Thursday, May 5, 2011

Late Good Morning ....

Help me to endure what I can not find...Help me to be who I'am alone...Hold me Father, wrap your arms around me to cleanse my soul...give me wisdom,  give me strength...give me me the way Father...Please take my hand...make me not want...all that I do not need...forgive me of my sins...make me do what is right in your eyes...I give the things to you Father in your hand for I know I can not do it alone...I need you to take control and guide me along...Help me to endure what lies ahead in the road...Show me Father everything I need to know...Help me to take in your knowledge and apply it threw out my life...There's only one road Father that I want to be on the narrow road to life everlasting...I want all that you offer to me...because I wouldn't be nothing without you...Help me to endure what I can not find...Help me to be who I'am alone...Isaiah 58:9
In that case you would call. and Jehovah himself would answer; you would cry for help and he would say here I'am."..God is always there for us if we chose to do his will.. he will supply all that we need.
Today I'm focusing on God and my needs to be closer to him. Most don't care. But I d0 It is very important to me and my life. . . Have a blessed day today...Hugs

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  1. Your blog is really nice Janice. I love the tea cups and other vintage things. I will drop by to visit with you and I think I will start my own blog too. Blessings, Catherine