytime he came to see me and left.  But its over with now. I took the box down and delt with it even though it hurt.  I had so many mixed emotions.  Not knowing where I stood in his life even though he had one.. He made it clear to me at any rate I wasn't no where near first nor even second in his life at all.. I was some where on the back burner and when or if he had a moment he spare some time for me..   God showed me who he is in more ways than one.. I don't wish to be a secret in anyones life never for anyone.. There is no amount of love that would make me do that never...
so the little box is now closed forever what will be will be..
with love Janice

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sometimes...We need more

So sometimes you reach a point of almost no return.  I reached that point needless to say yesterday.  I really felt like ending my life.  Sadly I truly felt that way.  It's funny one minute you know your struggling with many things but your thinking I will okay I believe in God and have strong faith in him.  I don't know why at a quick moment I just snapped and got angry and cried and said I'm tired and done.  Isaiah, broke a tiny magnetic photo frame I had on my refrigerator for about thirty years of my oldest daughter and that was it.  I was really angry.  So I just tossed it and walked away.  They left and the thought that came to mind was to go take a bottle full of pills.  Then I cried endlessly a called suicide prevention.  I tried this other place not realizing it's Saturday and they were closed.  Honestly I had two other times in my 56 years that I felt this way.  It's definetely not a good place to be.. I'm struggling today but not like yesterday.  
I'm sharing this today with you to open my heart and mind and pull myself Way and out of this direction... I texted one person and I guess he's to busy as usual to respond.  I think not grieving for my mom and just going and going and going like I usually do wasnt a great idea.  I should have went to the counseling offered by hospice. 
Sometimes we need to just stop. I kind of feel trapped in this saga with Mamas house. 
I'm trying to find my way out.
I think that I'm done living with people and I'm ready to live alone.
I'm tired of cleaning up after grown people and repeatedly telling them the same things not to do over and over.  And having people disrespect my things and home.  I truly wish that it was so simple to just clean out Mama house fix it and move in.  But there more than that. 
It truly sucks that my mama my best friend is dead and gone but that's reality right!
So as I write this be careful with your feelings get help.. If your over whelmed.  I will be calling on Monday the hospice for the grief counseling. I know God is here but in spirit at the moment it's not enough. I need more in the physical. . 
But when you haven't no one to count on. ..? 
Ps I thought this to be strange.  When I talked to the sucide center after ten mins they cut me off and said they had to hang up.. I was shocked and again over whelmed thank God I prayed really hard after that..
Blessings blogger friends 
With love Janice
Life is precious I know thank goodness I believe in God
He saved my life

Friday, November 14, 2014

Pansy's from my Garden...

Good evening my dearest, Here lie my Pansy's from last year I put them in Wax Paper to preserve them so to speak... I love dried flowers, don't you.. They have always amazed me since I was a little girl... I had a book when my oldest daughter was little and we use to dry them in there.. It was a book with wooden ends on both side and a long screw went through all four sides and they had those wing nuts to push it down tight..

Little tiny flowers

from my garden... they are one of my most favorite little flowers.. I love tiny flowers..

I always, have Pansy's in my Garden...

                                        Happy Weekend with love Janice...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

* ` ~ Two New Ones... wink

     My two new tea cups from Johnston Bros. WindsorWare.... I fell in love with them when I saw them..I had been looking and looking for some Brown Transferware these are the most perfect ones for me.. so I got them on Ebay from a sweet lady.. Perfect for Autunm right. 

I love the Brown transferware.  I even like the Black as well.. . I think I'm just a dish and tea cup teapot addict.. I have so many of all it's just silly... but I don't want to part with a one

I have always got Pink Glass & such on my coffee table but I have changed it to my Green Depression glass and Brown and off white transferware.. well lol my two tea cups.. My teapot is also Johnston Bros. but Friendly village. I would love to have the teapot to this.  But at the moment I only found one and it's cost is $139.00 sigh... can't do it at the moment..  Here's what it looks like.. last month I purchase a Blue & off White one.. with a tiny tiny nick on the end of the spout reason being because they seemed to be rare the Pots that is.. that I purchase four cups and saucers and Vee broke two the same week.. I wanted to cry cause I got such a deal on them.. Thank the heavens I found four more for cheap... I also got some plates to the brown set at a good price.. always surfing for lesser prices.. but it pays off.. I wish this was way cheaper.

O how I love it.. Dreams.. and day dreams.. hopefully when I'm able I can get one .. will see
but for now my plain brown Japan one or my friendly village will have to do, but I don't mind really I don't..

I love everything old is just amazes me how well things are made from a long time ago.  There just isn't any comparison to today's garbage no ofense but to me that's what I see being made today..

The green platter below came from a home next store to Mama's house.  Where I as a young girl cleaned house for an old man named David.  When I was really young his Mama lived there with him.  Stepping inside this house was like stepping back in time the 1800's.  There was a fantastic Green and off white wood burner stove half was also gas.. but it was in beautiful mint condition.. The kitchen had tall walls it always had seemed to me, maybe because the ceiling were high up.. It had lights that hung down which at one point were gas lites.  (there is a story to that but I won't tell it now maybe in the future).. At any rate it had a little dark pantry filled with dishes that where from the 1800's a lot of Green depression dishes and some yellow and even some dark deep purple.... (which is another story as well).. 
But at one point they started disappearing, which is part of that story... so when in came down to I mean just a few pieces I decided to take the platter and a Green swirl bowl.. cause I knew If I hadn't they'd be gone like the rest.. and to me it was a part of history of a great family named Ludwigsen.. A part of a Mom who waved hello all the time as she lifted up the brown window shade from the corner living room window..I remember it well but not her face though.  I couldn't bare to see the rest disappear... 
The old man he didn't really care he was up in his eighty's he was just living his days.. still volunteering at the hospital where he once worked as a pharmacist... 
I remember his face clear as a bell.. I was 13 years old when I first started cleaning house for him.. He would make me nerves cause he would studder when he talked or when he wrote out my little check for me he would shake too.. but he was a kind man .. 

The house was full of old furniture and I remember a sweet little stool that stayed in the living room in front of this old stuffed chair, I admired it my all the days since I first saw it. it was suppose to be mind.. but my uncle who lived down stairs who remaried to this stinky lady stole it before they gave it to me.. I was suppose to get some old chairs as well but she ended up with several things.. ugly lady she turned out to be.. It was a memorable house indeed.. it now has since been changed around inside completely.. and it's funny the owner recently told me that his children were saying why did he ever change everything.. and I agree.. He should have never changed it just painted in my opinion, but then again everyone is not me and like what I like... I could tell you every place in the house.. It also had a huge back porch inside for washing fantastic.. and off the kitchen had a small tiny room with a bench that ran across one side.  I never knew what this was to be for.. and I never asked silly of me. but I was young .. 
I actually worked for him till he passed. I was the one who found him gone to sleep
I was around twenty three maybe after I had my first son.. Memories...I'm glad I took the two pieces.  It was a part of me after a while and a good memory of them Mr. Ludwigsen and his mother..

The Green candy dish I purchased last year at the Tea shop.. for only 12.00 dollars I have a pink one already small and large.. things were just so fancy before days.. I love Green glass Pink and Cobalt Blue.. 

I hope this post finds you all well .. I'm tugging along at a slow rate.. wishing things could find there way with Mama's house... another story lol 
have a wonderful enchanting rest of the week
with love Janice