Saturday, June 2, 2012

A long day and Yuliana's B-Day...with Love

(My lovely box that holds my crocheting needles, I have many from finds in the past)
Good evening friends, Today seemed as if it was extremely long, It was my granddaughter Yuliana's Birthday she turned one today... It was wonderful to go and visit but it seemed so long of a day...We had difficulties in the car along the way. Certain things have been going on with Vee and her and her sister had words..but thankfully as the day passed they made amends with each other...Victoria is a very head strong girl, but I tried to explain to her that her family loves her and just because someone tells her something and she doesn't agree doesn't mean they don't love her or she shouldn't continue to love them...we must learn to take the criticism of others in the family.. She said we all act like we know everything..and I also tried to explain that its not that,.. from which we speak it's from experience and because we and they love her (sister & brothers) we try to say things to help even though it mite not seem that way...
(The Roses on my Fairy picture frame...that I love so much)
She was angry for a while and then finally she started to calm down and put a smile on her face...Life, there is so much to learn growing up...and I wish that she didn't have to be so head strong because it's not always so sometimes gets you into trouble.
Well I'm glad the day calmed down and later went well It was Yuliana's Birthday and my older granddaughter's Graduation party too...We all had a great time...the pictures that I took didn't come out good they are all blurry...yuk...So instead I shared some of my pink things.
(My fairy frame holds a picture of me and Victoria, (Vee) when she was little...)
(I would love to have a hot cup of Tea,.. Plz...)
I'm almost ready for bed, I'm at Mom's of course. I had them drop me off here so I could bring her some cake and food...and I could get on line and visit with you...But now I'm tired out and ready to go nite nite...
(My pink glass candlestick holder,...)
(And my little pink glass basket...)
(My dear pink ladie, whose ready for the winter weather....)
Family is most important even though you don't always see eye to eye.. you must stick by each other help each other through good and bad... Sometimes it is difficult to help out but you must do what you can...Life has so many difficulties and your so much better off if you can recognize the much that you can..Trusting in our Father above and praying will help with these task of doing the right things and acting in according to his commandments.
(One picture Of Yuliana my granddaughter....)
Happy Birthday Yuliana...well my dear friends thats my do's and thoughts for today have a blessed evening with love Janice


  1. Hay Janice,

    Your blog is so lovely.
    I will follow you..
    Please take a look into my world.

    Love from Marijke

  2. Your little granddaughter is so sweet. Families are wonderful. We all have to give and take....sometimes the less said is the most, don't you think? Your posts have so many pretty things---pink things today, all beautiful!