Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A lovely Morning....Post One

Good Morning there, I'm going to rewind a bit...To Sunday Morning...I got up and decided that I wanted French Toast which I haven't had in forever. What about you?
so anyways I decide to get busy even set the table for me a Vee to start our day off better.
I pulled out the Abuelita chocolate which I haven't had forever either....I decided that I was going to try to have a small amount...I have a secret...I tried chocolate cake at Yuliana's birthday Party...and I didn't have a panic attack...Phew...I just told myself that if I did I had my pills... I was so excited. Back to the Hot chocolate, It's such wonderful flavors If you haven't tried it you really should it's it most store where there is a Latin section.
Just take one disk or half depending on how much your going to make and how much you like chocolate...and add milk on a low heat then check it and stir ..

Next was putting on the Syrup for the French toast.
The Recipe is so simple...I have never ever bought syrup...I have always made my own.
One cup of white sugar
One cup of brown sugar
One teaspoon of pure vanilla
One cup or so of water
Bring to a boil then turn down to simmer for at least twenty mins...you can do longer to make it thicker but I suggest that you make more cause it will melt down. I don't like mine very thick.

And now the dip for the French toast, which I'm sure most of you know but this is what I do
Three Eggs
Forth cup of milk
Teaspoon of pure vanilla
Bread slices, dip on both sides, oil and a tablespoon of Butter into a black skillet...More oil than butter ok.
Fry on first side and turn over and Fry on the other side...

Lately I have been having memory flashes, If that makes sense..and this made me remember when all my children were young and on Sunday mornings I would make a big breakfast. On Saturday's I would go to the Farmer's Market and buy apples to make applesauce for them for Sunday morning's breakfast they would put it on their French Toast..it was so yummy...

I sprinkled them with powdered sugar....
I had made Raspberry Jam the other day, just a small amount. . .

I love these plates, I only have two and it was just perfect for me and Vee's breakfast...

I used this little bowl to put some melon into...Blue & White I just love it...can't help it.

So yummmmmmy.....

I used just a little bit of both, the syrup and raspberry jam...out of this world the flavor...
I enjoyed my breakfast with just me and Vee...thank you for coming to join us...with love Janice


  1. Hi Janice. When you click on the "here" link it will lead you to flickr. Click on the center of the image in flickr. It will lead you to a black screen and in the upper right corner you will see a link that says view in all sizes. Click it. Now you are back at a white page. Near the top of the page you will see a bar that reads SIZES. Follow it all the way to the right and you will see a clickable link that says original in blue. That is the link you need to push to download the image to your desktop for printing. I know it is a lot but once you do it a couple of times you will get the hang of it. Smiles...Renee

  2. That French toast made me so hungry for some! I haven't made it in such a long time....yours looked Yummy and especially pretty on the blue and white dishes!

  3. Hello, I enjoyed reading both part one and two of your posts. Your crochet is so pretty, and I love the sage edging. Your pansy tea cup is very pretty too! I hope you have good luck finding a tea pot to go along with it.
    Oh yum! French toast, and yours truly looks amazing! Your blue and white dishes are gorgeous, and do look so cheery!

  4. The French Toast looks delicious...I think I will make some tomorrow morning! Nice crocheting, by the way. Happy June~

  5. Hi Janice! This is my first time visiting your beautiful blog. Your pictures are wonderful! My name is Delisa, I am 49 years old and live in a small country town in Georgia. I think we have quite a bit in common. I saw your comment over on Trish's blog and when you said you were new to blogging I thought I would pop by and say hello. :) I love to crochet and knit too. I also love to make doilies. I like to collect vintage aprons and linens as well. Right now I am working on a pair of knitted socks and a needlepoint tapestry. I also collect blue and white china! You have such beautiful plates and cups, and the french toast looks delicious! :) It was nice to meet you and I hope you will come by for a visit to my blog some day. Have a lovely day ahead! Delisa :)