Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A End To A Long Day...

It was a long long day.. It started with Mom going to the hospital last night..
My panic was on the rise last night so I had to call my sister to take her.. but I couldn't sleep a wink for the first several hours after she left and I haven't a clue what time I finally fell asleep.. but later I did only to awaken again and again finally I got up because I had a early appointment in the morning..I had to rush home, But I was delayed by some dishes that I had bidded on last evening.  I had bid on these one set of dishes to match the tea pot I had got the other day,  and again the Man was kind enough to lower the price, after it's time was up he had re-did it but he put it back on bid again,  I was like o my.. I'm sure to lose them now.. (O and by the way I lost the first set to someone else with the lovely Homer Laughlin square plates..)
The new four place setting that I  found has a Creamer & Sugar bowl to match and four tea cups, which the other didn't. I thinkit's a  better deal at 40 dollars  they were like 60 dollars...this is the one I was waiting to hear about that the man re-did for me..
I would have loved the square plates but I rather have the Creamer & Sugar bowl instead.. 
I really truly can't wait for it to arrive.  I converst so much with the person they were rooting for me as someone came along a bid on it to but somehow they bid the same amount and It was mine because I was first bidder HOOOOt HOOOt.. 
we were both excitied.. 
but they are mine now and will be arriving shortly... I kind of think I'm a little bit dish loca..(crazy) but it's my only default these days.. 
So I ran around crazy silly today also helping my new house mate as well after our appointments I left her to do the last alone and I made my way up to Mom's house to clean up.. But I sunk into the chair in front of the computer and have been here ever since around 4.30 pm... So I called the hospital only to hear that Mom was in I.C.U. I was like WHAt... O don't worry we just didn't have any space left upstairs and it was the only place we could put here.. BOY HUGE relief.. Scared the daylights out of me.. She is doing ok now the fluid had backed up again.. and she had horrible pain in here back but she had fell out of the bed two weeks ago.. scared me to death..
But and end to a long day, Mom is doing good and she sounded wonderful.. 

Aren't these simply adorable.. now If I can make these I'd be rather happy..

* Plus when I spoke to the nurse, the nurse had told me Mom had talked about me and said that she appreciated me very much and it brought tears to my eyes.. she enjoys my company and all that I do and she was sorry that she hadn't told me enough.. and I was wordless.. I did tell the nurse she didn't have to tell me she does so much for me more than I can say.. and I'm the one who is blessed by her and all she does for me and I will be truly lost with out her in my life she is my best friend..

Precious things, are the gift of life which we sometimes don't see..............A loving Mother.............. The Gifts that God has given us.. even though it may not seem like it...His has given us the greatest gift of all OUR
life.. For his Son's Life, Jesus Christ.. and all that surrounds us natural beauty and it's life

 I have finally unwinded to a peaceful awwee.. I hope your enjoying my Mozart music as much as I'am...
wishing you a lovely evening a wonderful new day tomorrow... I have finished my newest vintage pot holder.. that looks Victorian if anything .. with love Janice ~ Blessings ~

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Thank you 


  1. Ciao,sono la tua ultima follower,anche se per te sono conosciuta,so il dolore che stai provando per tua madre!Io l'ho passato con mio padre dodici anni fà e ricordo bene!Quando hai momenti dove cadi di più buttati in ciò che ti piace fare e continua a scivere sempre questo diario!Il tuo blog è bello!Baci,Rosetta

  2. hoping mmom comes home soon, and you get some peace. Looking forward to your next purchase.

  3. Yes, your music is always lovely and it's a pleasure to listen to :) I am thankful your mom is doing a little better - will continue to pray for her! There is nothing like a mother's precious love. Thinking of you.