Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sweet things...crocheting like mad...wink.& Sunday Dinner...(LOng PoSt)

Been busy the past two days...busy crocheting and Sunday I cooked a bunch...I'm so happy and excited, the other day I was on my Facebook and a sweet friend told me about this group that was started... and told me I should join. So I did and it's a place to post your things for sale but vintage items. I loved it..So I posted some of my doilies and my Tea Bag pouch...and to my surprise she Order six of them and two doilies...so I was making a Star doily and decided to put it aside and get started on her order this is the first one it's just about finished.

A Red & White Tea pouch....I love the colors...She asked for a neck piece not sure what she plans to do with them,but in the past I thought of it too but not for the neck just to hold on to...or to put on your shoulder.

This time I decided to make the button a wee bit smaller and I'm thinking to maybe get a pearl button to place on top...haven't quite decided yet.

Now I just need to sew on the neck piece and the button and number one is done. Early this morning I started a pink one. . I want to get all the pieces crocheted then finished the sewing all at once. I'm so happy this will give a little extra money needed for Vee and the baby...by the way she is off this morning to take her first Test for the G.E.D. I'm so proud of her she is trying so hard to complete this so she can move on to college after the babies born...So that's what I'm up to. I'm going to be busy crocheting for the next week or so for this order....

Well Sunday I cooked up a storm.(Family dinner)..and used my old duck dishes, I know ducks have faded away. But just the same I love love ducks and I won't get rid of mine...I have had them forever I'd say around 30 years. These dishes were my first real set...I remember saving my money so when I went shopping at Safeway I could buy so many of them with the coupon.

They had been in storage for a long while...like 14 years or so...boy sure brought back some memories...

I used my two ducks for a center piece, that I found at Goodwill a while back ago..they matched perfectly.

I really had fun setting up the dinning room table....

Just a simple setting with paper napkins.

My menu was Fried Lemon Chicken, Sweet&Sour Meatballs, Mac&Cheese, Corn, and Cole Slaw, and Lemon Cheese Cake, and White Chocolate Chip cookie w/Walnuts....

Wishing you a most lovely afternoon,(I know I said I would show you some green things..It has to wait. I just wanted to share with you that I got a great order and I'm so grateful)..with love Janice

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  1. Congratulations on your order. I love the tea bag holder you are making. Can you post where people can go to place an order with you? I think you can do really well with your crochet pieces...they are really well done.
    I liked your table setting and your menu sounded so delicious. To me, if you like something, it never goes out of style. I thought your duck table theme was very pretty.Looking forward to your next post, Egretta