Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wonderful Weekend....

Good Morning, I had a wonderful day yesterday. I finally went home and my daughter picked me up and we went to my son's house for a barbecue and to visit. I saw my granddaughter Yuliana. And my other grandchildren Rosalinda, Alex, Agustin, Ashley, Anthony and Melissa... My son and his wife Michael and Ana and my oldest daughter Stephanie. And Ana's grandmother from Texas was there. So that is Yuliana's great Grandmother. I think it's so wonderful when there is other generation's of family. She is originally from El Salvador. So that's means I maybe can learn some recipes from there. She makes Alote de elote and she said she would teach me. It's a corn drink. Which I really love. So I'm excited to learn..So hopefully next weekend that's what I will be doing and hopefully she can teach me something else.
Here's is Yuliana, she is getting so chubby..her little cheekers are fat..I loved spending the time with her and everyone else.

Here is Yuliana and her great grandmother. Yuli, is three months old now.

My daughter Stephanie and my granddaughter Yuliana...Step's cleaning her ears...lol

Well there is nothing like being with family...we had a wonderful peaceful time. I hope you all had a great holiday weekend as well...off to Smart and Final with my Mom.....See you again in the A.M. with Love Janice...


  1. OH she really does have adorable round cheeks!!

  2. What a cutie!! She reminds me of my daughter. Same complexion, big brown eyes, dark hair. And so many good names in your family. I've never heard of the corn drink before but I look forward to the recipe.

  3. It sounds like a lovely family get-together. It's nice when all the generations get together. The corn drink sounds interesting, do share the recipe :) Your granddaughter is just adorable! Yuliana is such a lovely name.

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