Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Not a Garden Tea Party...

` ~ * Nope no Garden Tea Party... 
not even tea in the Garden...
Today I really wished the sun came out and my Garden is all clean.. and I wanted 
to have lunch in the Garden.  But I had to run off.. 
All I got was some Garden pictures...
Finally Zucchini's are coming about...
The Apples are coming as well.. can't wait to make Apple Pie..
Lemon Cucumbers... 
New small Garden Swiss Chard, Carrots, Little Lettuce, Green Onions multi colored Radish's...
Little Red pot Garden in the Back with the Fairy Garden...
 The Fairy Garden is doing well... 
I put the Large Frog to watch over.. 
A new Herb Garden Basket...
The African Queen Anne's Lace is finally making blooms.. But it's grown very tall 
Was so excited the other one is much shorter and has a couple tiny blooms on it..
It's just crazy tall... 
Mr. Turtle......
A new Fushcia plant.. 
I really like them.. Later when I moved to Mama's house I want a pretty pink hanging one...
Well think that's all I have been cleaning like a mad woman and 
I'm tired out.. 
Have a blessed evening 
with love 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Liberty Blue...
Good Mornin... I just love this this pattern..
I love the beautiful rim of Flowers...
They attract me very much...
This was the first piece I found of this pattern at the Salvation Army...
I recently bought this butter dish for a wonderful price..
I just love it and it came in its original box..
These flowers on them really capture me..

Liberty Blue Made in England..
I'm sitting here this morning with sore hands. from all the cleaning we been doing
it's taking a tole on me..
I can barely bend my fingers this morning or close my hand to a fist .. can't do it..
So I'm trying to sit and relax a bit..I'm ready for some tea what about you...
Just so beautiful... I thought I re-share at my Johnson Bros.  Dover teapot..
It has rich Blue color like the Liberty Blue..
It is so beautifully detailed all down the handle and around the lid Front and Back sides

Ready lets have some tea...
Creamer & Sugar.. 
I started this post this morning but decided I was hungry and there 
wasn't any food here at Mama's house so I took off to run get some scrabbled eggs
and Oatmeal and a orange juice.  I was coming right back
Left the computer on .. But I never got back lol till 8pm..I ended up going home to feed the dog and clean her paper then I decided to wash laundry the sun was out.. then lol I went outside to hang it 
and the Garden ask me to play lol...all day long.. Now my Garden is nice and 
clean for the moment.. and most of the Laundry is washed ..and I cleaned the bird cage and 
vacuumed I'm really tired now and but I finished my post..
so Goodnight and Blessings
(My Sweetpea)
Wishing you all a very lovely weekend 
with love.. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Mornin Chatter...

~ `* Good lovely Morning to you...
I'm pooped out today, we worked really hard yesterday cleaning out a room..
But thank goodness it's empty now except for a large cedar closet and some 
empty bins and one bin full of tools
and a square Oak Table which I decided to keep and paint maybe white not sure 
The photos that I'm sharing with you are from about a month ago..
and I just didn't have the time.. but I'm still at Mama's house and since my body is tired 
I thought I would sit down and share them with you...
Freesia's are just beautiful.. 
I enjoy the Garden so much..
Ready for a cuppa...
I love this teacup..I found it along time ago somewhere's
but it didn't have a saucer 
and years later I found a saucer to match I think at the Salvation Army..
I have two..
the Blue is just so rich in color..
Tea in the Garden is the best early morning when there's total peace and the birds are
chirping about... 
I keep waiting for those sweet summer mornings..
I really can't wait till I can sit on the deck at Mama's house looking out over the 
bay.. having tea..
Some new linens I found ...
The work they did back in the days was just exquisite fine and delicate..
The embroidered one is a small table topper and the other blue is a table cloth with four napkins
to match..  
Just really lovely, I adore things like this and it's like brand new like they never used it maybe
once ....I think it will do well with my teapot...
This Blue is lovely ...
One day soon I will set my table with this table cloth and napkins...

A little more Garden..
I'm really loving this little Green house...
Everything's coming up good..
Well I have a bunch to do today.. even though my body is saying no plz no. I still have
some other things to handle..
I wish you all a wonderful New Week

Friday, June 12, 2015

Good Mornin.. a Bit Of Chatter..

Good mornin indeed.  it's definitely that a lovely Sunshine morning... 
Here at Mama's house
My new Grand daughter was finally born. June 11, 2:16 am.. 
9 lbs. 3 oz.
Now wonder Mama had no more room in her belly 
It's always a happy moment when a child is brought into this world..
I grandmother was very excited watching my grand daughter be born..
It's always amazing...
Mama did a great job.  
The stack boxes that are shown, I found yesterday at a Salvation Army near the hospital
where baby was born.. 
and I was also born there and all my children
I thought the little round stack boxes were so sweet.. 
Just love them.. they are well made...
They have different patterns all inside and out..
Haven't a clue what I'm going to do with them...
but it doesn't seem important
I'm just happy with them ...
I love the top of this one it has lovely Pansy's 
in Purples
I enjoy Pansy very much I have them everywhere in my Garden...
Lately I have been thinking so much about what I'm going to do 
with Mama's house and the Garden
I hope I'm able to accomplish it all
Dreams and day dreams
I think I'm finally ready to do this now...
Honestly I didn't want to come here even though I knew at one point that
I wouldn't have a choice
My Heart is ready now to move forward
I really love the way they carefully covered these little stack boxes every piece is covered
in a sweet lining..
It gives them a nice character...
When I first walked in they had a bunch of Older teacups and saucers
different patterns..
But of course for me these jumped right out at me
I have only one..
and they have three more.. Yay.. So exciting
So yes I bought the three now I own 4 Margret teacups
I just remembered that this is where I bought the first one with a stack on lunch plates
maybe over a year ago..
I had forgotten..
I love the tiny little delicate flowers that are on these..
They really speak Grandma back in time to me..
and they are
they had a large platter but it was not to great condition..
these have a bit grazing but they are just like new..
At home I have the creamer and those stack of luncheon plates
would love to find the sugar bowl..
Who knows maybe one day I will run across it..

Can't believe this is all I bought.. plus three videos
Have a most wonderful Thursday hopefully I can join you for tea in the Garden soon
but I think I'm going to be taking care of Baby Alina 
for a little bit..
with love Janice
Right after baby came out.. skin contact..
After Daddy holding me.. My son..
Love n Hugs
and many Blessing to all.
Thank you for your sweet visits...