Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just a note.. Day Dreaming a little..

*** I often sit and day dream of things I'd like to do, maybe a Tea party or changing something in my house. But they seem more farther away then before.  I used to get those day dreams to reality but taking care of Mom has put a huge damper on things.  I love Mom and want to take care of her but it's comsuming my life totally and wearing me to the ground.. I'm going to have to get help. I can't do this seven days a week 24 hours a day.. I'm so so tired I can't even think and I can't do my own things I go home to see my doggie for a short minute clean things up for her and grab some clean clothes etc. and poof I'm gone again.
*** I need help no doubt about it.  I thought I could do it but the care has gone beyond what I can do or handle. I feel so bad, and besides her demands are driving me crazy. My mom is a demanding person and she rides you till you want to pull your hair out..

*** I feel myself getting so frustrated I snap at her and I don't like that. I keep asking God for patience and endurance

 *** So before it gets worse I'm going to call on Monday to find out about the help .. so I can relax a little and she can get the help needed...
*** I'm going home today to take a break and hopefully Vee and my silly brother can take care of her and I can spend the night at home and do a few things while I can rest a little bit.. 


*** Aren't these the sweetess photos my garden is not doing so good.. besides the fact that I haven't been there to much.. It got a lot of bugs in many things and killed them off..all my zucchini's my tomatillo plant even my tomato plants I don't know what's going on. I think our weather is part of it barely any sun cold days etc...

*** It's almost as if fall has already arrived the air was chilled yesterday afternoon and I was like wow already... My day dream today is to go home and put a pot of water on grab a Tea pot and cup & saucer.. put out the tea and park on my couch.. pop in a movie and just sit there all day till the night and do nothing except look at magazines and maybe Embroider or Crochet.. If I want to.. I want to use my new tea cups.. I posted them in the post before this.. I ran out the door so fast I left them in the dish drain...

*** It would be grand if I had a porch like this.. It reminds me of the two chairs I passed up.. they were two wicker chair is perfect condition at this second hand store and I knew I should have bought them but my older daughter was like what are you going to do with them.. they were around 15 dollars a great price.. I could see them in my Garden now.. boy should have never listen to her.. lol it bothered me forever.. You know when you were getting a great deal and you passed it up.. It eats at you ...

*** Well my dear blogger friends Hope you have a wonderful lovely weekend doing whatever it is that you like to do..
       ***~*** with much love Janice ***~***
Have a blessed day ..............***~***~***


  1. Good luck with finding help, you do sound like you badly need a break! Lovely photos. x

  2. Hello Dear Janice....Your blog is so beautiful! Just added your button to my blog.

    Thanks so much for your visit today and your comment, too.

    Janice, I'm going to take the chance to tell you something, hoping I'm not overstepping my boundaries. But because you are a dear blog friend, I just want to say that you DO need a break.

    You need to get it in whatever way you can. It's so true that IF WE ARE NOT GOOD FOR OURSELVES, WE WILL NOT BE GOOD FOR ANYONE ELSE.

    I know you are doing the best you possibly can to help your Mama. But no person can do caregiving alone.

    I know exactly where you are because I took care of my Mom, too, before she died. I had to get help from several agencies.

    You will NEVER regret what you are doing, but Janice, if you do not get help, you will start to feel resentful, etc. and that will be no good for anyone.

    Take good care, Janice. And you know that in my heart, I wish you and your Mom the very best. Susan

  3. Hi Janice! The photos are so lovely to look at and your music is a delight to listen to :) I agree with Susan, you need a break, sweet lady. I will be praying for you and your precious mom. Hugs!

  4. Such pretty photos! I'm sorry to read of your situation, it sounds very overwhelming. I hope that you can find some time for yourself and that there are better days ahead for you.

  5. I hope you can get the help you need...I will say a prayer for you and for your mom....I hope you get to enjoy that tea :) Blessings

  6. Thank you everyone, It means a whole lot.. and Susan, thank you so much and no you didn't overstep.. not at all.. I needed to hear these things..ty hugs to you all

  7. Do so hope you can find some help. It is very hard to take care of a loved one. Prayers for both you and your mom. Janice, you left a comment on my blog about the pink and white baby bibs I am making..........could you please contact me at my email for the information. Thanks, blessings, Kathleen

  8. Dear Janice,
    I really feel for what you're going through and I have to give you so much credit for taking care of your dear mother with little help from anyone. I can really relate to this post. My mom passed away five years ago, and me and my brothers and sister all took turns going over there and taking care of her. My brother was there most of the time, as he didn't have a family of his own. This is a hard stage to go through in life, and it can be overwhelming at times, but the care that you are giving her will always be appreciated and the love you give her is even more special. I am honored to know someone who is sacrificing so much of their own life to make sure that the needs of their loved one is taken care of.

    Your bloggy friend,

  9. Oh, I can't leave without saying what beautiful images these are today, especially the last one.


  10. Also, dear Janice, do take a break whenever you can. You will come back refreshed and able to take care of your mother better. It will good for both of you.


  11. Ms Sheri, I appreciate you very very much. I'm trying my best to do what I can. But unfortunately I can't do it alone anymore. I'm going to have to ask for help...Thank you my bloggy friend.. you made my day hugs..