Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well the last day to the Old Year, Happy New Year's my friends.

Well just a short note, I haven't had many readers lately. But that's okay...I do appreciate the few faithful ones that do come...I enjoy your company and your blogs as well. I wish you all the most wonderful enchanting loving New Year's ever. I hope it's filled with Love and Joy and many blessing from out Father above....I decided to continued to blog to see what the New Year brings... It's good for my soul and a great place to vent and share the things I do....Today is New Year's Eve for me and I will be spending it alone for the first time in my life...But I think I'm okay with it. As soon as I get better I have many new things and projects that I would like to do. I intend to get started back on Weight Watchers and lose that ugly old weight I gained... So I do have a resolution for the New Year. But I have to get me well first...So Losing weight and Getting closer to God are a definite on the menu for me...!!!! So what ever your's is, I hope you reach your goal as well...please be safe if youR going out...and iF not Enjoy bringing in the New Year...See you soon with much Love Janice....


  1. hope you feel better!!!
    hoping your new year is filled with lots of blessings!!!