Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weather change again...More crocheting...Linens

Well as you know I have been busy crocheting away...started on a lite green Tea bag holder last nite... I figured I would make all the purses then add the neck pieces and buttons last...I went home for a little bit yesterday to feed sweetpea, I feel so sad leaving her there but Mom's is not the place for her. I have to take Mom to the Doctors this morning and we got a newer car so the brake lite needs fixing so we have to drop by to the person who sold it to us...and then o the bank..so a few things to do..I really don't want to go outside today. I need to make my own doctors appointment and check whats going on with my asthma! It's going to be warm today. anyways I have some linens to share with you today...So pull up your cup of Tea and hang out with me for a few....I found this sugar bowl and creamer that I had bought alone time ago at the second hand store..I never used it so I washed them up and got my blue glass Tea cup out..I thought they were so cute with the bubble look...like the milk glass.
I enjoyed using them...they must have in storage for 15 years...Just silly but I couldn't get to everything...but finally...I'm going to finish going through it all...I did a lot a few years ago then got sick with my panic and couldn't finish...Underneath is some of the linens, I love the blue and white this is a place mat with napkin with pretty blue Roses, using my hammered tray with I just love to pieces...
I love this kind of work...here's another piece that is very old and has some stains

The edging is starting to raval away now ... but I love it just the same...
Nothing like a hot cup of Tea....Why is it that a stack of linen looks so pretty to my eyes...It's funny how that is...stacks of linens, Tea cups, dishes...

I have two of these pretty pillow cases, they have his & hers on them..A huge white bow with pretty delicate blue flower and leaves
And my tiny little heart pillow case...

One of my favorite hot pads, I don't use it it just hangs on the wall under the cabinets in the kitchen...

Wishing you a fabulous day today...with love Janice...


  1. The magic of the thread..it calls to me. Nothing gives me more satisfaction then seeing a lovely pile of lovely thread crochet items...I'm rather fond of the potholders myself, and enjoy making them...we should do a swaparoo...you n I. Lovely post coloerful and nastalgic...I've enjoyed my visit...

  2. We are indeed kindred spirits my girl...the love of the thread, moving of the hook, potholders, vintage, and I see a Hobby Farm Home....me too....I've also got a shop, I put it up and take it down on my blog...not sure how I want to proceeed......

  3. Hi Janice, love your pretty blue creamer and sugar and all your pretty linens. My email is egrettawells@hotmail.com One of the tea bag holders will be for me and one for a gift! They are so special and I always travel with my own tea bags. Have a happy day, Egretta

  4. O I have not way to reach you Faith but thank you for stopping by to see me...I'm glad we have that same kindred spirit...Where is your blog I can't find it...hopefully next time you can let me know so I can visit with you as well...I would love to do a swap with you...!!!

  5. Beautiful post...I love all the blue you shared. I am a blue girl these days..seems be my favorite color as of late! Your crochet is lovely...blessings

  6. Love the blue. I never could crochet very well. I really like it and should probably keep practicing. Your pieces are so beautiful. Love the linens. Thank you for your visit to my blog and leaving a comment , it was much appreciated.

  7. So lovely! Blue just seems to make everything work together!

  8. OOPSY, I was fiddling around with blogger and my profile was not public...it is fixed now stop on over...some time