Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Mornin

It's 6a.m. just waking up and waiting for the water on the stove to start boiling to make my cup of hot tea. the bay looks beautiful there's two ships out on the water that I can see from my chair. Well let me see if I can grab a photo with my cell phone. That's the only camera I have..Hold on be right back, I love Sunrises and Sunsets.
Ha ha, got a photo. The sun is just peeping over..this phone camera is not that good it really doesn't do it justice. O my water is boiling so let me go make my tea, be right back again. I think it's going to be a beautiful day! I think I need to invest in a camera. I had one years ago when lol they were simple and now they seem so complicated to me. I forgot last night I made some boscotti for the first time. I had a little trouble with moms oven I think it's not working right anymore because they cooked three minutes over there time and they still weren't cooked in the very middle.  So today I want to post the recipe for you it's from Paul Deans Magazine. They were to simple to make and taste pretty good. I remember when I was about 13 to 15 years of age there was this Italian Family that lived about umm five doors up the block. She made Italian cookies of all kinds every single year for Christmas. She would start several weeks ahead and sit there all day everyday making cookies, I remember them strongly. But to bad I didn't have enough brains to copy the recipes down. Now they are lost forever. but at least I have sweet memories of them.. Yep, Mine taste pretty good..but they are a far cry from hers. I have found some recipes for a few that I remember I haven't made them yet though I will and if they are any good post them for you.
Here's my jar of boscotti, we ate a few last night so that's what's left. O and the spicy meatballs they flew so I guess it's a keeper recipe. I should be going home today. I have been at Mom's house for a week or more. I was home and we had a small Earthquake and it scared me so I came over here and lol haven't left. I really want to attend Church but it's difficult for me to go alone because of my Panic. But the great thing is that Jehovah sent me my buddy yesterday..A beautiful woman named Debbie, who I have known now for 26 years. I love her dearly. It seems and this is for real, I say that because I think people really don't believe me when I tell this. It seems like when I get stuck in my mind with frustration and just tired He sends her to me to refresh my mind and help me move forward. She knows the bible very well. She always shares it with me. You see here is another thing about me. I grew up as a Jehovah Witness and I know most folks off the top don't like them. So I grew up that way left when I was about 16 and went my way. Over the years I struggled with different things. But the funny part was it never left me. so I tried over and over to go back. without succeeding.  I have grown so much over these past five years though, I have realized that the Bible words are what they say, Jehovah's words are true, there isn't anything that is a lie from him. He promises in the Bible that he will provide for me and take care of me. and he has. In all that I have managed to live threw. He has been there for me. I have been down rite with no food and little money I ate cookies to survive. The funny thing was that I think of  is I wasn't without, even though I ate just cookies for a minute. I could have had absolutely nothing.  I still had a roof over my head and some money. I was healthy still and it only lasted a few days and everything came from I don't know where, well yes I do. I know now that he provided for me and my children because all of a sudden my husbands sister husband brought me this little stove he said he found it on the street. I found a man up the street who gave me a refrigerator for 40 bucks. and then I was set. I had moved to a apt that didn't have a stove or refrigerator down in Los Angles, my sister in law got the place for me but no one told me it didn't have anything. I cooked upstairs for a minute (at my sister in laws) then my husband told me to stop doing that for some reason. I have had many hard times but the difference was that Jehovah never let me stay in it. I have never been without anything even though I really had no money..I have everything I need. What I don't have is more sense to get to the meetings, Church and make myself stronger with God. And that's something I really want to do. I know the Devil is busy trying hard to redirected me towards the world. But you know something, Jehovah also sent me another young woman yesterday. Her name is Martha. Martha knew me when I was younger she remembered me but I didn't remember her name I knew the face only. She amazed me, She grew up on Potrero Hill Projects which Mom lives several blocks away from in a family home. Martha had struggles to. hard ones. But she said that one day she was tired and she remembered Jehovah. She was down and out, she didn't give to many details but I gathered it was ruff. She gave me so much love and so much hope and I can't really explain it all. It's deep. but the restoring that I needed they supplied it. So my heart and mine are refreshed and I have more strength today. So Debbie called later to thank me for going outside and talking to her, that's funny I said to myself. You see Debbie had a stroke a while back ago and she had a long road to walk down. and she can't walk to great anymore and she uses a wheel chair. So I was like thank me..No thank you for coming to give me your love..My heart is overwhelmed with joy that God loves me enough to wait for me to get my head on straight. He has opened my eyes to all that surrounds me. He has given me a great opportunity to see the lite like they say. She left me yesterday with a magazine the title being 6 BIBLE PROPHECIES, ARE YOU SEEING THEM FULFILLED?  And I'm going to read it..I know this is a long blog today but it's something I needed to talk about. So let me move on a blog this Boscotti recipe for you...sometimes I think I can write a

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