Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Little Chi, SweetPea

Well this story is about how I got SweetPea, My son Michael had a little Chi named Peaches. He came to visit me and of course I fell in love with her and my son was like Mom I think you need one it will help you with your Panic Attacks at first my head was like no..The  more time I spent with his dog Peaches. It convinced me that I needed a little one. Since no one really wanted to spend alot time with me since I got sick. So he started looking on the internet for one. He found one that was a male and I was like no. I could imagine him in my mind lifting his little leg up all over the place and widdling LOL is that how you spell it.???? anyways so he was ok mom..and kept looking. Then he called and said there's this little girl one Mom and he called and things went into the works. I couldn't wait to get her home..they had to travel a distance to get her so the Lady met them half way. It took some doing but we got her..I waited patiently will they went.
This was the picture they had sent me from the phone. to cute. It made more excited to get her.

Awe this is the day she finally got home. Mom said to name her tinkerbell. but it didn't fit to me, so I named her SweetPea cause she was just so tiny and sweet, really shy. All the rest our of her growing the first year.

She is just so sweet and she has helped me through my two years of Panic Attacks. She sleeps with me every night she climbs in the covers and goes down to the bottom. And every once in a while I find her sleeping next to me like my kid..that's o funny.

This is Sprinklesz who thought she was suppose to sleep in SweetPeas bed. She is so fat though she barely fit, and SweetPea was like can you move over this is my bed..It was so hilarious,
They ended up going to sleep
This is another day SweetPea was like hey buddy whats up.
SweetPea and Isabella, They took well to SweetPea is took a few weeks but now they are best friends.
LoL this is the three of them all together..sleeping on my travel bag at moms. Can you believe the two cats being so tolerate her laying on the top of them.
This is one day I was looking for something in the cabinet below and I went to turn to do something else and when I turned back there she was pepping out..I love her to death she has some personality for sure. she is not so shy like the first day she got very busy and active. Course being around the grandchildren helped that.

This is her getting ready to go out and the upper one is her just chilling up next to the computer before we moved..Well my Biscotti is done and I have to take them out and cool them. Tomorrow I will post the recipe for that from Paul Deans Magazine. this was my first attempt to make these.
(By the way Peaches got hit by a car several months back R.I.P. PEACHES, it was such a sad day for all of us including SweetPea they always played together we even babysat Peaches for one weekend..I will add her pictures maybe tomorrow..

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