Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday morning mail, pink and delicate Roses....

Lol It seems to be becoming a ritual on Saturday morning, I should know when the door bell rings that it is the mailman dropping something off. ... and this morning to my surprise I had already forgot...(Need to stop doing that)...I was exciting when I opened it..I guess I thought it came fast. Aren't these sweet...I thought they were...they weren't very much...
The Roses remind me of the Royal Albert Lavender Rose...I have two tea cups with no saucers...I finally found one today on Ebay...
It's not exactly but it's similar...
I sure wish that I could afford a camera...a expensive learn how to do pictures, though I can't complain my little phone doesn't do to bad sometimes...Well I think that they look good together and when I finish my white and pink star doily it will be nice with it as well...I have been lazy today, I went to get me a manicure and a pedi...haven't gone in a while. I went with Vee, she got her eyebrows done...well I did too...and now I came to Mom's. I bought us all burritos, yummy haven't had that for a long time either...What did you do this Saturday...???
I would love to get a Royal Albert Lavender Rose Tea Pot. It will have to be on hold though, they are around $100. up...Maybe later rite...wink...
I just love happy and pleased that I got them...I have been busy crocheting away and needed a break today..So it was a me & Vee day was nice to spend the time with her alone...just before..
I have one more Pink and White Star doily to make and one more Tea Bag holder and then I will be done with my order...Phew...lots of work...
This one is for me...white in the middle and pink on the outter it will be...I have decided that I will crochet for my customers on week days and the weekend is my time...just have to or I will be crochet't get me wrong I love it but my little hands need a break...
I do a little bit in the evenings..depending on what interrupted me during the day time. My couch full of doilies thread and what nots...
More Roses on my sugar bowl, there is nothing like sweet Roses from tiny to big pink or whatever color it may bring...
Darn I forgot I had a recipe to share with you and I forgot to bring it...Well the next time...Well my sweet loving friends, thank you for your support and kind words...I truly enjoy sharing with you and you sharing with me...Pink Roses hugs and pink love until the next time...with love Janice...Thank you for your comments they warm my heart...


  1. nice blog...janice...all your cups do you sell them or for your own? you might have a lot...i love your posts such inspiring...hope you visit me one day...blessings soraya

  2. Janice, I love reading your posts,they are so pretty. I love all that pink and white,doilies and teacups. I have a little set of S&P shakers like your new ones, but they are red roses. I like your pink best.
    I didn't do much this Saturday. I went thrifting,but only got a blue and white cow creamer and then spent the afternoon knitting a little bonnet and dress for my doll,which was my dear daughters when she was little. It turned out really nice.
    Thank you for your visit and nice comments too. xxoo

  3. Janice,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving the nice comment on my post. I'm not sure if I am going to sell finished ones or not, I guess if I could get enough to pay me for my time I would. Not sure what people are willing to pay though.
    Don't worry about the camera. I think your pictures look good, you can see how pretty your things are. I have a pretty good point and click camera, not the fancy kind that you see people using. I went to Best Buy to talk to the camera guy and he told me what I have is good enough, and as long as I'm not trying to take pics from really far away, like at a sporting event, and of things moving, this kind of camera should be ok. He said it is about the pixels, and mine had a good enough number so I'm not going to worry about it. My cell phone has a camera that is just about as good too, so I think we'll be ok. It's about how to take the picture that I'm worried about, I need good ones for my patterns.
    I'll send out a check next week, but take your time. Absolutely no hurry. Put it on the bottom of the list, just do it when you are in the mood to do it and when you are caught up with everything else. As long as it gets here within the next year I'm ok!
    Hugs, Julie


  5. What a sweet and lovely blog you have. I love all the pretty pictures. I am fond of crochet, but have not attempted a doily as of yet. You sure have pretty ones. I also think the set of shakers is pretty. Not only do they match your cup, but they look like the match the cup and saucer that I see on the left side bar of your blog page! I just got some pretty items form my mother that she and her mom made decades before I was ever born. They are pure treasure to me! I am following your sweet blog!

  6. Such a pretty and feminine post! I love all the pink roses and pink crochet pieces.