Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just A Quite Afternoon at home...

I have been home. I went to church over the weekend and it was divine... I gathered up so much information about Jehovah and the bible.. I saw a drama from back in time that they presented on Sunday afternoon like they did when I was young.. It was about the Jews and Trusting in Jehovah God and having strong faith to know that he will come through and take care of the things for his faithful followers in his time, patience is required.  I was so happy that I got to attend two of the three days...  I met new people seen people from before from when I grew up.. it was just wonderful..

Yesterday at home I took some photos of my Chinese Tea Pot which I really love.. I bought pretty soup bowls to match and spoons too.. One day I imagine to have soup and tea like the Restaurant..

They are just so pretty... they have sweet lite and dark flowers and sweet green leaves but so delicate of a pattern.. Whispery Flowers

I love White dishes with grape and fruit design.. 

White and light Blue napkins I have always loved these napkins .. I also have a few other table topper pieces..
My pretty plate that I found  at the Goodwill ... It has a light whitish blue edging..

My mini dome, It's for one single cupcake... I put a crocheted flower inside it... I can't wait to make a pretty cupcake and place it in there.. but for now the flower will do.. I found it at Ross store the other day..

         Another little flower girl.. in light blue.. I tied a ribbon around her.. She is not to tall ..

              At the end of the Day all done ... wishing you a lovely Thursday with love Janice
                 P.s. I hope things are well with you and you have had a enjoyable week..


  1. LOVELY vintage China!!
    Beautiful photos.
    Love the pretty cloth napkins.
    Everything looks so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. You set the prettiest tables...always with such beautiful dishes...would love to spend the day with you,having tea and admiring all your pretties....blessings

  3. Hi Janice, what lovely china, and pretty photos. Your table looks so beautiful. I love blue and white china too. I finished my two pink doilies and am now working on a pair of knitted, silver/gray gloves for this winter. The beads really catch the light and sparkle. I'm glad you had such a fun time at the convention. The drama/play on the Bible book of Esther was really wonderful. I enjoyed it so much too! I hope you have a lovely afternoon ahead. With Love Delisa :)