Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Morning, going home..

*`~`* Mornin, ... the sky ways have been amazinly beautiful... The view looking out from Mom's deck across the San Francisco Bay.. I always admired the views and lovely skies.. The light or Moon shinning across the water nothing like it...*

Just Georgous ... 

 I thought this morning I would share with you my new cake plate.. I'm so excitied because the price was $38.00 dollars but it had that make me an offer thing.. So I said what can I lose so I put 20.dollars
and she counteracted with 23.00 so excited ..its on it's way home to me tomorrow..

The Roses are so pretty, hand painted..
I might just put it on my bedroom wall.. not sure yet.. I will use it but I'm thinking to house it in my bedroom

Well in a little bit I will be leaving for home today.. all day at home..such a huge blessing..
I'm hoping it don't rain to day so I can be in the Garden..

I would love to have a wrought iron gate in my garden...

Isn't this beautiful...wishit was mine.. I'd bake a cake with pretty pink frosting just to put it in there...

HAPPY SUNDAY YA'LL... be back soon.. I guess.. Have a wonderful day with love Janice


  1. pictures are stunning...what a view. You cake place is lovely...delicate and feminine.

  2. That cake plate is beautiful....someone had some great talent to paint such beautiful roses...I am glad you won it. And I am glad you had a day at home. The view from your mothers terrace is breath taking....blessings on your week friend.

  3. Oh how beautiful! Your photos are always so captivating :) Also, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, sweet friend :) And in answer to your question about Storenvy - it's very easy to use and I came across it through a friend. It's free and they don't take a percentage out of your sales which is really nice :) have a beautiful day. Hugs!