Thursday, June 21, 2012

In the Attic again, ....And doing some cleaning..between crocheting ....Phew..

Good afternoon, well I have been up in the Attic again looking first for some Melon colored thread I had, but didn't find it...I must have taken it home...I'm still working on my Tea bags..I'm on the forth one, then I have two more to do and then finished them up with their buttons and neck pieces...

I'm working on the blue one now. I got the first part done and now I'm going to work on the flap part in a little bit..

Here's some fast photos...nothing big...I'm so sleepy and I think it's this antibiotic...can hardly keep my eyes open.....Up In the attic is so many things...besides some of mine, Mom has a ton of boxes filled up with things...but I went through a little bit and got rid of a large bag full...Yesterday, I took five bags of recycled things out the kitchen..and a large bag of junk...but there are still piles and last nite I forgot one bag and she was inside it trying to drag things out...I was like what are you doing...And My Mom is famous for, why are you throwing this out, I need it...then, well, maybe since your cleaning things up I can use it....she hasn't used in since never and she won't..she has a bad issue of not being able to get rid of things...O and I think I forgot to tell you I lost four pounds...finally I lost cutting down is finally working. Now I need to kick in a little more..I really want to get this weight off me...O and did I tell you that a friend of the family gave me this sewing machine, but it didn't have the cord and I had to clean it up, because it had been sitting down in her garage with no cover...well I'm just as excited as could be...anyways I had to order the plug and foot piece which is together...It arrived yesterday...but the girls didn't know what was in the box when they brought it to goodness I was so over the top....but this afternoon they will bring the sewing machine then I could plug it in and see if it works...I'm praying I want a sewing machine so much..she said she had bought it new but never used it...So cross your fingers and pray hard it does...for me plz...

Well that's it for today I need to get back to work...and step on the pedal so to speak...wishing you a most lovely evening...with love Janice (Thank you for your sweet comments...I really enjoy them...)


  1. My Janice, you are busy. Your crochet is in such lovely colours. There's nothing like a good clean out. I had to laugh when you said your mum couldn't throw anything away. Sounds just like me. xo

  2. You are so talented and your crochet is beautiful. I wish I had the patience.

    My mother couldn't throw anything away either and neither could her sister or brother. They blamed it on growing up during the Depression. However, I'm afraid I have the hoarder gene myself.

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