Monday, June 25, 2012

Good Morning Monday....Rain drops?maybe

Morning, it's looks as if we are going to have some rain drops..this silly weather for sure..It's at the end of June and barely a summer day... it makes me wonder sometimes whats going on...and is it going to get worse...Well I'm still busy crocheting. I'm almost done with my Tea Bag holders...I have to get one more color to complete them...but since I don't have it at the moment I will spend the day doing the neck pieces and maybe some buttons too..I have to get finished soon...cause I still have two pink and white doilies to make..I love the melon color it looked so pretty inside my new tea cup. And of course new Ideas were popping inside my mind right away...I finished it Saturday evening....
So now I have five completed...except for the buttons and neck pieces...I love the colors they all look so sweet together...I think the last one will be lavender, but I need to go buy it. because I ran out of it..I barely have a small amount left....O and by the way I decided to order a new comforter white and Purple...I have a couple of purple quits but they are with purple and beige...and I want white white white, with purple...I found just a inexpensive one through this catalog just 40 dollars for's all I need to get...I have shams and other things to's just simple but I think it will be the perfect one...I even have a border for the wall. O and there is this lamp silver the base is this elegant lady, with a lilac shade with beads hanging from it...on sale for 21.00 dollars...So I will order both this morning can't wait to receive them...And of course that let to purple and white doilies bouncing through my head...It's like shooting stars start jumping around my mind...I wish I could crochet faster lol....or maybe four hands...O my that would be terrible...

They kind of remind me of pretty sweet peas all different colors, like on the plate and tea cup I got...or the pretty sweetpea packages from the nursery filled with seeds...some of my sweetpeas will be blooming soon...
I hope that I'm not boring you with them...I'm just excited, I love color and it's my first big I want to share them with you as I make them...
Once I complete this order and one more I have...I have plans to make a large Dollie for me..this is the pattern I want to use...and now I'm thinking a White & Purple one...

I know today I will be crocheting and maybe some Garden clean up...but other than that I'm not sure...I'm at Mom's at the moment came so I could bring her some lunch yesterday and go up in the Attic and get some white and Purple linens....What will you be doing this Monday....??? wishing you a most lovely day as always...with Love Janice



  1. Oh how I envy your talent for crocheting! Your items are always so beautiful!

  2. Oh how I envy your talent for crocheting! Your items are always so beautiful!

  3. Thank you Laura, It has taken me a long while to learn and there is so much I still don't know...

  4. Hi Janice, I love your tea bag holders. The colors are so pretty all together like that. I hope you got my email address so you can tell me when mine are ready and I will send you my address. I love the big doiley you are going to make for yourself. Happy crocheting!

  5. I got your Email Egretta, and I will let you know as soon as I start making them...hugs...and thank you...

  6. Janice, what a delightful blog you have created! Love love love the little tea bag holders. So cute! Will sure enjoying reading more posts and getting better acquainted with such a gifted young woman.
    Blessings from Arizona,

  7. Thank you so much Dorothy I really appreciate that...I'm glad that you like it. Will love to get to know you as well...enjoy your evening...blessings back.

  8. You have very nice blog!
    Beautiful work!
    Have a nice sunny days

  9. Hi Janice! Your teabag holders are so lovely. I love the pretty pansy colors. (: Have a nice day.