Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sick again, and the Inheritance .....

Good Morning my dear friends, I'm sick once again I guess with a cold sneezie lousy cold....I have barely gotten over the other pneumonia,I'am going to the Doctor's today to see how I was doing. Isn't that a hoot...and I don't even feel like going but I have to. I need to make sure my lungs are improving. I'm a little bit worried. I didn't go home last nite cause I didn't feel good I didn't feel much like driving there. So I stayed at Mom's...I watched a movie on YouTube last night called the Inheritance, It was a nice movie I enjoyed it so much I stayed up till one am....naughty I know, but I got stuck it was very interesting to me...
Here is the first part....

You can find all the parts on YouTube....I believe it is up until 13 or something you just keep clicking for the next part....I hope that you enjoy it much as I have.
I just loved it.............Well I suppose maybe after I go to the doctor's I will go home to my house...I was thinking last nite I hate the fact that I have such a problem being home well it's home alone...sometimes it doesn't bother me at all.
A little bit of knowledge for us........
In a Victorian family the Father was head of the family. He wife and children respected him and obeyed him (at least that was the theory!). Until 1882 all a woman's property, even the money she earned, belonged to her husband. Divorce was made legal in 1857 but it was very rare in the 19th century.

In the 19th century wealthy women were kept busy running the household and organising the servants. Well to do women often also did charitable work.

In 1874 the first successful typewriter went on sale and the telephone was invented in 1876. These two new inventions meant more job opportunities for women.
In the 19th century women practiced archery, which was considered 'ladylike'. In the late 19th century tennis, croquet and cycling were popular pastimes. Women first played at Wimbledon in 1884. Some intrepid women went mountaineering.
I brought this up because of the movie, I wasn't aware of this and wanted to know.
Lol and did you know ???
About 1800 women started wearing underwear for the first time. They were called drawers. Originally women wore a pair of drawers i.e. they were actually two garments, one for each leg, tied together at the top. In the late 19th century women's drawers were called knickerbockers then just knickers.

Well check out the movie, and have a most enchanting day today...with love Janice


  1. So sorry you don't feel so good. Hope all is o.k. soon & life can resume to normal for you!!

  2. Thank you Marilyn....and me too.hugs