Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good Morning

Well it's a lazy dazy'm just stuck this morning. I haven't even made my tea this morning. I'm stuck on the chair..Here is ms Sprinklesz peeping out the back door this morning...These two cats are so funny.

these two cats have to smell everything you bring into the house you'd think that they were dogs. The day before they smashed a grocery bad well ms Sprinklesz did just to lay on it..strange they are.
O I finally got a photo yesterday of the free shelving I got from that friend. It's so big but wonderful

And here are some Roses from my Rose bush at moms house they are blooming like mad this year. My favorite flower.

I should be at home cleaning the rest of the mess we made by putting the cabinet. But I'm just too lazy...
Well it's a short note wishing you all a great day............

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