Friday, July 31, 2015

Not to much gibber.. Just a Teapot and such..

Johnston Bros... Windsor Ware 
I love this to much.. 
Windsor Ware 
This pattern is the one I love the most.. A few years back when I first started blogging 
I saw this on a blog and I fell deeply in love...
They are not available much.. I just happen to stumble across them on line months back..
The teapot is a different pattern but they still look great together..
I'd have to say they are rare pieces..
I'm hoping that one day I will find the real teapot and some teacups..
I have these square plates and some bowls
All separate buys.. I first obtained the Teapot, Then the square plates
Later the bowls...
I was shocked when I saw them online.. the price was good at that..
I adore the spring flower pattern and the Aqua ribbed rims 
They just seem so elegant I know I like to say every time
I can see the ladies coming over for tea in their fancy dresses and hats
I just love them...
...Sweet flowers from the Garden next door peeping over the fence into my Garden... 
Purple bells and I believe Iris.. 
and Ivy along the fence...
Hopefully one day in the future...
I can use all my things the way I have figured in my head
at Mama's place..
And I think I have decided when the time comes to paint 
the house a pretty Yellow with White trims 
with a Aqua Turquoise as high lights
There is a house close to Mama's those colors and I have always
admired it
Maybe one day soon I can take a photo and show you
It kind of reminds me of these plates...

Happy Weekend with 
ps... look at this piece.. 
(not mine)
pss... I'm sorry if I haven't visit you
but I will try to get by soon..

Monday, July 27, 2015

Beautiful Day...

Such a beautiful day today in San Francisco.. 
Love when I can hang out my laundry in the Sunshine...
I love my new India Mint... It smells so good and It's beautiful in a basket... I made a 
Hanging Herb Basket... with Thyme and Oregano Parsley
and the India Mint..
 The last of the African Queen's Lace... I so enjoyed it
it's the first time I grew it...

My Pansy's are still growing in the pot all the other ones except for one patch have 
twiddle down to nothings..
New plants...
These are so sweet.  I love these Daisy's ...
New Zucchini coming...
New Lettuce and Swiss Chard Basil and Gr. Onions...

These grew through the fence to my Garden..
I hope I get them before the birds
Have a wonderful blessed week
with love

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Take time and visit.. sharing

I want to say good afternoon first of all.. I hope this post finds you well... 
I feel a little bit sad today.. A person who I thought was a good friend surprised me
with some messages on Facebook.. 
That totally wowed me...
but I don't want to spend my post on that.. 
I want to share this wonderful Teapot with you...
It was said that the man who was selling it that it had belonged to his Mom... 
I like that fact it means she was the only owner of it
I really wish sometimes that teapots and cups could talk..
Could you imagine what they'd say...

Teacups and Teapots.. 
I love them...
If I had the monies I probably own a million of them
they would over take my house
which lol they almost have..
It's funny I had bought this Linen Table cloth a while back ago.. and it perfectly matches
My Teapot and cups and saucers..
Mason's Regency Made in England...
I stumble across it one day surfing the web on a lonely evening..

The colors of the Table cloth are very vibrant ... the middle 
area you can play checkers on it.. it came with checkers...
Tip on the lid...

In a basket all ready for a picnic..
I love this pattern 
The full name is Mason's Regency Plantation Colonial
There are so many different pieces to it
I want this Creamer and sugar bowl to match
But it will just have to be put on hold till I catch up with things.. 
Hopefully it will still be around
Most of the pieces are expensive, and you kno I look always for the best buy..
the Creamer and Sugar bowl aren't to bad
but I still can't buy them at the moment..
So they are on my wish list..
I believe the pattern is very old
I haven't found any info on them yet.. I was trying to search today 
but couldn't find anything..
Wouldn't it be nice to have tea in the park and play checkers... 
I finally found a bit of info..

Miles Mason opened his first pottery factory at Lane Delph, Fenton, England, in 1806. It became known as the Minerva Works and his three sons managed the factory. The factory soon became known as “Masons.” The earliest pottery was marked with the backstamp “M Mason” and was influenced by the Asian porcelain he had imported to London in 1796.

Well at least I kno a bit..

Leaving you with a little bit of love
Have a wonderful Thursday 
with love

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Good Morning, Well at least I think it's a good morning...
There's quite here at Mama's house...
Everyone is sleeping away... It's to early for anyone to get up for work...
So how are you this morning... Me, myself a bit tired.. which seems to be a lot these days..
This cleaning everyday between here at Mama's then at my house is a bit to much...
If I was younger I don't think I would mind as much..
I wanted to re share this  sweet Gracie teapot... It's one of my favorite pots...
I love the tiny Roses all over.. and I like the rim where the Black goes around with the the Roses
It sets it off...
I had found it several years ago, hidden in a bottom self at the Tea shop...
I love Roses don't you...
I have had this little piece forever... something I found when thrifting with Mama...
I believe it's to hold little papers for messages
The sweet Matching teacup..
Which I was so grateful to find...on line..
When I found the pot at the Tea shop a few years back..
I so remember the Lady saying I doubt you will find the Teacups to it
But because I knew it was Gracies...
I had some confidence I would
and behold I did for a decent price...
I also remember Mama being so excited...I wish her and I could have had
More tea parties together.. 
But believe me... she is always in my heart...
I wish it was a nice day and I could do tea in the Garden..
Sweet and delicate Roses
In the background are my Little handmade crocheted 
sachets that I had made.  I've been wanting to make more I just haven't had the time to do so....
Maybe soon..  I believe, It's time to put the water on for tea...
I had a wonderful time making these..
I had some other ones but my daughter took them because they were in her color Purple..
I think I will use my Pink Rose mug here at Mama's for 
Tea this morning...
Are you ready for tea... I'm waiting patiently for the water to boil... I just realized that I haven't any
Teacups here at Mama's just mugs...

Tea's ready... I think I'm still pretty tired.. Writing has put me to where I think 
I would like to go back to sleep for a bit..
It's almost like the computer hypnotized me...
seems silly but it's true...
So I think I will stop here for now.. catch a few other winks before everyone wakes up
So thank you for your lovely visits and I hope that i can stop by soon to visit with you....

with love