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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another Look in the Garden and a bit of chatterI wI s....

Helo everyone, I'm sick again.  I just can't believe it.. At least 20 times the past few months.. Well not exactly but feels like it.. at least four times though.  Just crazy.. Well here I'am sitting at Mom's which I haven't done in a little bit.  But I had to come to hang out today because we actually got one small room cleaned out and my boy tore down the old nasty plaster and slats.. My daughter's husband came to redo the electric and the guys were coming to sheet rock today tape and mud today... Monday they will be back to sand the walls and ceiling. It fees so different, so strange changing things. It's going to be the weirdest thing as we clean and fix.   For more than my fifty years there has been very little change and that room lord knows how long thats been.... (Above are My new pansy's they are wonderful the lovely Yellow with the touch of Violet around the edgings.).
My new tiny Garden for the Fairy's.. 
I just love it
My younger son Steven made this little fence from the tree branches after he trimmed it for me last month so yesterday I felt a bit okay and the sun was shinning nice.. so I thought I 
should make a little Garden under the trees for the fairy's.  I had some left over plants and needed to do 
something with them.. It looks better in person..
One of my favorites Pansy's 
Looks like the bugs been busy..
silly little guys..
It all sits under the Lemon tree in the back with my little round table and chair
I recently bought this new chair pad and pillow..
I was going to put grass but since I will be leaving I'm not.. 
but then I was thinking of my daughter Vee and the kids 
are going to stay so Big Lots
had these rolls of grass seeds so I 
think maybe I will put some 
for her and the babies
I moved this to the back of the Garden.. 
we bought a new grill 
and it was put where this was
in the front area.. 
Behind the bench sits these flowers which I always used to see when I was way younger never knew the name of them..but last year they just appeared in my garden all over the place well actually
I think a couple years ago back...
I saw the name before then I totally forgot
do to
There are a variety of colors, even a purple and white to a purple pink.color..

My first Rose of this Spring... this is the best smelling Rose ever...
Bloomed open...
My second it's like a cabbage Rose, Pink ... it opened and I forgot to 
take a photo.. darn..
My adorable new Greenhouse I love it to death, I sprouted my seeds in it
just waiting for the jalepeno pepper to grow a bit more and the Lemon Cucumbers
It felt good to clean up the Garden yesterday even though I didn't feel so hot
I kind of forgot about it...
 A bird house my son put up for me and a Crown seed feeder for the birds
Tomato plants planted finally some from seeds and a couple starters .. I had to put
sticks and things around the neighbor cat keep using it as his pottie.. darn cat..
I kno just what cat it is.. 
he often lounges in my Garden 
on sunny days on my chair or bench..
The White Garden looking better.. I was just thinking later I have to move and transfer
all this well my bulbs and as many as possible
cause I don't think Vee's going to care for the Garden
no more plants
I thought of transferring now but we need to tear the deck down so It will have to wait a bit..
The Blue/Purple Garden is doing good
I added a couple of new plants that I found
at the nursery.. that are actually blue..
my Blue Iris should be putting out a blooms soon
the leaves are bright and strong
My white one has bloomed already

I love the Garden and always will
I can't wait to transform Mama's Garden everything I will do will remain and no more moving
or transferring etc..
It will be the perfect Victorian Garden..
well I think that's it everyone Vee and the 
babies are ready for home
and me too..
I need to shower and rest
my body is tired from lack of sleep
last night being sick..
I hope that all of you are well
with love Janice
Happy Weekend

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

As if....

Well just about a hundred things have been going on...
My head is just been going in circles...
Much irritation.. but it will all be okay in the end...
I know...
Well let's start with my dear Liliana, my oldest daughter's daughter
She got burnt really bad last week
by a tourch.  She has been in the San Francisco burn center.  She just 
had a operation yesterday to graft skin from her thigh to put on her leg, which got
burnt from the knee down to her foot just awful
horribly awful She is only 10 .. she pulled through the operation but
is in much pain and me well I'm just twisted about the whole darn thing..
It all happened because of her Uncle not realizing he should have things like that
locked up.  His silly wife said her and her younger brother and cousin could play in the back 
of the truck, what mother in her right mind would say that...
Well let me not start
But my Liliana is suffering to the nines
it has sadden my heart tremendously and my daughter is beside her self.. 
I love them both dearly.  I haven't gone because the kidos have been sick and I don't 
want Liliana to get more sick and make things worse..
And there are other issues going on which I don't even wish to discuss at this point..
WEll the good news is...
We, me and my two sons are working on the first room in the front of the house.  The boys have
stripped it down Monday the contractor will come and sheet rock and mud and tape etc.. So that's a 
positive note right.. so lets change the pace all together ...
Like for instance, my new teapot came finally and it's just so pretty... It makes me want to smile.
It's bright and cheerie.. 
And as if I needed another one, yep I did...
This is one of the Hall Victorian ones that were special made I love it's character I can see it in a Victorian home sitting on a lovely set table and some charming women sitting about having some tea.. and lovely scones... 
And as if... I needed some more plates, Yes I did.. I really needed them to match my other Greengate dishes..well I actually ordered these back when I first ordered they made a mistake
which was to my benefit cause I gained four 
white with navy blue star salad plates.. 
so I didn't mind having to wait on these.. I mean I already had been waiting about two years from the get go..
so I'm okay..But these are salad plates so pretty don't you think so...
They say Spring all over them like the teapots...
My Spring Table setting.. 
with my vintage Homer Laughlin teacups...
They work just perfect...
It's always nice when things are together and all nice and pretty I love it ...
Sweet Greengate egg cups and a little soft pastel bunnie for tea lights .. 
I found him at Safeway store, but they only had one.. 
I tried a different store and they had none.. 
One is better than none..

And the Garden....
Do you happen to know what this is.. I have been waiting forever to find this as well..
It's Queen Anne's Lace.. finally I have found it and when I did 
there was just three plants.. I'm so very happy .. I can't wait till it grows out and up 
and I see those pretty lace flowers all over...
This one is African Queens Lace.. I haven't a clue but the picture shows the flowers quite the same..
so I thought what the heck lets give it a try and see what comes of it..
I put it in the white Garden on the side of the shed..
I also bought this Lemon balm...
smells so good..
I love these little Yellow Pansy's with Purple edgings.. so sweet and delicate..
I don't remember the name of this but they are sweet tiny Purple blue flowers..
They had another one of those tall pots.. love them a lot...
This is what makes me happy and feel and forget yesterdays troubles..
wishing you a lovely evening..
And If I haven't told you lately...
I enjoy your visits and sweet comments
and love to visit you all when It's possible..
with love