Friday, May 6, 2011


A whisper of you rushing through my mind...I'm wondering why, why you entered my life to leave me empty inside full of gloom. I dream and dream and nothing. I imagine all the things that we did and wish for them once again. But I know they aren't to be but just a whisper of you in my mind. Deep in my soul you are, you posses me my heart my thoughts with your warm embrasses  your tender kisses upon my forehead. You trinkle my heart with drops of your love. You walk with my hand inside yours. I feel my body wrapped inside yours like a caterpillar rolling inside a cocoon .....and when my eyes meet yours it's only a dream in my heart a whisper of you rushing through my mind...........dreaming of you.............and feeling blue..........Dreams don't always come true.........but some do! A whisper of you rushing through my mind!

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