Friday, August 28, 2015

Pretty Pink teatime....

Pretty Pink teatime... 
I had a wonderful afternoon Tuesday... I decided since this whole Summer I haven't been able to have tea in 
the Garden...
So I made teatime inside 
I woke up early and started in.  The night before I had been looking for recipes... but I do that
pretty much all the time anyways.. I love Susan Branch and all her drawings and watercolors.
I enjoy reading her blog and Willards
This is what I made Susan's Cream Scones
Orange Butter
and the Gingerbread Cake
Lemon Sauce
and the Lemon Linguine..
and I made my own Lemon Chicken
The teapot set I bought two years ago and I haven't been able to use it...
I think It's such a pretty set.  I had been looking for a  teapot with a pink band around
it and finally I have found it.. 
The Gingerbread Cake.. 
with the last large rose some berries from the back 
and some Apple mint leaves.. 
The Recipes are in her Autumn Book... 
It's so wonderful and colorful..
Susan Branch's Blog
just click on the link and it will take you there...
I love and adore baking..and Susan's Recipe books make it all even better. They are definitely alive.. 
mixing it all up ...
Out the oven.. and smelling heavenly..
And ready to serve...
Just a small tea for me and Vee and the boys.. 
This is my older grandson who lives with me Isaiah.. He is just loving the Cream Scones, I use mini chocolate chips because no one but me in my house like currants or raisins ...
He tried the cake and didn't seem to want any...Till yesterday evening when the Scones 
where all gone.. after Church me and him ate then had tea.. but he didn't like the tea either
so he decided milk would do the trick for him and a piece of 
Gingerbread Cake..
He spends a lot of time with me now he escapes from the bedroom and leave's little bother behind and chills 
with Grandma...
All different styles of plates the bottom is a USA plate probably from the 60's 
I found at a Goodwill...
then a Homer Laughlin plate from the teashop.. probably the first of things I saw and 
bought there..
then my newer set...
I think they all just do fine together
The sweet Homer Laughlin luncheon plate............
I love them.. as soon as I saw them I bought four all eight.. I had to buy four then have her hold 
the other four and she did so sweet to me..
Cream Scones a mixin... 

All the dry ingredients ready Flour, Salt, Baking Powder 
Added the mini chocolate chips
and the heavy whipping cream
So simple thank you Susan..
Next time I will be using the currants. .. 
because that's what I love...
Mix and pat them out 
and cut them out and place on a baking sheet..
It makes around ten Scones
Ready for the Oven...
All finished they smell so good...
what a morning in the house.. it smelled wonderful all day long.. it took a few hours to get 
everything all done..
So we had tea at 4:00 O'clock
I really really liked this Orange Butter which is Susan's recipe as well Yummie..
I liked it on the Gingerbread Cake.. 
Orange Butter...
This set has a lovely teapot sugar and creamer.. I believe eight Luncheon plates.. Four teacups and saucers
and one large plate
The teapot flowers are a bit different but they all look good to me..

Lemon Linguine..was very refreshing.. everyone loved it... 
Lemon Linguine recipe was found in this Summer Book..
Well I think that's it.. I just wanted to share my little tea party with you all
Wishing everyone 
a Fantastic 
Enchanting Weekend
with love
Good night

Friday, August 21, 2015

Life indeed is the most precious Gift that we can receive

It's been such a long long day...  I attended a Funeral today of a young handsome man that I never met Or
saw till I seen a photo of him today...
A young man of 29
Had a Heart Attack on Sunday Morning
and left this world... 
My oldest daughter had been working for him for a couple of months... She kept telling me how loving 
and kind he was.  She who has panic disorder like me ... he gave her the confidence to work for him.  He 
was that way with everyone.. All the people I saw and met today said that he was the most kind person they
Sad a very sad sad thing
He was a owner of a Sandwich shop here in San Francisco..
I'm very grateful, My daughter said that it helped her to realize how precious life is, her life. She is 
grateful she is still here and asked forgiveness from God...
for trying to take her life...
I'm grateful too..
He touched her heart and that was special.  Now she has something to hold on to.. 
He showed her that there are still people with kindness in their hearts
and there are people who truly care..
I want to thank Joe for the gift he gave to my daughter...
Thank you Joe...
My heart aches for his family and close friends as they tried to understand why this happened...
May he Rest in Peace now..
.These are my Roses from my Garden
I cut them all down now before they blew away in the wind...
My first bouquet I hope in the future I receive more...

