Sunday, December 25, 2011


Well I'm back home and I'm at Mom's house I had a wonderful visit with my daughter and grandchildren. I got a little Ice Cream maker from my daughter I was surprised. She told me Mom, you talk about it a lot. I wanted to buy you a bigger one, but I didn't have the money...But it's perfectly fine, the small one will be fine..can't wait to use it..The first thing that I want to make is Avocado Ice Cream...I have a recipe well I hope that I still do...I hope that I can find it...
Well see you in the morning...with love Janice

My newest doilie I'm working on....Nite o I almost forgot I found some wonderful things at the Hospice store...o my and if I had more money I would have boughten so many things more like this pink rose rug...I ran out of money though I bought these most beautiful pillows...and pink ornaments for my tree next year....nite tell you more later on...

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  1. I am pleased to hear you had a lovely visit with your daughter and grandchildren. The ice cream maker sounds like a great gift..I have never tried Avocado ice cream before, sounds interesting...let me know how it goes :)
    Sounds like you found some nice things at the Hospice Store. The pink ornaments will be very pretty for next year.
    Have a lovely day