Thursday, October 30, 2014

One Of My Favorite Things...

~ * ` Helo my dearest friends, I know I have been missing in action for a short while.  Been so busy trying to do Sidewalk sales make a little extra something to help pay some things are here at Mama's house. It's not easy running two house holds with no real income. But at any rate I have missed you all very much, your visits that is and my visits to your blogs. I have had my Grandchild sick with a enormously high fever 105.9  to be exsact Not fun three days in the emergency finally the last Dr. had enough brains to realize that the fever was way to high and not going away.. duh.. People uncluding Dr. etc.. just seem to be stuck on DUM... What is this world coming to.. well anyway's Isaiah is better his white cells were way to high. And now little Leo is sick was in the emergency with him middle of the morning. 3am. so that's my recent dilema.
The cute things in my Opinion are my new Old duck butter dish that I can't believe I found.. I have a huge fondness of ducks. I think it has something to do with my oldest brother when I was young he stole a baby duck and brought it home to me.. Course it died four days later cause it needed his mama.. poor baby.

This is an old pattern which Idk I really like it.. I think it's somewhere maybe the 1990's  It's called Baker Hart & Stuart never knew that cause there is not a name on any of the pieces I have..

I have a canister set and a cookie jar. A large platter and one small dish and a creamer.. In all the junking days with Mama I never saw anymore than that.. O and a utensil holder and a set of spice jars.  Recently I searched online Ebay & Esty shop.. and I found this butter dish.. I was so happy cause Isaiah broke my vintage blue butter dish.. So It's just a replacement and a good one for me. I love it.. So with more searching I found some other Items but hopefully they will stick around till i have some extra monies.. Money is always a issue.. Gee..

The long Duck piece I just found at a second hand store.. I have a lot of ceramic ducks and duck this and thats glass canister glasses etc.. I can't get rid of them so they just seem to fit in anyways with my Blue & White. I have two sets of duck dishes, one being my first second set of dishes in my life.. I collected from Safeway. When you bought a certain amount of groceries, you got the pieces cheaper.. I think I was in my late 20's..

The other set is called Marmalade which Sears had them but I could never afford them with four children at the time.. so over the years I have found the pieces at the Goodwill etc.. and now have a complete set of them. I have also found there are more things that go to these dishes but I don't need those pieces..I rather have these I love this pattern.. so if you see dishes in this pattern let a girl know lol... Well Ladies and Gents I'm off and running Leo said he doesn't want to be at big grandma's house cause his teeth are bothering him lol.. That's my youngest grandchild.. Have a wonderful Day and be back soon and I hope to visit with all of you..
With Love Janice

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

~ * It's on it's way... Hooray....

~ * ` I really just had to show you... I'm so so very excited.  I have been looking for a nice Tea set with Pink and finally I have found one.. It's on it's way to my house.  The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it.  The price was a bit high but I asked the woman would she be willing to lower it a bit.. And guess what she did just that.  She gave me a 20 percent discount.. Now I say what more could ya ask for... Here let me show you what it looks like...

Just what do you think of this...
I'm totally in love with it...
A pretty complete set
Tea pot, large serving plate, Five tea cups and saucers, and five luncheon plates and sugar bowl
and creamer.  It maybe should have had a sixth tea cup and saucer or but believe me I don't mind
at all.. 
I already have a six piece set of square plates that I can also use with this. they have the same wide Pink band around the outside and the flower in the middle.
It's called I believe Royal Staffordshire from England

by the way these are the photos from Ebay... 
I borrowed them...

I think the flower patterns are different on some of the pieces
but I truly don't mind they are very close 
Just love it..
Couldn't be more happier.. 

~ * ` Happy Tuesday ` * ~
with Love 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Just a few words..

