Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Changing the face of my Blog

Good Afternoon my friends.. I have one again attempted to change my profile again.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I can't seem to find what I really want.. maybe it is because im frustrated here.. I'm still here at Mom's house and today I have a huge headache.. I'm very crankie.. and mom is to.. we usually are not with each other around the clock for so many days.. and my sleep is broken up so I'm very tired and short.. I'm trying so hard not to be.. but no doubt about it I'm really in desperate need of a huge break.. But their is no one to take a over night stay.. My niece thank God has agreed to spend the day with her on Sunday.. I'm ever so grateful to her for doing so.. I really hope that I'm not to tired and I can attend Church and then just relax on my couch with my little sweetpea.. Possibly give her a bath..

I miss all the things about my house.. 
You know like the saying you never know what you have till it's gone
It's the same thing.. when you think your tired of your house 
Have to leave and not be able to go home 
then you will know how wonderful your house is
Then you will appreciate it

Funny I was getting tired of the but at the moment any ole look will be just fine 
to me.. though I had already made some new changes. 
And probably would have done more If I had a small truck to 
get some of the things I want out of my strorage.
I'm already thinking to see if I can fit any of it in 
the car

I'm sure you have seen most of these photos..but these are the very things that I'm missing...
All my Blue & White things.. My cuffie ole couch.. all my Tea pot and cups and saucers.. Most of
     all I think I'm missing my Garden to have Tea out in the Garden was such a lovely thing..

My Last Pansy's from the Garden they wore out so I removed them and  I put a White Rose plant, I don't know if you remember the Bee hive Flower pot I call it..I put it in there. The sweet Neighbor Next store bought for me and gave me.. It's called the Kennedy Rose It has made many blooms for me already..

. Here are some new ones that I bought the other day on my visit to the Nursery.. they are strange never seen the colors before..

Here is one of the blooms.. It has like purple deep almost black with lighter purple yellow red pinkish.. Strange but pretty I put several in the Garden and three in the Off white round 50's planter
and put them on the kitchen table they seem to kind of match the kitchen.. lol.. funny part is I can't be home enough to enjoy them...

My White Duck pitcher I had took her done to watch her.. they all sit up above on the top of the cabinets and every so often I have to pull them down and wash them for some reason the Fan doesn't work so good and they get full of grease and yuk.. I have ask the owner to check it out and I'm still waiting.

You know I just love Ducks.. I have another one She has like a turquoisesh blue on her with the white. I found them both at the second hand store at different times... I guess that's enough blabbling..

Ready for a hot cup of tea and some relaxing..been washing things today Mom clothes towels etc.. need a break.. Wishing you a lovely afternoon..full of love & happiness..

                                                    with love Janice

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