Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shinning Bright

The suns up and shinning all over...and I'm dragging waiting for my water to boil.

Going home this afternoon. I want to see my Garden lol....The good thing about the rain yesterday was that I didn't have to worry about watering the Garden, a good thang rite! But I will be back this Tuesday evening I have a appointment this way and I'm trying to get down stairs and start on this one spot to move the JUNK once again..these people are to much here...I woke up this morning thinking I must have cleaned Mom's house a billion and one times..and it's so full of junk I don't where to start...Well here's the story Mom's is a huge Pack Rat!!! huge. she can't let go of things. Before I use to clean it out and it was easier because she was at work. But now it's why you throwing that out and why this and's horrible..but anyways I'm trying to start down stairs the basement is full to the brim as well..I just had clean this same area out and she ran and filled it up with her bins..I was so angry then they kept shoving things till once again you can get in there.  Sorry Mom but they live like pigs here..I don't have the energy to clean after everyone anymore..I guess I'm venting this to get the frustration out some ways...I don't understand my Mother at all...But don't get me wrong she is very very good to me!!! I guess it's a sickness that some people have and I'm extremely opposite. Thank the Lord...I have to have clean clean clean..Lol even the Garden has to be clean..I'm not sure if that's good or bad?????? But that's me...I been working on my little storage place..If I had money even though it's not my place...Believe me I would fix it really nice.. I think it's because of her, though the house was decent when I was young...cept Laundry wasn't always done...maybe I just had it in me...thinking back I remember I had long socks to match my dresses for school and seemed like they were never I remember at 10 washing them..Though she was so clean with certain things like the bed linen and we had to clean the house...IDK..Well we all have issues...rite? ? ? I love my Mama just the same!!!

Here's some dishes I had bought at Saver's...I forgot that I had them up stairs..So when I was looking I found them and brought them home and washed them up ...I love the sweet design on them...they have a whisper of color soft and gentle...
Here's the pattern close up...see it's not bold just whisper soft...Now this is my down fall, Dishes I love them..I have a few, well more than a few..But the thing with me is I use my things...There's a double fold reason why I want to get to that Room down stairs...Mom has a set of Rose China that my Father sent to her from Japan. she used it once..I don't know why I never got them before..But I want to get them now and bring them home And make a dinner and use these dishes and have My Mama come to dinner with some other family members. Now that I'm thinking about it...I need to have my sister come to dinner..we aren't to far in distance but we just don't visit each other enough...So that's a plan..
Here's one of my favorite Tea Cups..I got this stand at a Tea shope....I love it...there are three other cups to match but my daughter bought them it was a turquoise one yellow and red..but I just wanted this one...
my favorite color...We bought these across the bay at a Hospice shop they always have some sweet things. In-fact I miss it being there..they have a great Good Will there to.
Here's is a amazing sunset...I happen to notice last finally there was a tiny piece of a rainbow but I couldn't capture it with my phone...I tell you I need a camera.

I can barely see the small this last picture...maybe if it was a bigger photo..My spelling has been terrible today..I have had to read over it twice..forgetting things in my old age...LOL....well my friends have a great day today...I'm just on Lazy this morning...hugs..........

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