~*** Good morning dearest bloggers... I have been gone across the bay at my oldest daughter's house trying to help out... Her panic is on High.. I came home yesterday after spending a week there with her and my four grandchildren.. It was nice but always nice to come home I think.. Humm these days I'm not quite sure.. It has been warm here in California.. this weather is totally off..
        We came home to do some cleaning at Mama's house..  It's such a nightmare. I keep wondering what was she thinking,  my Mama that is.. I suppose she just really didn't care at one point, maybe at a lot of points.. I'm so broken these days that it's so hard for me to do much of anything.  My back is done and my neck as well.  I have been going to the Chiropracter for the last few weeks.. I'm suppose to go today but I just don't have it in me after cleaning yesterday.. Nope just not going to happen.. It's terrible when you have to be sick or broken and age doesn't help..Boy I tell ya if my back was okay I would have a lot more done..
So off this subject... lol

I totally enjoy this pattern of Rose Chintz.. It's so pretty.. I have aquired quite a few pieces It's made by Johnson Bros. co.  Lovely pattern.. One day I would like to purchase the Tea pot.. but sometime in the future.. lol not that I really need another one but I do love the pattern I have dinner plates bowls etc.. So why not the Tea pot.. a girl can't have to many Tea pot.. Right. wink... 

The weather is so nice I wouldn't mind having lunch in the garden.. I love my Bumble Bee Tea pot and cups and saucers.. I only wish to find some plates and the sugar and creamer to match.. but they can't be found no where.. I'm really wondering if I'm going to see Mama's house fixed.. It's seems so difficult and way beyond reach.. Who knows only God.. cause I surely don't.. Since I have cancelled my Chiropracter appointment.  I think I will go through some things to sell.. Thinking to post some things on my Facebook.. I have many friends who might be interested.  Maybe I will post some here as well.. Will see.. wishing you all a lovely day filled with Love n Sunshine where ever you are..
With Love 

p.s. Happy Autumn...

Friday, October 3, 2014

Lovely Autumn

Autumn/Fall, My most favorite time of year in all the seasons..for me there is nothing better.  I love the crisp clean feeling that the air gives.. It's funny how you can really feel the change in the air.. So I have pulled out my Homer Laughlin Theme dishes.. which I love, it has a old Country feeling to me.. I wonder who they belong to before me... I often think
And I Love the sweet boquet of flowers on them...
 I also adore the Embosement around the edging of the plates and the outside of the cups..
I ended up using just White plates, Green Goodwill plates, and Yellow bowls from Ross. I did keep the Theme tea cups.. and I found while digging in my storage the bakelite utensils..I had been looking for them for a while now.  I had found them of course on Dad's truck years ago and whole bag full.. the color is not as vivit as it is in real life.. the Orange placemats are really Orange.
I used my doily that I made.. If you don't know I had a crochet along on my Crocheting Blog last month and It was really fun.. My crocheting blog is @  ( My crocheting blog address )
Here's the doily, a more closer view of it..
I used my Yellow Rose Chintz tea pot which I totally love it came from far away from a woman who didn't wish to mail to the U.S, but I literally pleaded with her I have love this tea pot for almost 22 years.. It was often featured in the Victoria Magazine back in 1993, finally got one for a really great price and she said only because I wanted so much she knew it was going to be in a good home.. Indeed!! It also had a Creamer and Sugar bowl.. I later purchased two bread and butter plates.. I have yet to buy a tea cup & saucer for they run around 45.00 dollars a set.. One day real soon.. The Homer Laughlin Tea pot is very rare that goes to the Theme dishes. I saw one which was already sold on Ebay.. boo hoo. and I have also seen a plain one.  But I would much rather find the matching one.. then I would have a complete set of the Theme...
Can you see my tiny tea pot.. It's a little tea strainer... so cute they had them at the tea shop.. Speaking of the Tea Shop, I have been wanting to go there and trying not to.. lol It's terrible.. But it's so one of my favorite places... I have only a few more tea pot that I really want.. shhhhh don't let no one hear.. I want a Lacey Silver one... like cut out and I want a Green with something like with Roses and I think maybe a clear Tea pot to match my Clear glass depression dishes..
 Sweet little birds I found at the Flower Nursery.. and glass leaf candle holders
I wish the color had came more true.. Hey lol I can see the fork turned over.. Isaiah must have been playing with Grandma's utensils.. Hummm .. busy little guy and sneaky at that.. Well I hope that you are all doing well my fellow bloggers I know it's been a while but I have been home lets say being in another world as for the Life of cleaning my Mom's things became over wheleming needed some unwind time.. but home is some spring cleaning as well.. and I still can't seem to get it all done.. So much to be done and not enough of me to do it specially these days. . I just don't have no more energy.  I'm really tired out Physically and mentally.. DoNe!! I try my best to hold on to Jehovah God for guidance and help.. and think One day at a time and do what I can.. Maybe some where along the line a miracle will come..

With Love Janice....