Friday, December 9, 2011

wow my blog is dead.....

Well I just can't seem to lift this blog off the ground so to speak and keep it a float....Don't have a clue why but that's okay...It's just like a diary for me where I can post whatever I like or not like...I have been very sick with pneumonia. My Doctor visit yesterday was not so good my left lung is still holding a lot of junk inside so the dr. put me on two to open it up so the other medicine can get inside and clear me up...kind of scary... well I have never been so sick in my life time. I have had bronchitis a few times in the past but have been okay... So there you have it. I have a new appointment next Thursday to see how I'm doing or if it has changed things..... I so want to go home but I don't cause Vee is always busy these days and I'd be home alone... Plus Mom hasn't been feeling to good lately. So I told her if she doesn't get better we will be heading to the Dr. for her as well... I so miss my baby sweetpea... and I'm sure she misses me too...She gets crazy excited when I go to visit and every time I leave I feel like a shoe... A big fat shoe....Well hopefully tomorrow I will see how the medicine makes me feel...You know it's this big thing with the panic disorder junk! I did get a lit nerves when they gave me the machine but it came out okay...So cross your fingers and hope this don't hop me up to much...the two inhalers...Praying Praying and praying
I found some interesting things today on different sites.... I spent the whole day surfing around. . . found some recipes as well. Will post them up later have a blessed weekend with love Janice....


  1. Oh get well soon! Thanks you for the kind birthday wishes. Praying for your recovery!

  2. I hope the appointment on Thursday goes all right, and I hope you start to feel better soon.
    I look forward to seeing what recipes you found, you always share such yummy things to make.
    Take care

  3. Yikes!! I hope you get better soon. I am sure you will. Oddly enough, several people I know have had pneumonia this year, but all of them got better with some medicine.

  4. And as for your blog, the only way I get followers/views/comments is by linking up to foodie blog hops (at the bottom of each of my posts).