Each day should be carefully lived with gratefulness in our hearts...
He he guess what I got...
Do you see it...
Yep a wonderful Teapot..
I been searching and searching for this tea pot...
"Rose Chintz"
I think this is the most I ever paid for a teapot... But I wasn't going to let it go
I have waited forever in a day.. I wanted one from England not China...
She is very beautiful.. clean as a whistle... 
I first found some square bowls, I believe at the tea shop...  Later six dinner plates... 
then came a teacup and saucer
Later a creamer... 
It's what I have so far...
The time is peaceful at the moment...Death is such a over whelming thing.  Even if you really don't know 
the person really... 
To see my daughter have tears in her eyes brought tears to mine. 
We also met and young woman who was 26 years old...
She had Panic disorder too.. So she spoke to me and my daughter
talking about what goes on and how it feels.. 
She said she does all the B vitamins and melintonin   not to sure what that 
is not even sure I'm spelling it right.. but going to find out..
and her next thing was ???
Before she left she said and pray and gave a hug she was 
a great young woman...
It's amazing what God does..
not many understand what panic disorder is and what it does to a person.. 
But she did and it was very comforting ... 
Well that's my story today
I'm kind of tired...but at peace...
I wish you all a peaceful and safe wonderful weekend
with love
ps... Appreciate your life and your family
it's very important
treat each day of life with respect 
just as Jesus Christ our Lord did...

Monday, August 17, 2015

Blue Roosters...& Teacups ...

Good evening Everyone...
I recently bought this Blue Rooster Teapot
For $10.00 Bucks
It's from Gracie's
I think it's just so darn cute.. I haven't had tea in it yet.. I think I was dreaming about it 
the other night   lol..
Then I went to look on line for the creamer sugar or tea cup 
and O my gosh they are really high  compared to this teapot and the price I paid
I think they were like 30 for the pair and the cups 
were about the same for one..
Way to much
So I will just have to use it with some other cups..
This is a adorable teacup in my opinion I got it months ago...
From Royal Albert.. Country Scenes Bluebell wood
I just love it and all the pretty colors in it
and all the sweet Bluebells 
all over 
I keep dreaming of  Tea Party's in Mama's Garden 
Today my middle son was cleaning up 
the Garden is a horrible mess
no on has cleaned it forever and all that I had done before is 
dead and gone.. 
So I was there sitting on the brick stairs 
thinking as my son was saying 
Mama we can make it nice again.
The deck is about to fall down So as soon as he get the debri out
he said he will tear it down.. 
Back to the sweet Teacup and Saucer... 
I think these two will go just fine together and my bumble bee linen table cloth...
I love this linen table cloth I found it at the tea shop...
This teacup I love  Love.. I believe it was on Sandie's blog Rose Chintz Cottage that
I first saw it and I fell in love with it..
It's so so pretty and lovely.
Veronica is the name of it..
I used to have a great friend name Veronica when I was like 12
Many of you know Sandie she has a great lovely blog..
So just click on the address
and it will take you there..
I enjoy my visits all the time..
So pretty indeed.. so happy I found one for a good price..
Thank you Sandie for sharing it ..

 Sweet days of Summer
Soon Summer will be gone
and Autumn will be on it's way..
Wishing you all 
a wonderful new week
A quick little drawing that I did. I have't drawn for around seven years
this came out ok.. 
Love n Hugs