Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pansy's,Tea and me....

Good afternoon, I have been home of course you knew that. I went home and did some changes to my bed room, I think I'm going to like the Purple...Look what I got in the mail this morning...It's a little phonograph, with sweet violets. I couldn't resist it..It came from the Uk...the package had royal postage on it...funny...It's bone china from England but it was only $8.00
It's just so sweet, I love it..I almost got another piece but someone beat me..I do have some egg Salt & Pepper shakers coming...they are only $1.99 now you have to say that was a bargain rite...O and I have to tell you my Pansy Tea Pot finally arrived, seems that I had been waiting forever and a day...the postman left a slip cause apparently I had missed it and wasn't home. but I went the day I left here and picked up the box but it didn't feel like it was my pot...I was sure it wasn't, but to my surprise when I opened the box it was just that all packed nice and neat.
So of course I took it out rite away and washed her up and got her ready for morning Tea....It looks so sweet with my Tea cup...
Then I dressed it all up with pansy's from the garden..I love Pansy's...
Tiny pansy in a tea spoon...They blew from the wind and they live inside a crack in the garden between ...
I think Pansy's are unique all on there own...each one has it's own characteristics and beauty...
I'm just dying to make some crocheted pansy's...
This is a most delicate pansy doily, the size of a English muffin
And my new Tea Pot cookie cutters...which you can barely see...I wanted to make some cookies but didn't maybe later...

well I think that's all for today, I have some things to unload from the car and put into the attic...and maybe do some stuff in Mom's Garden, Its a mess and I thought I should do just a little bit. I was thinking the other day maybe since I'm near now I would redo it and It won't be hard to keep a eye on...they so ruined it though...wishing you a lovely summer afternoon...hope you enjoyed my newest arrivals and all my Pansy's...with love Janice


  1. Janice,
    So glad to have you visit me! and for your lovely comments.
    Your blog is lovely! and such pretty photos. I had to look twice. That purple china! OMGoodness! It's gorgeous. I love vintage china! and my favorite colors are pink and purple.
    Will visit again soon! Hope you will become a regualr visitor, too.

  2. Hi Janice,
    What a beautiful new teapot you have and the teacup is so sweet too, and matches so well. Love the tiny pansys! Thank you for leaving me the lovely comment and I was excited for you when I heard you are getting your Moms teaset! I'm anxious to see it so hope you take pictures! Have a great weekend.

  3. Janice I love your pansy sweeties. Really nice finds. I so love that pansy doily too. If you ever make one I'll be your first customer. I am only basic at crochet. Those colours are gorgeous,yellow and mauve. xx

  4. Oh Janice, this is just such a beautiful post. I adore everything on it! Fun to get goodies in the mail, huh? I think I have to go back and read through it again.
    One of the best blog posts of the week.

  5. Janice, as always everything you make is so beautiful. I am ready to order my dress. Are you still able to make it or are you too busy right now? Please let me know!

  6. Hi Janice, love all things pansy. I was thinking how adorable to crochet the little pansies, put a little safety pin on back and make pins to wear. It would be fun to wear a pansy on one's collar! Love the doiley, too.

  7. Beautiful post! I just love pansies. :-)

  8. Well Ladies, lets hope that I can figure out how to make a pansy...soon as I finish up my orders I will start working on it...I adore pansy's so much...thank you for your comments...with much love Janice