Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just a few little flowers & things..

I love my little flowers from the Garden.. I seem to enjoy them more than the large flowers for some reason..

The blue & white lady is my Mama's... 

This one is mine..

My cute little dutch girl... she is a salt and pepper .. wish I had the other part.. but I'm happy with her..

Have a blessed day
     with Love Janice..

Saturday, April 26, 2014

It's been a while now

*~` Good afternoon everyone... It's been a long minute it seems like........ I'm doing okay most days though I have my Moments and even though Mama drove me noodles some days I miss her like a mad person.. I was with her when she took her last breath so it keeps passing through my mind... Today it seems like I really am missing her a bunch... How have you been? I hope well I really miss posting and visiting with you all.

I thought today I would share my new ceramic birds with you.. and a recent purchase this lovely little tray and coasters..

My daughter in law took me to this lovely Antique store in Pacifica California.. which I really enjoyed much.

I have been busy cleaning out Moms storage finally got it empty out Thank God.. My Oldest son helped me a lot my daughter in laws my oldest daughter etc.. they all were a huge help...

I stepped out in the Garden... It had rained all day yesterday.. I also bought a green bird too.... aren't they cute...

The rain stopped... nice...

My first sweetpeas.. they are suppose to be blue.. hummm they look purple.. maybe when they open..

Lovely little lacey ceramic birds..

I hope you enjoyed your visit.. I did.. and I hope that I can visit with you all soon...

                                              with love
                                                     Janice ...