Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Morning......and dreaming....

Good Morning my friends, I'm at Mom's hanging out...Had a hard night last nite..I awoke around 3am and couldn't sleep..finally went back to asthma is bothering me then I took my inhaler and my panic started in...which I haven't had nothing strong in a while. I had to use my inhaler again...and I'm trying to stay calm...not easy today... Well now that I'm uncomfortable I don't want to go home...Boy I sure hate panic disorder...Looks like we are going to have another warm day...that means the Garden needs to be watered later on... Isn't this rug pretty...I would love to own it...I think I'm ready to turn my Bed Room back to pink and white..

I have been think about it for several days...My Bed room is blue & white at the moment which I love but I have so much of it..I think since I have lived in this flat almost two years I have changed it over and over not finding how I want it to be...and it's funny I never had that problem's the only room I can't find...I think this is such a beautiful bed...I would love to have this bed and the carpet in my room and I would be happy!!! What about you???
Just having Tea with honey, thought the honey would help loosen things up in my chest...Such a cute little tea pot...
A pink and white doily pot holder, I have a red one and I'm going to try to make one..I like this one a lot..

We could add this tray to our bedroom scene it would be lovely....Put our Pink and White Tea Pot on the tray...and add the doily just to make it look more pretty... Humm maybe I should paint the walls a lite pink and white trim..Get my dresser going and paint them white...Then I could lay on my pretty bed and pink room and dream I was riding a white horse with Roses on her tail...More tea please....hehehe...
Wishing you a most lovely Sunday...with love Janice


  1. Janice, I am in love with your beautiful blog. I am so pleased you visited me because now I have found you. I am going to follow you. Thank you for your sweet comments.

    I so love that bed too. It's so dreamy and romantic. I follow Not So Shabby Chic blog and Janae over there has her whole house like that and even has little fur babies like the one peeping out from under that bed only hers are white.
    I think your pink teapot is gorgeous. Like you I love blue and white and pink and white, they are my very favourite. xx

  2. Ps I meant to say too,for you to try Tulsi tea, it is so good for you and gets rid of muecus in the body. It may help your asthma. Worth a try. Although I don't have asthma,I do suffer with hay fever and sinus. This has helped heaps.Hope you will feel better soon.xx

  3. Hello Janice,
    thanks you for being passed to greet me,
    I simply loved your blog and your work
    all'uccinetto remind me so much work
    that was my grandmother, I love them.
    That must be beautiful San Francisco,
    One day I'll come and visit.
    Susy Love x